Club Kit


You will need a Club vest if you are going to complete for the Club.  You can buy vests and crop tops from Run4It in Bridge of Allan.

Our range of training and social kit (hoodies, t-shirts, tracksuits etc) is from Joma. Details of cost and sizes of all available kit are given below. 

The Joma kit range is available from a special club webshop


Item Name Colour

List price

(child-adult: excl. delivery)

Short sleeved t-shirt Champion 5 royal/yellow 13.10-15.23
Long sleeved t-shirt Champion 5 royal/yellow 14.86-16.43 As above, apart
from long sleeves
Thermal top Brama academy Navy 11.47-13.01
Quarter zip sweatshirt Crew 3 Navy/yellow 19.47-21.50
Full zip hooded top Crew 3 Navy/yellow 23.52-26.67
Tracksuit trousers Staff Navy 14.88-16.80
Rain jacket Champion 4 Navy/yellow 28.73-33.31
Winter jacket Everest Navy 32.56-36.76
Bag Estadio 3 Navy 16.38


Competition kit is available from Run4It in Bridge of Allan, or you can order directly from Hugh Buchanan (01786 473776, ) or via your coach.

 ITEM  SIZE                 PRICE (£) 
RUNNING VEST:Yellow with royal blue side panels.CENTRAL AC printed on back. 28″ 13
30″ 13
32″ 13
Men’s Small 15
Men’s Medium 15
Men’s Large 15
Men’s X Large 15
Women’s Small 15
Women’s Medium 15
Women’s Large 15
CROP TOPS:Yellow with royal blue side panels. CENTRAL AC printed on back. XX Small (size 6) 15
X Small (size 8) 15
Small (size 10) 18
Medium (size 12) 18
HOT PANTS:Lycra, royal blue with yellow side panels. XX Small 14
X Small 14
Medium 16
LYCRA STRIDES:Lycra, mid-thigh length shorts X Small 16
Small 18
Medium 18
SHORTS:Loose fitting with built-in pants.  Royal blue with yellow side panels Medium 13
Large 13


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