When winter comes, the action switches indoors. The majority of events take place at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow where the club takes part in the indoor league from November to January with the final and relays taking place in March.

The Emirates also hosts championships in January to March. Grangemouth also hosts monthly open graded events in the indoor centre next to the outdoor track from December to March.

This season 2016-2017 the following Team Managers will be supporting our athletes:

Under 11 boys and girls – Veronica Cameron

Under 13 girls – Catherine Sharkey

Under 13 boys – Lynne Campbell

Under 15 girls – Mark Ainsworth

Under 15 boys – Colin Bruce

Under 17 girls – Catherine Sharkey

Under 17 men – Bill Chandler

Under 20 women and men – Paul Davies

The league consists of 3 afternoon matches starting at 2pm – this year 08/01, 21/01 and 19/02 – all taking place at The Emirates Arena, Glasgow, with the aim being for teams to qualify for the final which has just been confirmed as being 26/03.

There will be an A and B team for each age group.  Team selection will be based on performances listed on the club database, Power of 10 and discussion with coaches. Our intention is to include as many athletes as possible, however, to ensure qualification for the final there’s a need to enter the strongest teams possible and our Lead Team Manager and club Vice President will  assure you this will be transparent and fair.


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