Team Managers


Cross Country Team Managers

Indoor League Team Managers

Please see below details of team managers for the indoor league 2017/18:-

  • U11 boys and girls – Catherine Sharkey
  • U13 boys – John Campbell
  • U13 girls – Katie Jamieson
  • U15 boys – Lynne Campbell
  • U15 girls – Aileen More
  • U17 boys – Linsey Ferguson
  • U17 girls – Aileen More
  • U20 men and women – Colin Bruce

There are A and B teams in each age group with the exception of under 20 men and women, A only.

Youth Development League

Overall Team Manager – Aileen More – moc.l1529460288iamto1529460288h@ero1529460288mneel1529460288ia1529460288

U13 Boys – Linsey Ferguson – moc.y1529460288ks@161529460288nosug1529460288refl1529460288

U13 Girls – Karen Miller – moc.l1529460288iamg@15294602882891r1529460288ellim1529460288jnera1529460288k1529460288

U15 Boys – Lynne Campbell – moc.y1529460288ks@ll1529460288ebpma1529460288caenn1529460288yl1529460288

U15 Girls – Aileen More – moc.l1529460288iamto1529460288h@ero1529460288mneel1529460288ia1529460288

U17 Boys – Linsey Ferguson – moc.y1529460288ks@161529460288nosug1529460288refl1529460288

U17 Girls – Aileen More – moc.l1529460288iamto1529460288h@ero1529460288mneel1529460288ia1529460288

Forth Valley League

Overall Team Manager – David Cumming – moc.l1529460288iamto1529460288h@div1529460288adgni1529460288mmuc1529460288

U11 Boys – Elaine Miller – moc.l1529460288iamto1529460288h@31r1529460288ellim1529460288me1529460288

U11 Girls – David Cumming – moc.l1529460288iamto1529460288h@div1529460288adgni1529460288mmuc1529460288

U13 Boys – Linsey Ferguson – moc.y1529460288ks@161529460288nosug1529460288refl1529460288

U13 Girls – Diane Clifford – moc.t1529460288enret1529460288nitb@1529460288droff1529460288ilcen1529460288aid1529460288

U15 Boys – Gillian Marchant – moc.l1529460288iamg@1529460288tnahc1529460288ramgd1529460288nag1529460288

U15 Girls – Diane Clifford – moc.t1529460288enret1529460288nitb@1529460288droff1529460288ilcen1529460288aid1529460288

The role of the Team Manager is to select the best available athletes for the most suitable team places.  Please understand that not all athletes can be accommodated at all events.  If your child is keen to compete please make sure the relevant Team Manager is aware of this however we also ask that you understand that the Team Manager’s decision is final.


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