Jan 272019

The third race in Central Athletic Club’s 2018-19 cross-country series was held on Saturday 26 January on a flat course at Fintry Rugby Club with an excellent field of 50 runners from across the club. All the athletes performed admirably in spite of the wet and windy conditions.

Mass start

It was Under-15 runner Ryan McGuire who came home at the front showing strong running throughout and covering a course of somewhat over a mile in 5 minutes 59 seconds. Ross Lawrie, making light of the conditions, came home second in this age group clocking 7.02. Connor Bell led home the Under-13 Boys with another fine run of 6.03 and there were further classy runs in this age group from Joshua Kennedy (6.44), Alex Dunlop (7.12), Henry Crossley (7.28) and Scott Hill (8.10). Oliver Holden (6.27) was the only Under-17 competing, again coming home in overall contention.

The Under-11 Boys proved to be the most popular age group and here Ray Taylor continued to underline his ability with a 6.38 effort. Jack Sutton (6.45) was only a few strides behind with another strong run and there was fast finishes from Scott Cramb and Douglas Stewart as both boys finished with 7.15. Fergus Young (7.23), Lewis Henry (7.29), Logan Bell (7.30), Lewis Cook (7.32), Euan Haythorne (7.33) and Jamie Connor (7.34) can all be proud of their performances as can Finlay MacGregor (7.40), Noah Kennedy (7.43), Callum Harvey (8.01), Conall Paterson (8.09), Sandy Bateman (8.14), Cameron Moore (8.22), Evan Baird (9.00) and Nathan McKay (9.44). Rocco Cramb proved to be the fastest of the Under-9 Boys with a fine run of 7.38, followed closely by another good run from Joel Gillan (7.53).

The Under-13 Girls proved to be a very competitive age group with Catriona Kane racing powerfully to the line in 6 minutes 48 seconds leading further excellent runs from Leona Melville (6.49), Mirren Henry (6.50) and Olivia Freed (6.53). Leah Brown came through well in 7.46, leading in Scarlett Roy (7.53), Scarlett Haddow (8.11), Isabel McGuire (8.39), Alice Cameron (8.59) and Grace Johnstone (9.16). Summer MacLean was the top Under-15 Girl with another good run of 6:52 while Ellen Montgomery stuck well to the task to record 8.04.

Niamh McKinlay ran well throughout as the top Under-11 Girl, coming round in 7:19, with Isla Henry (8.03), Dara Clark (8.18) and Emma Anderson (8.19) all showing good form. Connie Bateman (8.29) should be pleased with her run leading home further lively efforts from Iona Griffen (8.38), Willow Hopper (8.41), Jasmine Haddow (8.53) and Arianne McKay (9.18). Alexandra Montgomery was the only Under-9 Girl competing and should be pleased with her 9.37 run.

Thanks are again due to David Eckersley and the small army of helpers who provided an excellent event.

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