Club Kit


You will need a Club vest if you are going to complete for the Club.  You can buy vests and crop tops from Run4It in Bridge of Allan.

Since August 2019, we have a new range of training and social kit (hoodies, t-shirts, tracksuits etc) from Joma. Details of cost and sizes of all available kit are given below. 

The Joma kit range is available from a special club webshop


Item Name Colour

List price

(child-adult: excl. delivery)

Short sleeved t-shirt Champion 5 royal/yellow 13.10-15.23
Long sleeved t-shirt Champion 5 royal/yellow 14.86-16.43 As above, apart
from long sleeves
Thermal top Brama academy Navy 11.47-13.01
Quarter zip sweatshirt Crew 3 Navy/yellow 19.47-21.50
Full zip hooded top Crew 3 Navy/yellow 23.52-26.67
Tracksuit trousers Staff Navy 14.88-16.80
Rain jacket Champion 4 Navy/yellow 28.73-33.31
Winter jacket Everest Navy 32.56-36.76
Bag Estadio 3 Navy 16.38


Competition kit is available from Run4It in Bridge of Allan, or you can order directly from Hugh Buchanan (01786 473776, ) or via your coach.

 ITEM  SIZE                 PRICE (£) 
RUNNING VEST:Yellow with royal blue side panels.CENTRAL AC printed on back. 28″ 13
30″ 13
32″ 13
Men’s Small 15
Men’s Medium 15
Men’s Large 15
Men’s X Large 15
Women’s Small 15
Women’s Medium 15
Women’s Large 15
CROP TOPS:Yellow with royal blue side panels. CENTRAL AC printed on back. XX Small (size 6) 15
X Small (size 8) 15
Small (size 10) 18
Medium (size 12) 18
HOT PANTS:Lycra, royal blue with yellow side panels. XX Small 14
X Small 14
Medium 16
LYCRA STRIDES:Lycra, mid-thigh length shorts X Small 16
Small 18
Medium 18
SHORTS:Loose fitting with built-in pants.  Royal blue with yellow side panels Medium 13
Large 13


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