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This page provides athlete performance information for the current season and an explanation on the club’s Awards Scheme. The club records page lists all-time records and best performances by club members.

Any questions please get in touch with Kenny Pearson, Club Statistician.

2023 season – athlete database

Here is the final athlete database of the year. This contains a list of all the athletes who have earned certificates for performance, multi events or endeavour. It also contains a list of club championship medallists and time trial series medallists.

Central AC Awards Scheme 2023

The Central AC awards scheme will run in 2023 in the same way it ran in 2022. The club awards scheme is designed to give a balance between rewarding for performance and rewarding for endeavour so that all our young athletes have the opportunity to earn an award.

2 schemes are in place depending on the athlete’s age as follows:

Age groupScheme applying
Under-11Multi events scheme
Under-13Multi events scheme
Under-15Higher of multi & single event
Under-17 to SeniorIndividual event scheme

Multi event scheme:

The multi event scheme is applied for the younger age groups to encourage athletes to train across a range of disciplines. They will earn points for competing across running, jumping and throwing. Any athlete who competes in all 3 areas will earn a bonus point which guarantees an award.

This can be achieved by ensuring the athlete achieves a performance in long jump and shot in addition to any track event during the season. This can be done at a club time trial event.

Athletes can earn a second bonus point if they complete a pentathlon or SUPERteams event at some point during the season.

Further points and higher awards can be earned by reaching set performance standards. See the information within the athlete database for the standards required at each event for each age group.

Individual event scheme

Older athletes are more likely to have specialised so they will earn a certificate based on their strongest individual event. Under-15s will have a mixture of athletes in development and athletes who have specialised, so they are graded on the higher of the 2 schemes. In addition, anyone up to the Under-20 age group who competes across running, jumping and throwing will be guaranteed a certificate making the awards attainable for athletes regardless of performance.

See the athlete database for full details of the award scheme and a list of standards required in each age group to earn the higher level performance awards.

End of Season Celebration

Certificates will be presented at the club’s annual End of Season Celebration. We are pleased to say this has already been booked for Friday 10 November 2023 at the Stirling Court Hotel on the University campus with the same format as for 2022.