Welfare & Child Protection


The safety and well-being of all club members and especially our junior athletes is at the heart of everything we do at Central AC. We strive to meet and even exceed the guidelines we receive from Scottish Athletics and UK Athletics in this regard.

The Club has adopted the Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Athletics Policy and Procedures document dated 1 January 2013 which can be found here: safeguarding-children-welfare-policy-2013

The Scottish Athletics guidance on reporting Child Protection issues can be found here: child-safety-flowchart. The club also has codes of conduct and Child Protection Statement documents which all members should be familiar with and abide by.

The club’s central point of contact for all welfare and child protection matters are:

Scott McDonald & Fanni Gyurko (ku.oc1545198176.scit1545198176elhta1545198176lartn1545198176ec@er1545198176aflew1545198176)

Also, each of the club’s satellite sites also have a named person for welfare matters:

Alloa: Dawn Jones (moc.e1545198176vil@31545198176jnwad1545198176)

Balfron: David Eckersley(moc.l1545198176iamg@154519817605yel1545198176srekc1545198176ed1545198176)

Callander: Judith Wilson (moc.l1545198176iamg@1545198176mrafn1545198176otsta1545198176w1545198176)

If you have any questions about the club’s welfare policies or procedures or if you have any welfare concerns you should contact one of these welfare officers or the CTO.

Child-Protection-Policy (2016)




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