Athlete Funding


Aim: to provide financial support for Central Athletic Club’s younger athletes to compete in events outside Scotland and assist with their competitive athletic development in any discipline – track and field, road, cross-country and hill-running.

What type of events will we support?

Some examples are listed below but this list is not exhaustive:

  • AAAs championships (both track and field and road running)
  • the UK Cross Country Challenge series of races
  • selection races for international events
  • BMC track races

The development fund will also have flexibility to support unplanned events such as international representative competition where the athlete is expected to contribute to the costs.

What types of costs will be supported?

The Club will fund travel and accommodation costs only.  No assistance will be provided to purchase team kit.  All athletes will be asked to minimise costs, for example by sharing lifts, booking train tickets as far in advance as possible, using budget airlines and sharing hotel accommodation where this is practicable.

Where other funding is available, e.g. through schools, the Forth Valley Athletic Partnership or scottishathletics, we expect athletes to apply for those funds.  In cases where there are other significant funds available, Central Athletic Club’s development fund will only cover the shortfall from other sources.

Which athletes are eligible for development funding?

Coaches are responsible for identifying athletes who will benefit from competition outside Scotland and for nominating them at the start of each summer / winter season.  Club members who do not train with a Central Athletic Club coach may nominate themselves and will be considered on merit relative to other nominated athletes.  Funding will normally be provided for each nominated athlete to attend at least one target event during the season.  If this does not exhaust the budget for the season, the Treasurer will work closely with all coaches to reach agreement on the athletes who will receive additional support that season, with full or partial funding to attend further events.

How will Central athletes access the fund?

In conjunction with their coach, nominated athletes should provide the Treasurer with expected costs for their target event(s), including any other likely sources of funding, in order to allow for budget planning.  The Treasurer will confirm to each athlete the events which will be fully funded and, with the agreement of the coaches, will indicate where the development fund is expected to be able to provide further support.

If circumstances change to prevent an athlete from attending their target event, (s)he should inform the Treasurer, either nominating another event or stating that funding will no longer be required that season.  If an athlete receives unexpected funding from another source for a supported event, (s)he should also inform the Treasurer.  This will allow funds to be allocated to other events or released to other athletes.

Claims should be submitted to the Treasurer on the accompanying form after an event, backed up by the appropriate receipts.

Athlete Development Funding claim form


An annual budget was set when development funding was first introduced and remains in place, split equally between the winter and summer seasons.  The budget is reviewed annually, taking into account the demand for development funding and the state of the Club’s finances.

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