Oct 032021

It was back to Cross Country for 28 young athletes competing in Central Athletic Club’s first race of this season’s series of races. For many of the youngsters, the event at the University of Stirling was their first taste of Cross Country running. Although rain was threatening, the warm-up and race were held in near perfect conditions with all the runners showing high levels of enthusiasm and determination.

The race to the line was intense and it was a fine effort by Under-15 Boy Scott Hill that brought him to the finish in first, covering the undulating course of a little over a mile in a tasty 6 minutes 2 seconds. A well-judged effort by Alex Dunlop saw him take second in this age category with 6:19 leading in Jamie Connor (6:34), Adam Polwart (6:40), Henry Crossley (6:49) and Harvey Chambers (7:37). Under-17 runner Ross Lawrie put in a storming finish in third overall with a 6 minutes 3 seconds effort. Joel Gillan had an excellent race to head the Under-13 Boys category to record 6:18 and here Fraser Kingsley came through well to finish with 7:18. With no Under-11 Boys taking up the challenge it was left to two Under-9s to complete the Boys’ efforts through Lachlan Carruthers (7:26) and Fraser McDonald (9:01) both superb efforts by the youngest competitors.

The Girls were led home by Under-17 Catriona Kane with a 6 minutes 3 seconds effort for second overall, underlining her promise for the upcoming season. It was Loren Stewart (6:19) who proved the strongest of the Under-15 Girls with a fine run and there were further excellent runs in this age group from Niamh McKinlay (6:33), Tabitha MacKenzie (6:34), Hannah Morgan (6:35) and Robyn McKerracher (7:01). Fia Watkin was another to underline her promise as she headed home the Under-13 Girls with 6:31 while Dara Clark raced well to the finish to record 7:22. Alexandra Montgomery came through well in 7:44 with Maisie Beaton (8:48) and Isla Polwart (8:57) completing the race in fine style in the Under-13 age group. Eilidh Connor proved to be the fastest of the Under-11 Girls with a tasty 7 minutes 30 seconds run, followed in by further good efforts from Emily Watkin (7:47), Rachel Fullbrook (8:00), Evie McKinlay (8:58), Iona Clark (9:37) and Isla Carruthers (10:57).

Sep 252021

The Central AC club track and field championships took place at Grangemouth on 14 and 16 September 2021.

Congratulations to all the winners, medallists and everyone that took part. Also a big thank you to everyone that helped out and contributed to the success of the event.

This first spreadsheet contains all the event results from the two days of competition:

This second spreadsheet provides overall points and scores across all the different age groups:

Cups and medals for the top 3 in each age group, along with certificates and other awards, will be presented in due course.

Aug 272021

A massive thank you to all who helped provide a superb club track time on Thursday.

The event in figures: 92 athletes: 64 in the 100 Metres with 13 heats, 40 in the 800 Metres with 6 heats, 10 in the 3,000 Metres, 27 long jumpers, 25 shot putters, nine 4 x 100 Metre relay teams and one 2 x 200 Metre relay team.

The results are below and can be downloaded as a spreadsheet:

100 Metre series   
TimeHeatNameAge Group
16.81Eilidh ConnorU11G
17.71Allysa CluettU11G
18.51Emily WatkinU11G
18.91Jessica WalkerU11G
14.92Alfie LaingU11B
14.92Luca ShepherdU11B
15.92Tom McFauldsU11B
19.52Zackary WalkerU11B
14.23Ana McKieU13G
14.73Sienna ShepherdU13G
15.43Niamh CaldwellU13G
15.83Abigail BowieU13G
15.83Cara McKinlayU13G
16.53Lilia WardenU13G
14.34Emily StanfordU13G
15.24Joel GillanU13B
15.24Ciara MiddletonU13G
16.14Adrian WisniewskiU13B
17.14Norah ThompsonU13G
18.14Rachel DuncanU11G
14.65Lucy WalneU15G
14.65Rowan CalveleyU15G
14.65Finley MacgregorU13B
15.55Sandy BatemanU13B
15.53Brooke TaitU15G
15.55Holly BrownU15G
14.36Hannah MorganU15G
14.66Laura MatthewsU15G
15.16Tabitha MackenzieU15G
15.66Kirsty AndrewsU15G
16.06Leah BrownU15G
13.77Loren StewartU15G
14.47Connie BatemanU15G
14.77Sophia WaringU15G
15.07Niamh McKinlayU15G
15.87Alice CameronU15G
14.28Isabella PetersU17W
14.78Emily SorleyU15G
15.28Rebecca BustilloU17W
16.28Alexandra MontgomeryU13G
16.48Lucie BowieU15G
17.08Tori MackieU17W
13.89Chloe WattU17W
14.79Amelie MacGregorU17W
15.09Ella WilsonU17W
15.49Molly MacfarlaneU17W
15.99Shannon GlenU17W
13.810Megan DunlopU17W
14.210Teagan McIntoshU17W
14.410Mavia DuncanU20W
14.610Ellen MontgomeryU17W
12.311Ken YoungU15B
13.211Fergus YoungU15B
15.711Scott HillU15B
16.211Josh MacdonaldU15B
12.312Dev DarleyU17M
12.812Dylan McCullochU15B
13.012Euan DochertyU17M
13.012Lewis MillerU15B
13.812Ross LawrieU17M
12.013Chris DriverU17M
12.013Jamie McNaughtU20M
12.313Finlay MarchantU17M
13.613Douglas FlemingU17M
800 Metre series   
TimeHeatNameAge Group
2.57.71Luca ShepherdU11B
3.03.61Alfie LaingU11B
3.10.61Tom McFauldsU11B
3.14.81Eilidh ConnorU11G
3.26.71Jessica WalkerU11G
3.41.61Zackary WalkerU11B
2.36.82Fia WatkinU13G
2.40.42Harrison MacMillanU13B
2.42.72Joel GillanU13B
2.43.82Rory MacMillanU13B
2.48.32Emily StanfordU13G
2.59.42Finley MacgregorU13B
3.04.12Kayla CrawfordU13G
3.05.22Lilia WardenU13G
3.05.52Katie HoneymanU13G
3.25.52Norah ThompsonU13G
3.32.62Abigail BowieU13G
2.38.53Niamh McKinlayU15G
2.38.93Hannah MorganU15G
2.43.83Leah BrownU15G
2.48.63Robyn MckerracherU15G
2.49.73Olivia AshworthU15G
3.24.43Rowan CalveleyU15G
4.32.03Lucy BowieU15G
2.27.24Jamie OldhamU15B
2.27.44Dylan McCullochU15B
2.29.94Fergus YoungU15B
2.37.24Scott HillU15B
2.38.54Lewis MillerU15B
2.47.64Henry CrossleyU15B
2.44.55Leya GibbU15G
2.45.45Rachel WardenU17W
2.02.66Connor BellU17M
2.06.46Cameron MacMillanU17M
2.08.56Oliver HoldenU20M
2.12.26Euan DochertyU17M
2.13.36Sam GrivellU20M
2.17.36Ruairidh BurnsU17M
2.26.96Finlay MarchantU17M
2.35.06Ross LawrieU17M
3,000 Metres   
TimeHeatNameAge Group
9.16.7 Cameron KerrU17M
9.48.4 Andrew IrvineSenM
10.43.6 David EckersleySenM
11.02.9 Kyra GibbU20W
11.38.1 Cliona DiamondSenW
11.55.4 Iain DunsmoreSenM
12.24.3 Scott GillenSenM
12.32.8 Sarah SealSenW
12.53.4 Anna MacKinnonU17W
14.03.8 Allan GallSenM
Long Jump   
Distance NameAge Group
3.75 Ana McKieU13G
3.66 Cara McKinlayU13G
3.44 Fia WatkinU13G
3.38 Ciara MiddletonU13G
3.36 Kayla CrawfordU13G
3.35 Niamh CaldwellU13G
2.66 Alexandra MontgomeryU13G
4.87 Loren StewartU15G
4.45 Connie BatemanU15G
3.88 Lucy WalneU15G
3.79 Laura MatthewsU15G
4.22 Ellen MontgomeryU17W
3.96 Isabella PetersU17W
3.86 Ella WilsonU17W
3.22 Rebecca BustilloU17W
3.21 Molly MacfarlaneU17W
3.56 Finley MacgregorU13B
3.50 Joel GillanU13B
3.26 Sandy BatemanU13B
2.73 Adrian WisniewskiU13B
3.83 Jamie OldhamU15B
3.79 Cameron MooreU15B
3.45 Scott HillU15B
5.28 Ruairidh BurnsU17M
5.28 Dev DarleyU17M
4.55 Douglas FlemingU17M
4.80 Oliver HoldenU20M
Shot Put   
WeightDistanceNameAge Group
2K4.58Eilidh ConnorU11G
2K4.23Allysa CluettU11G
2K4.17Emily WatkinU11G
2K3.29Jessica WalkerU11G
2.72K5.55Fia WatkinU13G
2.72K5.45Cara McKinlayU13G
2.72K4.93Alexandra MontgomeryU13G
2.72K2.63Norah ThompsonU13G
3K7.97Connie BatemanU15G
3K6.50Loren StewartU15G
3K5.66Emily SorleyU15G
3K5.59Alice CameronU15G
3K5.41Hannah MorganU15G
3K5.29Leah BrownU15G
3K7.40Ellen MontgomeryU17W
3K6.92Shannon GlenU17W
3K6.01Ella WilsonU17W
3K5.67Sophia NajibU17W
2K3.61Zackary WalkerU11B
3K5.19Joel GillanU13B
3K5.05Sandy BatemanU13B
3K4.55Finley MacgregorU13B
4K8.14Lewis MillerU15B
4K6.83Cameron MooreU15B
5K9.67Douglas FlemingU17M
Aug 082021

Entries are now being accepted for the 20th annual City of Stirling 10k on Sunday 12 September. More details are on the Stirling 10k page on the website.

This is the largest single event which the club organises – this year the entry limit is 500 runners. The event is only possible with the input of club volunteers, so please try to make space in your diary to lend a hand. Even if you are running there are lots of useful jobs to be done before and after the race.

Jul 302021

With competition back in full swing we have some new club records to report. The latest records spreadsheet is available on the Club records page.

Andrew Butchart has been in good form as he prepares for the Olympics. Firstly he set a new Scottish indoor 3,000 Metres record back January with 7 minutes 40.85 seconds beating his previous record set in 2017. He then broke the Scottish outdoor 3,000 Metres record at the Diamond League meeting in Gateshead with 7:35.18, taking over 2 seconds off his previous Scottish and club record from 2017.

Over in the US, Aidan Thompson improved his club 3,000 Metres Steeplechase record with 8:49.91 on 28 May in Jacksonville, Florida. He also improved his 5,000 Metres best with 13:59.71 in Nashville which is third club all-time.

Alastair Marshall has been on form, setting club Under-20 records at every distance from 1,500 Metres to 5,000 Metres. On 8 May he ran a European Junior Championship qualifying standard at 5,000 Metres with 14:16.30 in Stretford to go sixth on the Scottish Under-20 all-time list and beat the previous club Under-20 record set by Andy Butchart in 2009. He then took Andy Butchart’s Under-20 club 3,000 Metres record at Loughborough on 12 May running 8:16.31 which also places him fourth on the club senior all-time list. And to top it all, at the Monument Mile in Stirling on 21 May, Alistair ran 4:07.23 for the Mile including a 3:50.33 1,500 Metres split which are both club Under-20 records and put him top 5 all-time in the club senior rankings.

The previous records were set by Ben MacMillan in 2020 though Ben won’t be too disappointed as he paced Alastair round and set a new personal best himself with 4:05.68 for the Mile to go third on the club all-time list. Ben also improved his 1,500 Metres personal best to 3:44.00 in Manchester on 29 May to go third all-time for the club at that distance.

In the senior women’s there has been a flurry of records at 3,000 Metres and 5,000 Metres. First was Kathryn Gillespie who ran a 9:27.66 3,000 Metres in Austen, Texas on 4 April to beat the previous best held by Emma Raven since 2011. Kathryn has also improved her bests at 800 Metres (2:07.03), 1,500 Metres (4:16.29) and 5,000 Metres (16:34.44), all second all-time in the club lists.

Then Morag Millar broke Kathryn’s 3,000 Metres record with 9:25.24 at Linwood on 4 June. Morag then showed great form over 5,000 Metres with 15:43.57 at Milton Keynes on 17July which also places her 14th Scottish all-time for the distance. This beats her previous record set in 2019 by 26 seconds. During the race her 3,000 Metres was officially recorded at 9:23.99 which further improves her club record at that distance.

Also entering the club all-time lists for the first time is Under-20 athlete Molly Cornes who was on great form at the High Jump at the league at Grangemouth on 18 July clearing 1.63m to go fifth all-time on the club lists.

Connor Bell has also been on form with 4:18.15 for the Mile, though not an official distance at this age group this is the fastest recorded so will be noted as a best performance. He also ran a 3,000 Metres in 8:30.0 at the club time trials which is faster than the club record. As this was not an official event this will also be noted as a best performance in the club records but hopefully he can get an official timing to break the record before the end of the season.

Jul 302021

The monthly club track time trials took place at Lornshill on Thursday 29 July 2021. Many thanks to all those who helped to make the event happen. Results in the table below and can be downloaded in a spreadsheet.

100 metres series    
TimeHeatNameGenderAge Group
15.01Sienna ShepherdFU13
15.01Luca ShepherdMU11
15.21Alfie LaingMU11
16.11Alexandra MontgomeryFU13
19.51Jessica WalkerFU11
20.11Zackary WalkerMU11
13.62Loren StewartFU15
14.12Sophie MorganFU15
14.42Emily SorleyFU15
15.42Sandy BatemanMU13
15.62Niamh CaldwellFU13
16.52Eden CattiganFU15
13.83Megan DunlopFU17
13.93Teagan McIntoshFU17
14.03Olivia DarwinFU17
15.53Cameron MooreMU15
15.83Scott HillMU15
16.73Josh MacdonaldMU15
12.44Dev DarleyMU17
13.04Ross LawrieMU17
13.24Douglas FlemingMU17
13.54Fergus YoungMU15
13.84Jamie ConnorMU15
15.44Hamzah AhmedMU20
12.15Ken YoungMU15
12.65Mica McCloudFU15
12.75Lewis MillerMU15
13.15Molly CornesFU20
13.45Gregor SaundersMU17
11.26Euan SmithMU20
11.76Daniel BruceMU20
12.26Ruairidh BurnsMU17
12.76Chris DriverMU17
13.16Katherine FowlerFU17
200 metres series    
TimeHeatNameGenderAge Group
32.91Alfie LaingMU11
33.21Sienna ShepherdFU13
33.91Niamh CaldwellFU13
35.01Luca ShepherdMU11
35.81Eden CattiganFU15
35.91Finlay MacadamMU11
28.42Jamie ConnorMU15
30.02Ellen MontgomeryFU17
30.32Niamh McKinlayFU15
31.22Sophie MorganFU15
32.12Joel GillanMU13
35.62Josh MacdonaldMU15
26.53Lewis MillerMU15
27.43Molly CornesFU20
28.93Megan DunlopFU17
29.23Olivia DarwinFU17
33.03Henry CrossleyMU15
24.24Euan SmithMU20
25.14Ruairidh BurnsMU17
25.54Ken YoungMU15
25.64Dev DarleyMU17
26.54Aaliyah McCloudFU15
26.94Katherine FowlerFU17
800 metres series    
TimeHeatNameGenderAge Group
2.55.21Luca ShepherdMU11
3.05.81Niamh CaldwellFU13
3.07.81Katie HoneymanFU13
3.20.91Eilidh ConnorFU11
3.30.41Jessica WalkerFU11
3.36.11Zackary WalkerMU11
2.26.22Jamie OldhamMU15
2.28.52Fergus YoungMU15
2.35.72Loren StewartFU15
2.41.02Scott HillMU15
2.48.32Alex DunlopMU15
2.54.32Emily SorleyFU15
2.54.32Henry CrossleyMU15
2.11.73Oliver HoldenMU20
2.31.23Ross LawrieMU17
2.39.63Millie O’NeillFU17
2.47.93Louise CarrollFU17
2.52.53Tara MathewsonFU17
1,500 metres    
TimeHeatNameGenderAge Group
4.28.61Sam GrivellMU20
4.30.01Andrew IrvineMSen
4.43.31David LindsayMSen
4.59.11David EckersleyMSenior
5.14.61Catriona KaneFU17
5.34.41Niamh McKinlayFU15
5.34.61Joel GillanMU13
5.51.01Robyn McKerracherFU15
Long Jump    
Distance NameGenderAge Group
2.85 Eilidh ConnorFU11
2.41 Jessica WalkerFU11
2.99 Alfie LaingMU11
2.50 Finlay MacadamMU11
1.99 Zackary WalkerMU11
3.54 Joel GillanMU13
3.16 Sandy BatemanMU13
4.56 Lewis MillerMU15
4.41 Ken YoungMU15
3.90 Jamie OldhamMU15
3.75 Jamie ConnorMU15
3.36 Scott HillMU15
3.07 Cameron MooreMU15
5.15 Ruairidh BurnsMU17
6.10 Euan SmithMU20
5.50 Daniel BruceMU20
5.22 Oliver HoldenMU20
Shot Put    
WeightDistanceNameGenderAge Group
SP2K4.42Eilidh ConnorFU11
SP2K2.55Jessica WalkerFU11
SP2.72K5.64Dara ClarkFU13
SP2.72K5.46Cara McKinlayFU13
SP2.72K4.89Alexandra Montgomery FU13
SP3K5.42Emily SorleyFU15
SP3K5.27Loren StewartFU15
SP3K7.83Ellen MontgomeryFU17
SP2K3.41Zackary WalkerMU11
SP3K5.33Sandy BatemanMU13
SP4K4.68Joel GillanMU15
SP4K6.81Jamie OldhamMU15
SP4K6.23Cameron MooreMU15
SP4K6.13Jamie ConnorMU15
SP5K9.11Douglas Fleming MU17
SP5K8.56Ross LawrieMU17
WeightDistanceNameGenderAge Group
400g7.66Eilidh ConnorFU11
400g14.90Cara McKinlayFU13
400g12.90Dara ClarkFU13
400g11.72Alexandra Montgomery FU13
500g18.83Sophie MorganFU15
500g15.81Loren StewartFU15
500g11.11Niamh McKinlayFU15
500g16.68Olivia DarwinFU17
500g14.72Katherine FowlerFU17
500g14.00Louise CarrollFU17
500g12.40Ellen MontgomeryFU17
600g14.87Molly CornesFU20
600g17.08Alex DunlopMU15
600g9.75Jamie ConnorMU15
700g23.92Douglas Fleming MU17
700g21.98Ross LawrieMU17
700g23.52Oliver HoldenMU20
700g11.95Hamzah AhmedMU20
Jul 292021

Kenny Pearson, our club statistician, has produced the first athlete database for 2021 and the final athlete database for 2020, both of which are now available on the Club Statistics page of the website. Kenny writes:

Well done on everyone who has competed so far in 2021.  Hopefully we will get a few more performances before the end of the season. Congratulations to all our 2020 award winners. 

The 2020 database covers the period October 2019 to September 2020.  After such a difficult season we are aware that competition opportunities were much fewer than normal.  As a result we have made some changes to the criteria for the awards:

  • Some of the conditions for the performance awards have been relaxed. See the notes in the database for details.
  • We allowed coaches to nominate athletes for awards who have shown commitment and dedication to the sport in the season.

As a result the following athletes will receive certificates for the 2020 season. I will arrange for 2020 certificates to be distributed in the next few weeks.

Gold certificates:

Lewis Miller, Connor Bell, Scott Hopper, Dorottya Csuta, Paige Stevens, Ben MacMillan, Jamie Crowe, Aidan Thompson

Silver certificates:

Loren Stewart, Ruairidh Burns, Robb Ferguson, Tyler Hunter, Danielle Abel, Coirilidh Cook, Katherine Fowler, Erik Escala, Hamish Hickey

Bronze Certificates:

Niamh McKinlay, Lois Burch, Molly Cornes, Aidan Shea, Briagha Cook

Blue Certificates:

Jamie Connor, Cameron Moore, Amelia Campbell, Leya Gibb, Kate Gilvear, Catriona Kane, Cameron Kerr, Cameron MacMillan, Louise Carroll, Amy Cully, Summer MacLean, Grace Tindall, Aidan Grevemberg, Euan Smith, Kyra Gibb, Lucy More, Elizabeth Thompson

Merit Certificates:

Ossian Arkotxa Dougall, Alexander MacMillan, Emma Anderson, Connie Bateman, Dara Clark, Laura Matthews, Cara McKinlay, Sophia Waring, Fia Watkin, Alex Dunlop, Douglas Fleming, Dylan McCulloch, Carys Gibb, Jessica Hanson, Mirren Henry, Brogan McMillan, Aliya Sophia Najib, Zosia Paddon, Hannah Tams, Jack Campbell, Sam Grivell, Lyle Hunter, Jamie McNaught, Euan Wilbert, Mavia Duncan, Amy Gibson, Ellen Montgomery, Ella Wilson, Daniel Bruce, Daniel Ferguson, Sandy Holl, Keir Howlieson, Shona McLay

Certificates for commitment and dedication in 2020:

Hamzah Ahmed, Emma Anderson, Ossian Arkotxa Dougall, Daniel Armstrong, Olivia Ashworth, Connie Bateman, Sandy Bateman, Logan Bell, Holly Brown, Leah Brown, Daniel Bruce, Oliver Brunner, Eilidh Burnett, Kate Bustillo, Rebecca Bustillo, Niamh Caldwell, Tom Campbell, Dara Clark, Connie Curtis, Olivia Darwin, Megan Davies, Darcey-Rose Deakin, Alistair Denny, Jake Drummond, Thomas Duncan, Alex Dunlop, Megan Dunlop, Owen Eckersley, Rosie Eckersley, Douglas Fleming, Hannah Gallon, Joel Gillan, Mia Glen, Shannon Glen, Jack Haughton, Scott Hill, Oliver Holden, Katie Honeyman, Grace Johnstone, Mary Kealey, Benjamin Kennedy, Joshua Kennedy, Noah Kennedy, Molly MacFarlane, Tabitha Mackenzie, Cara MacLean, Alexander MacMillan, Carys MacMillan, Finlay Marchant, Laura Matthews, Teagan McIntosh-Blacklock, John McIntyre, Robyn McKerracher, Cara McKinlay, Niamh McKinlay, Erin Miller, Lewis Miller, Ellen Montgomery, Sophie Morgan, Emily O’Brien, Millie O’Neill, Zosia Paddon, Beth Ronald, Lucy Ronald, Emily Stanford, Amie Stewart, Douglas Stewart, Loren Stewart, Holly Sutton, Jack Sutton, Grace Tindall, Andrew Twigg, Oscar Underwood, Jessica Walker, Rachael Warden, Fia Watkin, Chloe Watt, Jonah Whitby, Robyn Youens, Fergus Young

Jun 302021

The club’s popular summer track time trials returned on Thursday 24 June with long jump, shot put and races over 100m, 600m, 800m and 3,000m.

 100 metres    
TimeHeatNameGenderAge Group
16.61Makena MelvilleFU11
16.61Alexander MillarMU11
17.41Eilidh ConnorFU11
18.31Allysa CluettFU11
191Emily WatkinFU11
19.61Jessica WalkerFU11
14.82Emily Stanford FU13
15.62Joel GillanMU13
16.12Ciara MiddletonFU13
16.62Alexandra Montgomery FU13
17.32Norah Thompson FU13
17.82Ava McNichollFU13
15.33Finley MacGregor MU13
15.63Niamh CaldwellFU13
16.23Hazel PrinceFU13
16.43Sandy BatemanMU13
16.73Jake Grantham MU13
18.53Hannah CowleyFU11
13.74Loren StewartFU15
14.44Tabitha MackenzieFU15
14.74Emily SorleyFU15
15.24Hannah MorganFU15
15.84Fia WatkinFU13
15.94Laura MatthewsFU15
14.45Connie BatemanFU15
15.45Alice Cameron FU15
15.95Leah BrownFU15
16.35Holly BrownFU15
14.16Kirsty McKendrick FU17
14.66Zosia Paddon FU17
14.86Ella Wilson FU17
15.36Sophia NajibFU17
15.66Amy Clark FU17
15.96Molly Macfarlane  U17
13.17Katherine FowlerFU17
13.77Chloe Watt FU17
147Teagan McIntosh FU17
14.27Megan DunlopFU17
14.57Amelie MacGregorFU17
15.87Shannon GlenFU17
12.98Ken YoungMU15
13.28Jonah Whitby MU15
13.38Joshua Kennedy MU15
14.18Fergus YoungMU15
12.99Lewis MillerMU15
139Dylan McCullochMU15
14.39Jamie ConnorMU15
15.29Robyn YouensMU15
12.210Chris Driver MU17
12.810Oliver HoldenMU20
13.210Gregor Saunders MU17
13.610Gareth MarchantMSenior
13.610Douglas Fleming MU17
12.411Tyler HunterMU17
12.411Ruairidh Burns MU17
12.611Finlay MarchantMU17
11.812Daniel Bruce MU20
12.012Robb FergusonMU17
12.212Lyle HunterMU20
12.212Jamie McNaughtMU20
600 metres     
TimeHeatNameGenderAge Group
2.14.11Jake Grantham MU13
2.41.81Jessica WalkerFU11
800 metres    
TimeHeatNameGenderAge Group
2.46.51Emily Stanford FU13
2.58.91Ciara MiddletonFU13
3.00.91Niamh CaldwellFU13
3.17.51Hazel PrinceFU13
3.27.91Norah Thompson FU13
2.22.72Joshua Kennedy MU15
2.33.42Fergus YoungMU15
2.42.32Aaron MiddletonMU15
2.47.22Jamie ConnorMU15
2.47.52Finley Macgregor MU13
2.48.52Joel GillanMU13
2.39.73Loren StewartFU15
2.46.83Olivia AshworthFU15
2.47.13Fia WatkinFU13
2.55.83Robyn YouensFU15
2.34.74Carys GibbFU15
2.35.34Leya GibbFU15
2.39.74Millie O’NeillFU17
2.40.04Kirsty McKendrick FU17
2.42.04Zosia Paddon FU17
2.42.34Leah BrownFU15
2.42.54Tabitha MackenzieFU15
2.44.04Hannah MorganFU15
2.47.74Amy Clark FU17
3.00.94Emily SorleyFU15
3.23.34Alice Cameron FU15
2.11.15Oliver HoldenMU20
2.11.15Sam GrivellMU20
2.15.15Euan DochertyMU17
2.21.25Dylan McCullochMU15
2.23.15Ethan ThomsonMU20
2.44.45Andrew TwiggMU17
3000 metres    
TimeHeatNameGenderAge Group
8.27.71Alastair Hay MSenior
8.30.01Connor BellMU17
9.03.01Luca FanottoliMSen
9.07.51Morag MillarFSen
9.28.71Cameron MacMillanMU17
9.38.51Telfer GrayMU20
9.45.61Andrew IrvineMSenior
9.47.81Stuart HillisMSenior
10.41.31David EckersleyMSenior
10.42.71Heather ScottFU20
11.29.81Scarlett RoyFU17
11.53.21Cliona Diamond FSenior
11.54.01Anna MacKinnonFU17
12.00.01Laurie DouglasFSenior
12.37.51Hugh BuchananMSenior
13.45.71Allan GallMSenior
Long Jump    
Distance NameGenderAge Group
2.58 Makena MelvilleFU11
2.50 Eilidh ConnorFU11
2.38Hannah CowleyFU11
2.30Eoghan WheartyMU11
2.14 Allysa CluettFU11
2.10 Jessica WalkerFU11
1.99 Emily WatkinFU11
3.34 Fia WatkinFU13
3.33 Ciara MiddletonFU13
2.79 Hazel PrinceFU13
2.76 Alexandra Montgomery FU13
1.46 Norah Thompson FU13
4.54Loren StewartFU15
4.19Connie BatemanFU15
3.51 Tabitha MackenzieFU15
3.38Emily SorleyFU15
3.28 Laura MatthewsFU15
3.24 Robyn YouensFU15
3.19 Hannah MorganFU15
3.11Leah BrownFU15
4.56 Katherine FowlerFU17
4.19 Chloe Watt FU17
4.17 Ella Wilson FU17
3.43 Zosia Paddon FU17
3.14 Molly Macfarlane FU17
Shot Put     
WeightDistanceNameGenderAge Group
SP2k4.39Eilidh ConnorFU11
SP2k3.73Allysa CluettFU11
SP2k3.27Jessica WalkerFU11
SP2k3.21Emily WatkinFU11
SP2.72k4.68Alexandra Montgomery FU13
SP2.72k2.63Norah Thompson FU13
SP3K6.14Connie BatemanFU15
SP3K5.88Loren StewartFU15
SP3K5.16Emily SorleyFU15
SP3K5.04Alice Cameron FU15
SP3K4.63Leah BrownFU15
SP3K3.68Niamh MckinlayFU15
SP3K6.78Shannon GlenFU17
SP3K6.34Ella Wilson FU17
SP3K6.32Zosia Paddon FU17
SP3K6.01Molly Macfarlane FU17
SP3K5.48Sophia NajibFU17
?3.87Hannah CowleyFU11
SP3K5.97Sandy BatemanMU13
SP3K5.35Joel GillanMU13
SP4k7.50Jonah Whitby MU15
SP4k6.29Cameron MooreMU15
SP4k7.78Lewis MillerMU15
SP5K8.82Douglas Fleming MU17
SP5K6.19Andrew TwiggMU17

The full results can be downloaded as a revised spreadsheet:

Apr 062020

Central Athletic Club athletes are having to find new and innovative ways of keeping fit during the current coronavirus lockdown but two of the Club’s Under-15 athletes have been given a great incentive to keep training throughout the summer. With much of the planned summer season already cancelled or postponed, the London Marathon and London Mini-Marathon have currently been rescheduled to 4 October and Connor Bell and Cameron Kerr have been selected to compete for Scotland in the prestigious London Mini-Marathon. As with much in these uncertain times the final details require to be confirmed but it looks as though Connor and Cameron could be following in the footsteps of other local runners who have competed in previous years and progressed to greater achievements including Andrew Butchart, Jamie Crowe, Alastair Hay and Morag Millar.

The London Mini-Marathon 3 mile race doubles as the British Championships and includes teams from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, nine English Regions and 33 London Boroughs so a great opportunity for both Connor and Cameron for some top class competition.

Scottish Athletics have been looking at Virtual Challenges and the first is planned for Easter weekend from 10 to 13 April with a Clubs’ Tru Wealth Virtual Relay of 5 and 10 kilometre runs. The idea is to count solo road runs uploaded from Strava or Garmin with three 5 kilometre runs and three 10 kilometre runs contributing to the final result. Scottish Athletics have emphasised solo runs and the importance of keeping to social distancing of at least 2 metres. The event is open to Under-20, Senior and Masters runners and it will be interesting to see how this works out, with the possibility of holding further virtual challenges in future. Michael Wright is co-ordinating the Club’s entry so interested athletes need to contact Michael.

Mar 162020

With the cross country season virtually finished thoughts for many of Central’s endurance athletes have turned to road racing with some considerable success.

Jamie Crowe was again hitting the headlines with a debut run over the half marathon distance in Bath on Sunday 15 March. Jamie has been delivering over ‘the country’ and here proved that road running is well within his compass with a new Central AC club record of 64 minutes 38 seconds, finishing in second place. Luca Fanottoli also made the long journey to Bath and was rewarded with a personal best of 71:04 finishing in 34th place.

The Scottish Young Athletes Road Races were again played out in Battery Park, Greenock also on Sunday 15 March with the normal cold conditions brought about by the strong winds off the Clyde. Here it was Connor Bell who caught the eye with a fine win in the Under-15 Boys race over 4.2 kilometres. With superb back-up from Cameron Kerr (sixth; 13:24) and Cameron MacMillan (12th; 14:06) the Boys won Scottish Championship team gold medals. Euan Docherty brought his normal strong running to the race finishing in 30th place with 14:43. In the Under-15 Girls race Summer MacLean was the sole Central athlete and should be pleased with her 16:10 clocking for 4.2 kilometres finishing in 13th place. Grace Tindall continues to make progress and here came home in 14th place in the Under-17 Girls race with a fine 18:52 clocking over a 4.9 kilometre course. Sam Grivell was challenged by the same 4.9 kilometre course in the Under-17 Boys race coming home in a more than worthy 16:54 in 17th.

Saturday 7 March saw Alastair Hay lead home the Cupar 5 mile road race field in a tasty 24 minutes 33 seconds while Matthew Sutherland came home fourth with 26:18 and it was good to see Kirsten McStay rubbing shoulders with this company finishing in a highly respectable 34:24.

Jennifer Wetton was back challenging at the head of the Inverness Half Marathon on Sunday 8 March finishing in third place in the Women’s race with an excellent 81 minutes 5 seconds while Lewis Millar tested himself in the Men’s race to record 74:17 in 19th overall.

There is also news from the Netherlands where Cameron Milne recently recorded 69 minutes over the half marathon distance.

Mar 092020

It was back to rain and mud for the penultimate race in Central Athletic Club’s 2019-20 cross country series held on Saturday 7 March in Callander Crags.

Sean Scott had again set a testing course for the youngsters so it was testament to all 36 runners that they conquered the 1.3 mile course in style.

Euan Docherty led the pack around and eventually broke away to finish first Under-15 Boy clocking 8 minutes 52 seconds for the undulating course. Ross Lawrie (9:41) ran strongly throughout to take second in this category. Aaron Middleton (9:33) followed up his excellent run in the recent Scottish Schools Championships to lead in the Under-13 Boys and there was further progress from Fergus Young (9:59) in this category ahead of determined runs from Jamie Connor (10:38) and Alex Dunlop (10:44). Conall Paterson (13:02) and Scott Hill (13:14) again showed the true resolve that will serve them well for the future.

Joel Gillan (10:04) had an improved run to head the Under-11 Boys while Douglas Stewart (10:10) impressed in his first run in this season’s series with Jake Drummond (10:14) only a few strides behind. Oscar Underwood (11:47) showed good stamina ahead of further impressive efforts from Cole Johnston (12:00), Max Godsman (12:07), Noah McIntyre-Sim (12:32) and Arthur Carrie (12:47).

Summer MacLean (9:46) was always well to the fore to win a very competitive Under-15 Girls category from Catriona Kane (10:07) and Leona Melville (10:25). There was a close contest in this age group between Zosia Paddon (10:58) and Scarlett Roy (10:59) with Tara Mathewson (11:25) finishing in close attendance. There was a further close contest in the Under-15 Girls category with Leah Brown (10:28) leading to the finish just ahead of another tasty run by Niamh McKinlay (10:32) with Loren Stewart (10:45) again impressing. Emma Anderson (11:38) had another strong run in the testing conditions ahead of further more than worthy performances from first timers Tabatha MacKenzie (13:00) and Olivia Ashworth (14:27).

Fia Watkin (10:47) and Emily Stanford (10:48) challenged each other at the front of the Under-11 Girls race category with both impressing while Dara Clark (12:09), Ciara Middleton (13:04) and Nora Thompson (15:31) again deserved awards for their endeavours here. There was further good performances from the Under-9 Girls with all three in close attendance and here it was Jessica Walker (15:21) who prevailed from Eilidh Connor (15:24) and Summer Johnston (15:48) and all three girls should be pleased with their runs.

Thanks are again due to Sean Scott, Craig Walker and Jane Dunlop plus all the helpers who provided another excellent event on behalf of Central Athletic Club in spite of the conditions.

NameAge GroupTime
1Euan DochertyU15B8.52
2Aaron MiddletonU13B9.33
3Ross LawrieU15B9.41
4Summer MacLeanU15G9.46
5Fergus YoungU13B9.59
6Joel GillanU11B10.04
7Catriona KaneU15G10.07
8Douglas StewartU11B10.10
9Jake DrummondU11B10.14
10Leona MelvilleU15G10.25
11Leah BrownU13G10.28
12Niamh McKinlayU13G10.32
13Jamie ConnorU13B10.38
14Alex DunlopU13 B10.44
15Loren StewartU13G10.45
16Fia WatkinU11G10.47
17Emily StanfordU11G10.48
18Zosia PaddonU15G10.58
19Scarlett RoyU15G10.59
20Tara MathewsonU15G11.25
21Emma AndersonU13G11.38
22Oscar UnderwoodU11B11.47
23Cole JohnstonU11B12.00
24Max GodsmanU11B12.07
25Dara ClarkU11G12.09
26Noah McIntyre-SimU11B12.32
27Arthur CarrieU11B12.47
28Tabatha MacKenzieU13G13.00
29Conall PatersonU13B13.02
30Ciara MiddletonU11G13.04
31Scott HillU13B13.14
32Olivia AshworthU13G14.27
33Jessica WalkerU9G15.21
34Eilidh ConnorU9G15.24
35Nora ThompsonU11G15.31
36Summer JohnstonU9G15.48
Mar 092020

Scottish Under-20 Championships

Central AC’s Molly Cornes was in seventh heaven as she picked up her first ever Scottish medal at the Scottish Under-20 championships. The 15-year-old from Balfron has been a Central AC member for many years and had numerous high placed finishes at Scottish and Scottish schools championships over the years at Long Jump, High Jump and Combined events. However a podium finish has always eluded her. After missing out again at the Scottish Under-17 championships in January then another fourth place at the Scottish schools in February, Molly decided to test herself against the older Under-20 age group in the High Jump. She was feeling on good form after a season’s best 1.57m in the recent pentathlon championships and went clear at her opening height of 1.49m and then cleared 1.54m at the second attempt. With four athletes still in the competition Molly still had work to do to guarantee a medal. This came with an excellent 1.59m clearance at the second attempt for a season’s best jump, just below her personal best of 1.60m set a year ago. Just one other athlete went clear leaving Molly a guaranteed top two finish and in a straight battle for the title. The bar was then raised to a lofty 1.64m and Molly came very close to taking the lead on her second attempt but just took the bar off. Ultimately Molly had to settle for second but was proud as punch to finally step up on the podium for the first time in her long career and collect her silver medal.

In contrast Ben MacMillan has been a regular visitor to the podium at the Emirates arena with medals stretching back to Under-15 in 2016. Having already taken silver in the 3,000 Metres in January, Ben was taking on the 1,500 Metres. He kept pace with the leaders and was part of a group of three that broke clear from the pack. Sitting in third place going into the final lap Ben attacked with 100m to go and moved into second place but was unable to catch the leader and took second place and a silver medal. His time was an excellent 3:59:23 which broke the club Under-20 record.

Briagha Cook was taking on the 60 Metres Hurdles and managed a respectable fourth place overall and second placed Scot across the line in 9.40s after 9.32s in the heats.

In the sprints, hurdler Lois Burch stepped up from the Under-17 age group to set personal bests in the 200 Metres with 27.18s in the heats and 27.13s for ninth in the semi-finals. She ran a personal best 8.43s in the 60 Metres. Lucy More also took on the 60 Metres where she managed a season’s best 8.31s for 12th.

Scottish Under-15 Championships

Tyler Hunter was on superb form at the Scottish Under-15 championships as he picked up two medals at the Emirates Arena on Sunday 1 March. The 14-year-old Central AC athlete from Dollar had never previously won a medal at a national level event but came close at the Scottish schools in February when he reached his first ever Scottish final in the Under-16 60 Metres hurdles. Tyler started in the High Jump where he was joined by Central teammate Ruairidh Burns. Ruairidh came into the competition also looking for a first national medal and had good reason for optimism as he was fourth in the Scottish rankings with a best of 1.60m. Tyler however was coming into the event with a best of only 1.44m so had no expectations here. Tyler and Ruairidh both started at 1.39m. Both athletes had first time clearances all the way to 1.54m, already a personal best for Tyler. Tyler then went clear at the first attempt at 1.59m, and Ruairidh joined him after the second attempt. At 1.64m there were only four athletes left. Tyler went clear again at the first attempt to guarantee a medal. Ruaridh was unable to go any higher than his season’s best 1.59m but with just Tyler and one other going clear, Ruaridh had done enough to secure third place and bronze. Tyler was now in a straight head to head and continued his run with a clearance at 1.67m. He then thought he had cleared 1.70m but even though the bar stayed on, the uprights had dropped on one side. After a consultation with the rule book the jump was judged faulty due to equipment failure meaning it didn’t count as either a clearance or a failure. Tyler was unable to go clear in three further attempts but he had done enough to secure an excellent second place and superb personal best 1.67m. This gave Central AC a medal double with Tyler taking silver and Ruaridh bronze. This was a proud moment for both boys as they received their first ever national medals together.

Tyler did not have long to wait for his second medal as he was quickly in action in the 60 Metres Hurdles where he took third place with 9.61s. He also set a personal best in the flat 60 Metres with 7.97s for 12th fastest in the semi-finals.

Central’s other medal was more expected as Connor Bell went into the 800 Metres as clear favourite after a club record run of 2:04.97 in January. Connor cruised through his heat in 2:11.53 then was challenged in the final but ran away in the end to finish in 2:05.06, missing his club record by 0.09s, to take gold. Ruaridh Burns just missed out on the 800 Metres final, running 2:16.75 in the heats for ninth fastest.

Catriona Kane was on great form in the 1,500 Metres as she took an excellent sixth place in a time of 5:10.55. Zosia Paddon was 15th in the heats with a personal best 5:43.56.

In the 60 Metres Hurdles, Danielle Abel set a personal best 10.06s for 12th place in the semi-finals. Brogan MacMillan also set a personal best 11.79s in the heats and ran 49.42s in the 300 Metres then threw 6.58m in the Shot Put.

In the 60 Metres Kate Gilvear ran a personal best 8.75s in the heats to qualify for the semi-finals then went even faster with 8.68s in the semis for 19th overall. Hannah Tams managed 8.98s, Sophie Morgan a personal best 9.15s and Scarlet Roy a personal best 9.58s. Hannah then ran 31.05s in the 200 Metres and Sophie another personal best 31.12s.

In the 800 Metres Scarlett Roy ran a personal best 2:47.93 and Jamie Oldham managed 2:29.05 after jumping 3.71m at Long Jump.

In the field Dylan McCulloch was 12th in the Long Jump after jumping 4.50m and 13th in Shot Put with 5.00m.

Scottish Under-13 Championships

Central AC’s Under-13 athletes produced a host of personal bests as they took part in the Scottish Under-13 indoor championships at the Emirates arena on Saturday 29 February.

Niamh McKinlay celebrated her first ever Scottish medal in the 800 Metres as she followed the leaders all the way round to smash her personal best and take third place for bronze. The 12-year-old from Aberfoyle took a huge 7 seconds off her personal best with a time of 2:32.27.

Niamh had earlier set a new personal best in the 60 Metres Hurdles as she placed tenth in the semi-finals with 10.78s.

Lewis Miller just missed out on the podium twice in the day. The 12-year-old from Dunblane was edged into fourth place in the 60 Metres but was rewarded with a new club record in a superb time of 8.43s. He then experienced another fourth place in the Long Jump as he jumped a personal best 4.44m. Lewis also set a new best in the 200 Metres semi-finals with 28.71s as he just missed the final where he was joined by Jamie Connor who ran a personal best 30.07s in his heat to progress to the semi-finals. Earlier Jamie had just missed the final in the 60 Metres Hurdles with 11.80s.

Leya Gibb also narrowly missed a medal in the 1,500 Metres as she set a new personal best 5:28.01 minutes for fourth place. In the 800 Metres Ossian Arkotxa ran a season’s best 2:34.24 minutes for ninth place.

In the field Loren Stewart cleared a season’s best 1.34m in the High Jump for sixth place after jumping 4.01m at Long Jump for 12th. Connie Bateman threw a personal best 6.36m in the Shot Put for a respectable seventh. There were further personal bests for Dara Clarke in the High Jump with 1.24m for 11th and Finlay MacGregor in the boys High Jump with 1.14m for 10th.

The 60 Metres heats saw personal bests for Emma Anderson 9.48s, Sophia Waring 9.54s, Fia Watkin 9.70s and Finlay MacGregor 9.62s. Emma and Fia also took on the 60 Metres Hurdles where Emma ran 12.73s and Fia 12.79s.

Mar 092020

The East of Scotland Team included four Central Athletic Club athletes in the Inter Counties Cross Country at Prestwold Hall near Loughborough on Saturday 7 March, this quality event virtually doubling up as the British Championships. With conditions dryer than for most of the season there were plenty of sections of sticky mud to test the stamina of the runners. It was good to see Under-15 runner Connor Bell make his contribution to the East team’s bronze medal placing in finishing 26th, covering the 4 kilometre course in 15 minutes 23 seconds. Cameron Kerr’s determined run saw him just miss out on a team medal as fifth counter for the East team finishing 37th with 15:34.

Under-20 runner Ben MacMillan rounded off his successful cross country season in style in the first race of the day held over 8 kilometres. Ben tested himself against the top British runners in this prestigious event coming home 33rd, in a time of 33:35. Hamish Hickey has run most of the season as an Under-20 but here contested the 10 kilometre senior race finishing in 98th place with 42.35, a fine outcome in this illustrious company and will have provided good experience for the future. Conan McCaughey pulled on a Northern Ireland vest on this occasion and should be pleased with his 27th placing with 40:28.

The 50th running of the Allan Scally Relays were again hosted by Shettleston Harriers over a 4 lap, 5 kilometre course in Glasgow on 29 February. The event attracted a large field of Scotland’s top clubs and some quality athletes including Jake Wightman, Scotland’s Commonwealth Games 1,500 Metres bronze medallist. Indeed it was Jake (14 minutes 51 seconds) who led off Edinburgh AC’s challenge as he swept his club into a first leg lead which was never surrendered. Central Athletic Club’s quartet of Hamish Hickey (15:15), Matthew Sutherland (15:48), Jamie Crowe (14:33) and Alastair Hay (14:51) chased hard to finish just 8 seconds adrift from their Edinburgh rivals to claim silver team medals with host club Shettleston Harriers in third some 2:22 behind Central’s charge. Jamie Crowe’s 14:33 effort was a superb new course record taking over from Alastair Hay’s 2019 effort.

Central’s mixed gender team of Morag Millar (17:54), Lewis Millar (16:01), Michael Wright (16:18) and Dale Colley (16:14) were competitive throughout to finish in seventeenth overall with 151 teams completing the course.

Fanni Gyurko chose the somewhat warmer climate of Seville in Spain to make her latest assault on the marathon and here was awarded with a personal best of 2 hours 35 minutes 54 seconds which is crucially a Hungarian qualifying time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Feb 252020
Jamie Crowe powering through the mud. Photo Bobby Gavin.

The weather may have been causing travel chaos throughout Central Scotland but there was no derailing Central Athletic Club’s blue and yellow train as the Senior Men’s Team won Gold for an unprecedented tenth year in a row. Much of the success came through a brilliant run from Jamie Crowe as he lifted individual Gold with a superb display, conquering the Callendar Park mud, to win in 35 minutes 29 seconds for the 10 kilometre course. Jamie has been showing superb form all season so it was good to see him taking the accolades as Scottish Champion heading a top class field.

Michael Wright storms to the finish. Photo Bobby Gavin.

The Team trophy was not easily retained with strong opposition from Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds and Corstorphine AC but in the final analysis there was again daylight ahead of the best efforts of the other top Scottish clubs. Alastair Hay has played his part in eight of the team victories and here looked in imperious form to come home sixth in 36:14 and with more fine performances from Cameron Milne (13th, 36:53), a seemingly rejuvenated Matthew Sutherland (17th, 37:04), Dale Colley (22nd, 37:33) and Conan McCaughey (33rd, 38:00) the Team prize was assured. Michael Wright (38th, 38:40) may have missed out on a team medal but his normal gutsy performance would have ensured a medal if any of his team mates had faltered. Mention again must be made of coach, Derek Easton, who has continued to oversee this excellent run of success.

Senior Men medallists: Jonny Glen (silver), Jamie Crowe (gold), Kevin Wood (bronze). Photo Bobby Gavin.

As some 670 mud-spattered senior runners came through to the finish, Scott Brember did well to finish 71st with 40:06 heading in further good performances from Luca Fanottoli (94th, 40:50), Ruaridh Miller (118th, 41:32) and Colin Logan (126th, 41:45). The runners coped with the difficult underfoot conditions with a varying degree of success so it was good to see Donald Shaw (284th, 46:22) back in form, renewing his rivalry with David Eckersley (317th, 47:22) who finished with Iain Elliott (318th, 47:22) while Charles Graham-Marr was another to push back the years (339th, 47:58) ahead of Alan Hume (376th, 48:48) and Ross McNaught (386th, 49:22). Iain Dunsmore came through in 400th, 49:43, leading in Ben Noad (425th, 50:36), Colin Alexander (455th, 51:11), Roger Greenaway (548th, 54:52), Allan Gall (606th, 58:09), Cameron Campbell (609th, 58:17) and Neil Galbraith Cobb 650th alongside Colin Sinclair 651st with both recording 63:10.

Hamish Hickey takes U20 silver. Photo Bobby Gavin.

Central’s Under-20 Men gave some assurance that there is a promise of future success through further fine efforts as Hamish Hickey’s 23 minutes 45 seconds run over a 6.7 kilometre test was rewarded with an individual silver medal, an enticing 3 seconds from gold. Tom Graham-Marr came through well with a fine last lap effort to take bronze with 23:54. Ben MacMillan’s strong running saw him in seventh (24:20) and with another fine effort from Calum Phillip (18th, 25:51) there was a further set of team gold medals ahead of challenges from Dundee and Edinburgh University teams.

Earlier in the day Hungarian-based Central athlete Dorottya Csuta made her mark with another fine display to lift silver in the Under-15 Girls race with 16 minutes 1 second over a 4.1 kilometre course, a magnificent performance as Central European races do not tend to encounter muddy courses or the squally sleet showers experienced here. Summer MacLean led home the remainder of Central’s Under-15 Girls team in 22nd (18:06) with another assured run while Mirren Henry (31st, 18:33) also showed improved form. It was good to see Zosia Paddon (75th, 20:59) and Heidi Eik Maxwell (89th, 21:28) testing themselves at this level and helping the girls achieve fifth team spot.

Central’s Senior Women faced the same 10 kilometre test as the Senior Men and again ankle deep mud on much of the course so good to see Kim Timmins in form to come home 43rd with 46:01 ahead of further spirited performances from Claire Houston (77nd, 48:39), Amy Hendry (86th, 49:24), Kirsten McStay (102nd, 50:15) and Becky Hay (144th, 53:02), all with times that show good comparisons against many of the Club’s senior men.

Heather Scott was the sole Central finisher in the Under-20 Women’s field covering her 6.7 kilometre test in 33 minutes 53 seconds in 22nd with another determined effort, while Under-17 Grace Tindall pitted herself against the Under-17 Women’s field to finish 19th covering the 6.1 kilometre challenge in 26:48 with a further resolute display.

Sam Grivell completed the Under-17 Men’s race, over a 6.1 kilometre test and can count himself as one of the unluckiest runners of the day, losing a running shoe and timing chip on the course and not having his performance recorded – there is some hope that his result may be updated when video footage is reviewed.

The Under-15 Boys were faced with a 4.1 kilometre challenge and here Euan Docherty (30th, 16:26) showed improvement with his normal ‘can do’ attitude and it was a similar story for Ross Lawrie (117th, 18:50) as both boys conquered the extreme conditions.

The Under-13 Boys race was the second race of the day over a 3.1 kilometre course and while the course had not yet broken up to the extent of later in the day there was still enough water and mud to ensure a real test for the youngsters. So it was good to see Aaron Middleton (24th, 12:20) and Joshua Kennedy (42nd, 12:44) continue to show improvement while Henry Crossley (128th, 14:50) faced his first test at this level and should also be pleased with his performance.

Feb 232020


There were nine medals and a host of personal bests as Central AC athletes competed for their schools at the Scottish schools indoor championships at the Emirates Arena.

Top performance in the Over-16s was Coirilidh Cook of Balfron HS who won the 60 Metres Hurdles in a personal best 8.97 seconds. She went on to place eighth in the flat 60 Metres final in 8.29s after running a personal best 8.20s in her heat. Daniel Ferguson of Lornshill Academy took silver in the Boys 60 Metres Hurdles in a personal best 8.50s then set another personal best in the 60 Metres semi-finals with 7.56s. Euan Smith (Dollar Academy) was also on the podium in the flat 60 Metres with an excellent bronze with a personal best 7.28s after placing sixth in 60 Metres Hurdles in a personal best 8.85s. Aidan Grevemberg (Balfron HS) also reached the 60 Metres final taking fifth with 7.32s. Kyra Gibb (Dunblane HS) was our other track finalist placing tenth after setting a personal best 4:52.70 in the heats to qualify.

In the field, Erik Escala (Dunblane HS) won silver in the Shot Put with 13.04s, just getting pipped for gold. Molly Cornes (Balfron HS) just missed out on the medals with fourth in the High Jump with 1.50m and also took eighth in the Long Jump with 4.97m.

Other results:

  • Rebecca Cumming (Dunblane HS) Triple Jump – 8.24m 10th
  • Jamie McNaught (McLaren HS) Long Jump – 5.29m, 12th; 60 Metres heat – 8.01s
  • Aidan Grevemberg (Balfron HS) 200 Metres semi-final – 24.19s personal best in heat
  • Shona McLay (Stirling HS) 200 Metres semi-final – 27.35s in heat, 60 Metres heat – 8.38s
  • Briagha Cook (Balfron HS) 200 Metres semi-final – 26.64s personal best
  • Erik Escala (Dunblane HS) 200 Metres semi-final – 23.42s in heat
  • Lois Burch (McLaren HS) 60 Metres semi-final – 8.47s personal best, 60 Metres Hurdles heat – 9.56s, 200 Metres heat – 27.52s
  • Jack Haughton (Dunblane HS) 200 Metres heat – 24.35s
  • Lucy More (McLaren HS) 60 Metres heat – 8.5s
  • Adam McGregor (Dunblane HS) 60 Metres heat – 7.92s
  • Lyle Hunter (Dollar Academy) 200 Metres heat – 26.24s, 60 Metres heat – 8.00s
  • Mavia Duncan (Balfron HS) 300 Metres heat – 46.69s
  • Oliver Holden (McLaren HS) 800 Metres heat – 2:11.95
  • Sam Grivell (Lornshill Academy) 800 Metres heat – 2:15.43
  • Ethan Thomson (McLaren HS) 800 Metres heat – 2:16.73
  • Grace Tindall (Alva Academy) 1500m heat – 5:01.96 personal best


In the Under-16 age group Connor Bell of Balfron HS was the standout performance. In the heats Connor cruised round in 4:22.06 to qualify. This time was in fact enough to set a new club Under-15 indoor record. In the final he ran away from the field and smashed his club record to take gold in a superb 4:12.08. He followed this with a fine silver in the 800 Metres as he came close to his own club record with 2:05.39. Behind Connor, Cameron MacMillan (Dollar Academy) placed tenth after setting a personal best 4:22.61 to reach the final.

Katherine Fowler was Central’s other winner in the 60 Metres. She had the worst possible start to her competition. When cruising at the end of her 200 Metres heat she caught a spike in the track and took a tumble meaning she was unable to finish. She was left with friction burns on her knee but returned the next day for the 60 Metres. She safely negotiated her heat in a personal best 8.08s then semi-final in 8.19s but was up against stiff competition in the final. However she ran away from the field to win in a personal best 8.05s. This was Katherine’s first ever gold medal in a national level event.

Euan Wilbert of McLaren High was on great form in the 60 Metres Hurdles as he took silver in a personal best 9.04s. Central had three athletes in the final with Robb Ferguson (Lornshill Academy) just out of the medals in fourth with 9.30s after a personal best 9.20s in the heats, which would have earned him a medal in the final. Tyler Hunter (Dollar Academy) reached his first ever national final placing eighth, after a personal best 9.49s in the heats.

Amy Cully of Wallace High was on superb form in the 800 Metres as she smashed her personal best with 2:21.87 to take a bronze medal. This was Amy’s first ever medal at a national level event.

In the Boys 800 Metres, Ruaridh Burns ran a personal best 2:10.89 to reach the B final.

In the field Jack Campbell was just outside the medals in the Pole Vault as he cleared a personal best 2.40m for fourth.

Other results:

  • Finlay Marchant (Wallace HS) 200 Metres heat – 26.59s, 60 Metres heat – 8.23s
  • Summer Maclean (Wallace HS) 1,500 Metres heat – 5:04.59
  • Euan Docherty (Dunblane HS) 800 Metres heat – 2:20.05
  • Jack Campbell (McLaren HS) 60 Metres Hurdles heat – 9.70s
  • Teagan McIntosh-Blacklock (Stirling HS) 60 Metres heat – 8.68s personal best
  • Catriona Kane (Dunblane HS) 1,500 Metres heat – 5:08.77 personal best
  • Robb Ferguson (Lornshill Academy) 60 Metres heat – 8.22s
  • Carys Gibb (Dunblane HS) 1,500 Metres heat – 5:13.90 personal best
  • Hannah Tams (Alva Academy) 60 Metres heat – 9.01s
  • Megan Dunlop (McLaren HS) 60 Metres heat – 8.88s
  • Olivia Darwin (Alva Academy) 60 Metres heat – 9.02s personal best
  • Ellie Beavan Whitty (Dollar Academy) 60 Metres heat – 9.22s
  • Erin Miller (Dunblane HS) 60 Metres heat – 9.26s
Feb 172020

The details of the final two races in the club’s junior cross country series for this winter have been announced.

The penultimate race of the Series will be on Saturday 7 March with an 11am start for warm-up and race start at around 11.20am – registration from 10.30am at Bracklin Falls Car Park, Callander.

The final race of the series will be in Kings Park, Stirling on Saturday 21 March with the normal format, and registration from 10.30am.

Most of the gender and age group series results to date suggest the final results will be close so much still to play for.

Feb 162020

Men’s Heptathlon

Central had a full age range of athletes in the Scottish indoor Heptathlon championships with Jack Campbell in the Under-17 event, Erik Escala in the Under-20s and Ron Todd in the Masters’ championships. This event is the seven event indoor version of the ten event decathlon event and tests the athletes’ all round ability over two days of competition.

Erik has made big improvements in the last year and competed for Scotland in November at the schools’ pentathlon international. The 17-year-old from Dunblane knew the competition was going to be tough as he was up against Scott Brindlay of North Ayrshire and Calum Newby of Edinburgh who had taken the top two places at the UK championships in January. Erik had been forced to withdraw injured from the UK championships with one event remaining so was looking to finish on a good score. He opened well with a personal best 7.48 seconds in the 60 Metres then performed consistently for the rest of the day as he came close to his personal best in the Long Jump with 5.90m and Shot Put with 11.77m then High Jump with 1.77m. This put him in fourth place overnight on 2,480 points. A strong 60 Metres Hurdles of 9.07m maintained his position then he soared to a new personal best in the Pole Vault with 3.57m. He finished his weekend with a 1,000 Metres run of 3:15.18 to score a personal best 4,234 points and place fourth against a top quality field.

Jack Campbell was competing in his first ever Heptathlon and finished the first day with a complete set of personal bests as he sprinted to 8.30s in the 60 Metres, a Long Jump of 5.16m, threw the Shot Put 7.86m and a High Jump of 1.47m for a first day score of 1,614 points. He then continued this with a personal best 10.38s in the 60 Metres Hurdles, cleared 2.37m in his first ever Pole Vault and finished with 3:08.32 minutes in his first ever 1,000 Metres. This gave him a final score of 2,884 points and a respectable seventh place meaning he had set eight personal bests in seven events.

Ron Todd was taking on the Masters’ event and with age gradings used where performances are adjusted according to the athlete’s age, it makes it difficult to predict who will win. Ron opened with 8.64m in the 60 Metres, 4.41m at Long Jump, 10.16m at Shot Put and 3.07m at Pole Vault. This gave Ron an overnight lead on an age adjusted score of 2,539 points. On the second day he continued strongly with 10.54m at 60 Metres Hurdles then rolled back the years with an excellent High Jump of 1.51m, his best jump for many seasons. This gave Ron a lead going into the final 1,000 Metres event but he knew he was up against it as endurance isn’t his strongest area. He dug in to finish in 4:28.45 but this wasn’t enough to hold on to the lead. But Ron was happy with his second place and score of 4,245 points and particularly pleased with his High Jump. Afterwards he commented on what a great event it is with the camaraderie amongst the competitors during the event.

Under-17 Girls Pentathlon

Central had three competitors in the Under-17 Girls Pentathlon with Katherine Fowler, Molly Cornes and Ellen Montgomery taking on the five discipline event.

Katherine was in her first Pentathlon since making her international debut for Scotland in the schools pentathlon international in November. It was also her first pentathlon in the Under-17 age group. The 15-year-old from Callander started well with a personal best 8.01m in the Shot Put. In the 60 Metres Hurdles she looked to be heading for another personal best before she clipped a hurdle, but held her stride to finish in a decent 9.60s. There was joy for her in the Long Jump she leapt over the 5 metre mark for the first time ever jumping a personal best 5.03 metres. And there was further success for her in the High Jump where she jumped to another personal best 1.54m. This put her within sight of the medals. However, she was tired by the time of the 800 Metres and finished with 2:41.58 minutes which gave her fifth place overall, managing to set an excellent new personal best score of 2,977 points.

Molly Cornes opened well with 8.56m in the Shot Put, a new personal best 9.91s in the 60 Metres Hurdles and a respectable 4.90m at Long Jump. In her strongest High Jump event she was back on form and went clear at a season’s best 1.57m then came very close to her personal best 1.60m. Molly finished with 2:47.82 in the 800 Metres for a score of 2,884 points, just 56 points short of her personal best and tenth place overall.

Ellen Montgomery came close to her personal bests with 7.52m at Shot Put, 10.68s in the 60 Metres Hurdles, 4.24m at Long Jump and 2:56.85 at 800 Metres for a score of 1,717 points and 22nd place.

Under-15 Girls Pentathlon

Danielle Abel, Brogan MacMillan and Zosia Paddon took part in the Under-15 Girls Pentathlon. Danielle opened with a personal best 1.25m at High Jump then a respectable 10.35s in the 60 Metres Hurdles. She then set an excellent Long Jump personal best of 4.45m then followed this with 6.44m at Shot Put. She finished with 3:05.91 in the 800 Metres to score a personal best 2,039 points for 18th place.

Brogan MacMillan achieved a High Jump of 1.13m and ran 12.71s in the 60 Metres Hurdles. A respectable 6.55m in the Shot Put was followed by 3:02.57 in the 800 Metres for a final score of 1,286 points and 31st place.

Zosia Paddon did not have the luckiest of starts. A delay on arrival meant she was too late to take part in the High Jump but was allowed to continue in the event. Her bad luck continued in the 60 Metres Hurdles where she was well placed and heading for a big personal best when she caught the last hurdle badly and took a tumble. She had the presence of mind to get back up and finish in 13.75s but this cost her a fast time. She carried on and came close to a personal best in Long Jump with 3.46m, set a personal best in Shot Put with 6.46m and ran well in the final 800 Metres event, her strongest event to finish with 2:42.44. In spite of missing an event and her mishap in the hurdles she still set a personal best score of 1,212 points for 32nd place.

Under-15 Boys Pentathlon

The Under-15 Boys event saw Ruaridh Burns, Dylan McCulloch returning after taking part last year and Douglas Fleming in his first ever pentathlon.

Ruaridh started with an excellent personal best 5.47 metres, adding 40cm to his previous best, to put him in third place overall. Dylan McCulloch set a personal best 4.50m and Douglas jumped 4.11m. In the 60 Metres Hurdles Douglas ran 12.00s in his first ever race then in the final, top-seeded race Ruaridh ran a personal best 10.57s to narrowly hold off Dylan who also ran a personal best 10.68s.

In the High Jump Dylan cleared a personal best 1.27m, Douglas cleared 1.45m and Ruaridh went on to a season’s best 1.57m for fourth highest jump of the day. In the Shot Put it was Douglas’s chance to shine as he threw 8.25m, the fifth top throw of the day. Ruaridh managed 8.19m and Dylan set a personal best 6.66m.

The final 800 Metres event came upon them and the first heat saw Dylan and Douglas set personal bests with Dylan running 2:30.84 and Douglas 2:49.85. Ruaridh was in the final heat for the event leaders and in a strong event for him finished third in a season’s best 2:16.47 minutes. This gave Ruaridh a final score of 2,234 points for an excellent fifth place. Dylan also set a personal best score 1,540 points for 11th overall and Douglas scored 1,310 points in his first pentathlon for 13th place.

Under-13 Girls Pentathlon

Central were well represented in the Under-13 Girls Pentathlon with Loren Stewart, Niamh McKinlay, Amelia Campbell and Fia Watkin taking part. Loren and Niamh were returning after taking part in this event last year. Amelia and Fia were attempting their first ever Pentathlon. For Amelia it was her first ever competition for the club.

The opening High Jump event saw a personal best 1.17m for Niamh and Amelia clear a respectable 1.23m. Loren went on to an excellent season best 1.32m for third place. In the 60 Metres Hurdles Fia was fastest in her first ever race with 12.13s followed by Loren who ran a personal best 12.52s. Amelia managed 13.83s in her first ever race. Niamh looked to be heading for a personal best in her race but unfortunately hit the final hurdle and took a tumble. She managed to get herself straight back up and finish in 13.75s but her time would have been much quicker had she stayed on her feet.

In the Long Jump Fia jumped a personal best 3.26m, Niamh a personal best 3.55m, Amelia an excellent 3.61m in her first competition and Loren set a seasons best mark of 4.05m. In the shot there was personal bests all round with Loren throwing 6.05m, Amelia 5.05m, Fia 4.17m and Niamh 5.02m.

In the final 800 Metres Fia managed fourth in the first heat with 3:02.90, Niamh was a clear winner of the second heat in 2:38.48, just missing her personal best. Amelia followed behind in 3:04.62. Loren took part in the third heat where she ran 2:48.60 for fourth in a close race.

When the scores were added up Loren had set a new personal best 1,814 points for 10th place overall. Niamh also had a new personal best 1,457 points for 17th. Amelia scored 1,263 points for 20th and Fia 1,015 points for 28th overall.

Under-13 Boys Pentathlon

The Under-13 Boys Pentathlon saw Lewis Miller, Jamie Connor and Cameron Moore all attempting their first ever pentathlon. In the opening Shot Put event Lewis placed fifth with 6.45m, Cameron was 10th with 5.52m and Jamie 13th with 5.52m.

In the 60 Metres Hurdles there were personal bests all round with Lewis third quickest overall with 10.85s, Jamie ran 11.79s and Cameron managed 12.60s. The High Jump also saw new personal bests all round with Jamie clearing 1.20m, Cameron 1.23m and Lewis 6th highest at 1.29m. In the Long Jump event Lewis jumped 4.07m, Jamie set a new personal best 3.73m and Cameron also set a new personal best 3.54m.

This left just the 800 Metres where Cameron ran a personal best 3:10.28 to finish on 736 points and 16th place. Jamie also ran a personal best 2:43.12 to score 996 points for 12th place. Lewis was in the final heat and in the hunt for the medals. He pushed hard and managed a personal best 2:51.64 however this was not quite enough for a podium place. He can be proud though of fourth place and a score of 1,240 points.

Overall the combined events championships saw 19 Central AC athletes competing which is a great turnout. Eight athletes were competing for the first time ever and eight more set personal best scores. The athletes all had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Well done to all our competitors.

Feb 162020
Central vests at Armagh

There was a significant Central Athletic Club presence at the Armagh International Road Races held on Thursday 13 February. This series of races has a reputation for fast times and consequently attracts a top class field including hosting a home international event. Central’s Jamie Crowe was representing Scotland in the 5 kilometre race and led his Scotland team to victory in a personal best time of 13 minutes 53 seconds in ninth overall. Jamie was supported by a group of fellow Central runners with Alastair Hay coming through well for a personal best of 14:11. Under-20 runners Hamish Hickey (14:28) and Ben MacMillan (14:53) were also rewarded with personal bests while Michael Wright (15:11) and Luca Fanottoli (15:38) should be very pleased with their efforts. In the 3 kilometre race, Under-20 Lauren McCulloch underlined her current form with a fine 10:03 personal best.

Feb 162020

Central Athletic Club’s Cross Country Championships were held at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane on Saturday 15 February with the recent storms requiring changes to the normal course, but the impending presence of Storm Dennis ensured all the races were a true test of determination in incessant rain and high winds.

Under-11 race start

The Under-11 Boys and Girls raced together over a 1.2 mile course with all showing superb enthusiasm and resolve. Here it was guest runner Rory Garner who led home the field, but it was Jake Drummond who lifted the Boys’ trophy with an 8 minutes 15 seconds run ahead of silver medallist Finlay MacGregor (8:21) and Lewis Henry (8:30) taking bronze, while Noah McIntyre-Sim (10:16) should be proud of his fourth placed run.

The Under-11 Girls saw Emily Stanford’s 9:05 effort take the trophy and gold medal with a confident run just ahead of Dara Clark (9:09) as she lifted the silver medal for the second year in succession. Ciara Middleton (9:26) was in close contention and won bronze ahead of Nora Thompson (11:52) in fourth. Eilidh Connor (11:22) was first of the Under-9 Girls on show ahead of more good efforts by Jessica Walker (11:25) and Summer Johnston (11:36).

The Under-13 race was held over a 1.6 mile course and here it was Joshua Kennedy who led home the field with a fine 10:42 effort with Aaron Middleton (11:03) picking up his second consecutive silver ahead of Alex Dunlop’s 11:17 effort for bronze. Fergus Young (11:47), Henry Crossley (12:11), Jamie Connor (13:08), Conall Paterson (13:52) and Scott Hill (14:33) should all be pleased with their efforts in overcoming this test in the tough conditions.

Carys Gibb (11:46) produced an excellent performance to win the Under-13 Girls race ahead of another fine run by her sister Leya (11:57). Loren Stewart’s 12:18 effort was rewarded with a bronze medal just ahead of another strong run from Niamh McKinlay (12:20) with Leah Brown (12:23) in close attendance. Emma Anderson (13:10) has been an ever-present in the cross country series to date and again did herself proud.

The third race, over a two lap course of 2.4 miles, saw the Under-15 Boys and Girls run with the Senior Women. Euan Docherty showed his normal strong running to win the Under-15 Boys’ trophy with a 15:54 run. Amongst the Under-15 Girls it was Summer MacLean who again caught the eye with an excellent 16:20 run to lead in further fine efforts from her fellow medallists Catriona Kane (16:28) and Mirren Henry (16:34) while Leonna Melville (18:02), Zosia Paddon (19:26) and Scarlett Roy (20:08) all added to the event with improved performances. It was good to see Kirsten McStay testing herself here to take the Senior Women’s trophy with a fine 18:22 effort.

The Under-17 Men ran with the Senior Men and Veteran Men over 3.5 miles with further classy runs throughout. Sam Grivell deserved his victory in the Under-17 race to clock 23:16 while it was Matthew Sutherland who came to the fore to take home the Senior Men’s Trophy in 21:21 ahead of worthy efforts by Neil Ferrier (23:46), Ben Noad (26:02) and Ian Elliot (26:19). As always there was great rivalry amongst Central’s Veteran runners with David Eckersley (24:35) lifting the trophy ahead of Alan Hume (24:46) with Iain Dunsmore (25:59) taking bronze. It was good to see Hugh Buchanan (27:12), Liam McCabe (28:53), Colin Sinclair (30:23) and Allan Gall (31:49) all supporting the race and running well throughout.

U11 Boys
8.21Finlay MacGregorCACSecond
U11 Girls
9.05Emily StanfordCACFirst
U9 Girls
U13 Boys
U13 Girls
U15 Boys
U15 Girls
Senior Women
Vet Women
U17 Men
Senior Men
23.46Neil FerrierCACSecond
Veteran Men
25.59Iain DunsmoreCACThird

Feb 102020

Central AC’s club stalwarts took centre stage in the Scottish Masters Cross Country Championships at Johnstone. The Men’s race featured a close 1-2 finish for Ross Houston and Scott Brember, though both won Championship titles in their age categories.

Eckersley, Houston, Brember with their medals
Eckersley, Houston, Brember

The Men’s race covered 8 kilometres of a mainly flat but windswept course, and there was a fine tussle between the Central clubmates and other leading contenders in a field of over 200 runners. Ross Houston is returning this season to competitive running having passed his 40th birthday and gained eligibility for Masters’ events was pleased to win the overall race title and the M40 title with his run in 28 minutes 5 seconds. But it was a close run thing , with Central teammate Scott Brember just a few strides behind as he took second in the race with his 28:06 and great credit to be also M45 category champion.

Brember (115) and Houston (113) in the leading group
Brember (115) and Houston (113) in the leading group. Photo Bobby Gavin

There was a strong contingent of Central runners in the race with David Eckersley also winning the plaudits with his fine second place in the M55 category with his 31:59 race. Other Central results Donald Shaw M45, 21st, 33:59; Alan Hume M40, 34th, 34:32 ; Charles Graham-Marr M60, 11th, 35:42; Colin Alexander Hensman M40, 42nd, 37:41; Liam McCabe M55, 25th, 39:03; Allan Gall M60, 27th, 41:58; Colin Sinclair M50, 51st, 42:11; and Cameron Campbell M60, 29th, 42:43. Roger Greenaway ran over the 6 kilometre course for more senior runners and was rewarded with a fine 6th place in M65 category in 29:06.

In the Women’s race, Mandy Williams led the club home with a fine 8th place in the W40 category with 27:59. Hazel Dean was just outside the medals with 4th place in the W55 category with 30:31 and Shona Aiken was 14th in the W50 with 32:44.

Feb 082020
Under-17 1,500 Metres
Under-17 1,500 Metres

Central AC athlete, Dorottya Csuta was on medal winning form as she took a fine silver at the Scottish Under-17 indoor championships. The 15-year-old Hungarian based athlete was back in Scotland three weeks after winning the Scottish 3,000 Metres title in a European Youth Championship qualifying time. This time she was taking on the 1,500 Metres distance where she found herself up against top class Edinburgh athlete Katie Johnson who had finished just behind Dorottya in the 3,000 Metres event. Dorottya took the lead at the start and ran from the front but with 400 metres to go Katie attacked and took a lead she never relinquished. Dorottya dug in all the way and finished second in an excellent new club record time of 4:38.24 for silver. Such was the quality of the race, both Katie and Dorottya had run inside the previous championship record.

Also in the 1,500 Metres final was Summer MacLean who took a respectable seventh in 4:55.56 after knocking a huge 18 seconds off her previous best.

Elsewhere the standard was high as the Emirates Arena is getting a reputation as the fastest indoor track in the Britain, resulting in a large influx of competitors from the rest of the UK in the sprints, hurdles and jumps. This made some events effectively a UK championship.

Coirilidh Cook ran an excellent personal best in the 60 Metres Hurdles as she dipped below nine seconds for the first time with a time of 8.99s in both the semi-final and final. This placed her the top Scottish competitor but was only enough for fourth in a high class race. Also in the 60 Metres Hurdles, Lois Burch has made big strides recently and continued this with a big personal best 9.27s in her heat. She followed this up with 9.30s in the semi-final which left her in ninth place, just missing a place in the final. However she was sixth placed Scottish athlete so will look to build on this and get into the medals in future.

Katherine Fowler sprinted to a new personal best 8.11s in the 60 Metres placing 12th overall and sixth fastest Scot as she reached the semi-finals. Katherine and Lois also both progressed to the 200 Metres semi-finals, with Katherine running 26.90s and Lois 27.61s. However, their earlier efforts left them tired for the semi-finals and unable to progress further.

Molly Cornes was on form in the Long Jump as she leapt to a season’s best 5.13m for seventh overall and fifth Scot. She had to settle for 10th place at High Jump with 1.54m after she just missed 1.59m. Louise Carroll placed 18th at High Jump with 1.44m and then 12th at Triple Jump with a season’s best 9.74m. Jumping alongside her was Ellen Montgomery who placed 15th with 8.89m and Rebecca Cumming who was 16th with 8.64m. For Rebecca this was her first step back into competition after a year out with injury.

In the 800 Metres Amy Cully fought hard to reach the final but faded to finish in 2:28.74. There was a personal best run for Naomi Howlieson who ran 2:31.99 minutes. Finlay Marchant was the only Central AC boy taking part and ran 8.23s in the 60 Metres and 26.97s in the 200 Metres.

Feb 082020

Central AC’s Briagha Cook was on great form at the Scottish National Indoor championships at the Emirates Arena on Sunday. The 17-year-old from Balfron set a new club record in the 60 Metres Hurdles as she finished seventh in the Senior Women’s event. Briagha had previously won national titles in her younger years before a foot injury put her out of action for two years. She finally got back into competition last summer and marked her return with a silver at the Scottish Under-17 championships. Now competing in the Under-20 age group, she has had to master the full senior hurdles height and made a tentative start at the national open a week earlier when she ran a respectable 9.34 seconds to go second on the club all-time list.

Briagha Cook in 60 Metres Hurdles
Briagha Cook in 60 Metres Hurdles

This week she was taking on the top senior women in Scotland and had no idea how it would go. She opened well with a personal best 9.22s and was delighted to realise she had reached the final. When the final came she ran even faster to take seventh place in a time of 9.15s. It came as a pleasant surprise when she realised she had broken the club senior record. She was really pleased to set a personal best in each race and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of her first senior championships. Her next target will be the Scottish Under-20 championships and with her currently ranked third she will be looking to get on the podium at this event.

Ian Horsburgh was returning to indoor action after a superb win in the prestigious New Year Sprint event. The European Masters silver medallist was showing the younger athletes he was still a capable sprinter. He eased through his 200 Metres heat in 22.54s then ran 22.61s for third place in his semi-final. This put him joint sixth place but with only six lanes available, after further scrutiny, he was dropped to seventh place meaning he unfortunately missed the final by less than a hundredth of a second. Also competing in the 200 Metres was Kieran Halliday who was happy with a season’s best of 24.05s.

Jan 262020
.. and they’re off!

The third race in the Central Athletic Club’s 2019-20 Cross-Country Series was held in excellent conditions on Saturday 25 January at Fintry Rugby Club. With good conditions underfoot the 1.5 kilometre course saw a field of some 31 youngsters showcasing the local talent.

Connor Bell was again to the fore throughout to finish in overall first place in 4 minutes 51 seconds and lead home the Under-15 Boys age group ahead further gutsy runs from Euan Docherty (5:15) and Ross Lawrie (5:37).

This was Catriona Kane’s first race in this season’s Series and here she led home the Girls to finish as top Under-15 on the day with 5:41. Zosia Paddon has been an ever present so far in the Series and was rewarded with her best placing as second Under-15 Girl (6:04) while Scarlett Roy (6:26) also added to her reputation with third place in this age group.

There was another good turnout of Under-13 Boys with Aaron Middleton (5:34) showing great form to lead ahead of an improved run by Alex Dunlop (5:58). Fergus Young (6:01) again showed his promise ahead of a good race between Logan Bell (6:49), Scott Hill (6:52) and Conall Paterson (6:55) while newcomer Logan Paterson showed good determination to finish with 7:53.

The Under-13 Girls age group again proved to be competitive with Niamh McKinlay taking first with 6:15 closely followed by another fine effort by Leah Brown (6:20), and a flying finish from Emma Anderson (6:26). Loren Stewart (6:29) finished close-up while Robyn McKerracher (6:54) showed further improvement.

Jake Drummond reversed previous results to win the Under-11 Boys category with an excellent 6:06 and with Finlay McGregor (6:11) and Joel Gillan (6:14) finishing in close order this is turning into a very competitive age group. Cole Johnston (6:50) and Noah McIntyre-Sim (7:24) proved the strength in depth of the Under-11 Boys.

Fia Watkin (6:26) was the pick of the Under-11 Girls age group ahead of further strong runs from newcomer Lucy Ronald (6:36) and Dara Clark (6:41). Ciara Middleton (6:57) had another good run and Nora Thompson showed advancement with 8:08.

Jessica Walker led home the Under-9 category with a strong 8:04 run ahead of another fine effort from Summer Johnston (8:09) and it was Zachary Walker who pushed into the rankings with his 8:22 effort in the Under-9 Boys race.

Thanks are again due to David Eckersley and Raymond Milne and the small army of helpers who provided another excellent event on behalf of Central Athletic Club. Full results below.

1Connor BellU15B4.51
2Euan DochertyU15B5.15
3Aaron MiddletonU13B5.34
4Ross LawrieU15B5.37
5Catriona KaneU15G5.41
6Alex DunlopU13B5.58
7Fergus YoungU13B6.01
8Zosia PaddonU15G6.04
9Jake DrummondU11B6.06
10Finlay MacGregorU11B6.11
11Joel GillanU11B6.14
12Niamh McKinlayU13G6.15
13Leah BrownU13G6.20
14Emma AndersonU13G6.26
15Fia WatkinU11G6.26
16Scarlett RoyU15G6.26
17Loren StewartU13G6.29
18Lucy RonaldU11G6.36
19Dara ClarkU11G6.41
20Logan BellU13B6.49
21Cole JohnstonU11B6.50
22Scott HillU13B6.52
23Robyn McKerracherU13G6.54
24Conall PatersonU13B6.55
25Ciara MiddletonU11G6.57
26Noah McIntyre-SimU11B7.24
27Logan PatersonU13B7.53
28Jessica WalkerU9G8.04
29Nora ThompsonU11G8.08
30Summer JohnstonU9G8.09
31Zachary WalkerU9B8.22
Jan 202020
Sutherland, Colley, Hay, Hickey, MacMillan and Wright lift the trophy
Sutherland, Colley, Hay, Hickey, MacMillan and Wright lift the trophy

Central AC’s Senior Men took top honours at the final match of the East District Cross Country League which was played out at Deans Country Park in Livingston. Hamish Hickey enjoyed the almost perfect conditions to lead a strong team to victory on the day, as they clinched the League title for the tenth occasion.

As always the day commenced with the Under-11 races with both the Girls and Boys facing 1.6 kilometre runs. There was some good packing from Central’s Under-11 Boys with Finlay MacGregor (23rd; 6 minutes 51 seconds), Jake Drummond (25th; 6:52) and Joel Gillan (26th; 6:53) and with the essential back-up from Logan Bell (57th; 7:54) the boys finished as fifth team on the day. Ciara Middleton was the sole Central girl runner with a fine 29th place and a time of 7:38.

The Under-13 Girls and Boys had a full 3.2 kilometre lap of the course to negotiate. In the Boys race Aaron Middleton caught the eye in ninth (12:01) and with further good runs from Joshua Kennedy (24th; 12:44), Henry Crossley (48th; 13:53) and Alex Dunlop (49th; 14:03) the Central team finished in sixth place on the day and an excellent third placing for the season. For the Girls, Leah Brown ran well to take 44th placing with 15:04.

Connor Bell, fresh from his quality run the previous weekend, always looked in control of the 4 kilometres Under-15 Boys race coming home for an emphatic victory with 13 minutes 39 seconds. Euan Docherty had another strong run to finish 21st (15:35). For the combined Under-15 Girls and Under-17 Women’s race, a fourth team place both on the day and over the season was achieved by some strong running by Summer McLean (12th; 16:28), Catriona Kane (13th; 16:39), Mirren Henry (20th; 17:24), Anna McKinnon (23rd; 17:41), Zosia Padden (33rd; 18:48), Leona Melville (40th; 19:32) and Heidi Eik-Maxwell (45th; 19:52).

 Sam Grivell may have been the only Central Under-17 Man to tackle the 6.4 kilometre two lap course but here showed continued improvement to finish in 13th with a useful 24:38 timing.

Hamish Hickey took an early lead
Hamish Hickey took an early lead

It was Under-20 runner Hamish Hickey who showed his strength and confidence to become the latest Central AC athlete to win an East District League race, here completing the 9.6 kilometre, 3 lap course in 31 minutes 8 seconds. Alastair Hay again produced a sterling performance in fourth overall (31:30) and with back-up from Dale Colley (eighth; 31:53), Matthew Sutherland (11th; 32:12), Michael Wright (12th; 32:26) and Under-20 runner Ben MacMillan (13th; 32:28), Central again took team honours and lifted the Senior Men’s Team Trophy for the season.

Scott Brember (L) and Ross Houston topped the Masters results
Scott Brember (L) and Ross Houston topped the Masters results

The essential back-up came from the top two Masters runners on the day, Ross Houston (15th; 32:40) and Scott Brember (19th; 32:58), while there were further top performances from Robert Russell (25th; 33:29), Luca Fanottoli (26th; 33:34) and Under-20 Telfer Gray (36th; 34:12). David Eckersley (99th; 38:37) showed great concentration throughout to complete Central’s Masters team who gained second place, and led home more solid performances from Donald Shaw (103rd; 38:48), Alan Hume (120th; 39:49), Ross McNaught (129th; 40:14), Tal Edie (140th; 40:37), Iain Dunsmore (150th; 41:02) and Jens Subke (157th; 41:27). Charles Graham-Marr (169th; 42:08) stuck well to the task as did the remaining Central runners Hugh Buchanan (186th; 43:10), Colin Alexander (191st; 43:23), Roger Greenaway (211th; 45:21), Liam McCabe (218th; 46:17), Ben Noad (229th; 47:22), Allan Gall (243rd; 48:33), Colin Sinclair (251st; 49:46) and Cameron Campbell (257th; 50:17) as some 27 Central runners finished the Senior Men’s race making up a tenth of the total field.

In the Senior Women’s race over 6.4 kilometres, Catriona Buchanan led her team in with a fine 13th place display in 25:24, supported by Claire Houston (26th, 26:47), Mandy Williams (29th, 27:39), Hazel Dean (58th, 29:48) and Jane Waterhouse (104th, 32:49) with the team finishing the season in 4th place.

Jan 142020

Central Athletic Club were very much at the heart of events on King’s Park, when Stirling hosted a series of Home Countries internationals, mixed with the annual Scottish Inter-District Championship. As host club, Central set and laid out the course and marshalled the event. Unfortunately, it did not organise the weather with large amounts of standing water and mud on the sports pitch section providing very heavy going. The golf course section had fast but treacherous downhill sections with runners at any point in danger of a mudslide.

Lead Men's group on first lap including Butchart (1) and Crowe (2)
Butchart (1) and Crowe (2) mix it in the lead pack

Central athletes featured strongly at the front of the Senior Men’s and Under-20 Men’s 8 kilometres race, with this the last race of the day the underfoot conditions were challenging in the extreme. Andrew Butchart and Jamie Crowe were both representing Scotland, as was Hamish Hickey in the Under-23 category. There was further representation both in the Scotland East team through Alastair Hay and Matthew Sutherland and in a number of local runners wearing yellow and blue Central vests willing to face up to this tough challenge.

This race provided a great spectacle for the spectators who braved the incessant rain, with Butchart and Crowe at the front running in a four man group with Welsh runners Kristian Jones and James Hunt. The underfoot mud and the tight turns on the course saw Jones and Butchart taking tumbles with both recovering to race to the finish. The race unfolded on the final 2km lap with Jones establishing a lead to take him to victory in 25 minutes 33 seconds, a determined run from Crowe (25:43) rewarded with second place, Butchart (25:50) just run out for third by the fast finish of England’s Adam Hickey (25:49), while Hunt faded to fifth (26:10). There was further reward for Jamie and Andrew as they led Scotland to overall victory from Wales and England – the first set of gold medals for Scotland in this race for some years.

Hamish Hickey (25) leads his U23 group.
Hamish Hickey (25) leads his U23 group. Photo Bobby Gavin.

Hamish Hickey was representing the Scottish Under-23 team moving up from his normal Under-20 level. Here Hamish’s talent shone through with fourth place in the Under-23 race and 19th overall to record an excellent 27 minutes exactly helping Scotland lift further team gold in the Celtic Cross Country International. Scotland East representatives Alastair Hay (40th; 27:45) and Matthew Sutherland (49th; 28:05) also tamed the conditions with the East well ahead of their rival teams.

Alongside top class athletes were Central members Neil Ferrier (115), Donald Shaw (122) and Andrew Irvine

Amongst the club entries, Conan McCaughey wore the first of the mud spattered Central vests to finish in 48th overall (27:56) ahead of further good runs from Telfer Gray (93rd; 29:52) and Calum Phillip (99th; 30:13). There was a determined run from Neil Ferrier (134th; 33:55), leading in Donald Shaw (135th; 34:10), Andrew Irvine (136th; 34:22), Jens Subke (138th; 34:36), Iain Dunsmore (141st; 36:09), Iain Elliott (142nd; 36:13), Colin Alexander (148th; 38:32) and Allan Gall (156th; 43:05).

The Under-13 Boys’ race featured Joshua Kennedy in the black vest of Scotland East, his first run at this level. As expected Joshua coped well with both the quality of the opposition and the deteriorating conditions producing a strong effort in 39th overall, recording 13:20 over the 3km course with the East taking silver team medals just one point behind the Scotland West team. Jamie Connor put himself forward to challenge at this high level and should be proud of his 72nd place overall and his 15:43 clocking.

Central were represented by Carys and Leah Gibb in the Girls’ Under-13 Scotland East team, and they ran strongly throughout with fine results of 14:17, 27th and 14:37, 31st respectively.

Central AC was a mainstay of the Scotland East team
Central AC was a mainstay of the Scotland East team. Photo Bobby Gavin.

Connor Bell was always to the fore in the Under-15 Boys race over a 4 kilometre course only headed by Birtley AC’s runner Christopher Perkins. Connor’s second place finish saw him lift individual gold as first Scot home, and well clear, in the Inter-District race with a superb 13:51 effort, a brilliant outcome for someone in his first year in this age group. Indeed Connor led home the Scotland East winning team, backed up by excellent runs from fellow Central runners Cameron Kerr (10th; 14:17) and Cameron MacMillan (18th; 14:50). In the Under-15 Girls’ race Summer McLean gave a fine account of herself with her 20th place in 16:28 contributing to an East team that took the Inter-District title.

Central yellow exchanged for Scotland East black. Photo Booby Gavin.

The Under-20 Mens’ race was played out over a 7 kilometre challenge getting the best of the underfoot conditions, and here Ben MacMillan proved equal to the test finishing 24th with 25:26. Aidan Shea continued to show progress in 29th (25:44) while Sandy Holl fought throughout to finish in 40th overall (28:00).

Jan 032020

Central Athletic Club’s Ian Horsburgh started the year off in style with a win in the 151st running of the traditional New Year Sprint Handicap held at Musselburgh racecourse on 1 January 2020. Ian had proved his fitness with a silver medal 200 Metre performance in the European Masters in the summer of 2019, and had worked hard on his fitness through the autumn to come to the event in fine form.

Ian Horsburgh receives the Eric Liddell Trophy
Ian Horsburgh receives the Eric Liddell Trophy (photo Stewart Attwood)

This was Ian’s third appearance in the final, the previous two being over 20 years previously. Ian said “I ran really well as a junior, especially at 400 Metres, but I then had injuries and didn’t progress. I had 13 years off and had children, but I found some energy to train again when the kids started sleeping. I wanted to let them see me run rather than just telling them about it.”

The Doune-based athlete progressed through the heats on 30 December at Meadowmill and looked to be on track for a good performance with a win in his cross-tie earlier in the day at Musselburgh. Starting off 10.25 metres, the title favourite caught club-mate and training partner Cameron Smith early on and held off the remaining six finalists to win in 11.81 seconds to take the Eric Liddell Trophy, gold medal and a cheque for £5,000. “I knew I was catching Cameron and I stayed relaxed for the rest of the race, but even when I crossed the line I wasn’t sure I’d won it until I heard my name called.”

Cameron Smith had some significant compensation for his efforts by not only taking fifth in the final but also winning the Veterans 90 Metres at Meadowmill two days previously.

Dec 292019
Cameron Milne finishing the fastest lap

Central Athletic Club’s Christmas Handicap moved away from its traditional evening slot to be held in daylight on Christmas Eve attracting a field of 26 enthusiastic runners. This year it was Under-15 Girls Summer MacLean and Mirren Henry who led into the finish with Summer prevailing by some 3 seconds from Mirren. Derek Easton’s handicapping produced further close contests with Andrew Irvine in third overall just a further 2 seconds down followed closely by Fiona Davies, Lauren McCulloch, Iain Dunsmore and last year’s winner Jennifer Wetton, these all within touching distance of each other at the finish.

Cameron Milne’s effort was rewarded with the day’s fastest lap of 12:50 ahead of Under-20 runners Ben MacMillan with 12:57 and Sandy Holl (13:23). Cameron Kerr has shown good progress recently and here the Under-15 ran a classy 14:02. Jennifer Wetton proved to be the fastest female competitor with 14:29 while Under-20 Lauren McCulloch clocked an improved 14:41 with Hazel Dean also improving to 18:11 and once again finishing as the top female veteran.

Dec 222019

The second race in the Central Athletic Club’s 2019-20 Cross-Country Series was held in mild weather conditions on Saturday 21 December in the Laigh Hills Park, Dunblane. A testing course of some 1.5 kilometres saw a field of almost 40 youngsters taking time out from Christmas celebrations to complete the challenge.

Off at the start!

Connor Bell showed his quality throughout the race to finish in overall first place in 4 minutes 47 seconds to lead home the Under-15 Boys age group ahead of another strong run from Euan Docherty (5:11) in second place overall.

Summer MacLean showed her continuing progress and confidence to win the Under-15 Girls category in 5:38 followed in by another good effort from Leona Melville (6:05). This well subscribed age group saw further gritty performances from Zosia Paddon (6:20), Anna Buchanan and Scarlett Roy, finishing together in 6:47, ahead of Brogan MacMillan (7:21).

There was a strong turnout of Under-13 Boys with Aaron Middleton leading home this age group with a fine 5:49 clocking ahead of more useful runs from Fergus Young (6:12) and Jamie Connor (6:26), just a few strides ahead of Connor Carr (6:27). Logan Bell stuck well to the task to finish in 6:54 leading in more determined efforts from Conall Paterson (7:07), Lewis Rodger (7:22) and Scott Hill (8:11).

The Under-13 Girls age group also proved to be competitive led in by Niamh McKinlay with a fine 6:28 effort ahead of Leah Brown (6:37), Emma Anderson (6:44), Robyn McKerracher (7:19) and Amelie Blair (9:02) with all girls passing the test with flying colours.

Joel Gillan was the fastest of the Under-11 Boys on show with an improved 6:20 effort just heading further fine efforts from Jake Drummond (6:21) and Finlay McGregor (6:27). Cole Johnston should be pleased with his 6:46 effort as should Ben Roberts (6:59) and Noah McIntyre-Sim (7:12).

Fia Watkin (6:39) showed her class to win the Under-11 Girls age group ahead of more excellent efforts from Dara Clark (6:47), Ciara Middleton (6:54) and Sienna Melville (6:55). Katy Buchanan (8:48), Hannah Whelan (8:52) and Nora Thompson (9:24) provided a string of pleasing performances.

In the Under-9 category Makenna Melville (7:13) headed in the girls through Eilidh Connor (8:25) and Summer Johnston (8:44), and Grant Rodger’s effort of 7:30 won the boys race, all running with great enthusiasm and endeavour.

Thanks are again due to Derek Easton, Raymond Milne, David Eckersley, and the small army of helpers who provided another excellent event on behalf of Central Athletic Club.

All the results are here in this spreadsheet:

Dec 112019
Andrew Butchart celebrates with his parents
Andrew Butchart celebrates with his parents

Central’s Andrew Butchart tasted GB success as he led the British Senior Men’s team to gold in the European Cross Country Championships in Lisbon.

Andrew made a significant personal contribution to the team victory for the British Senior Men. He started conservatively and worked his way through the field to be in the hunt for an individual podium place until the latter stages – but ultimately had to settle for fifth place, covering the demanding 10.25 kilometre course in 30 minutes 38 seconds. Andrew led his team home to the championship win by just two points from Belgium, with 36 points to 38, as Spain took the bronze medals.

Dec 112019

Central AC’s honours list from the annual East District Cross Country Championships continued to grow with four individual wins and a fine array of team championship medals. A new course at the Piperdam leisure resort near Dundee proved a testing environment for the club’s athletes with a total of three golds, one silver and one bronze in the team rankings to top the unofficial medal table for the event. For individuals, the event was also the trials for the East District teams for the annual inter-district championships taking place at Stirling’s King’s Park as part of the Run Stirling event on 11 January.

Jamie Crowe tears away from the start
Jamie Crowe tears away from the start

The Senior Men’s race saw Jamie Crowe surging to the front from the gun to establish an early lead which he extended on each of the three laps making up the 8.6 kilometre course to lift a well-deserved gold medal in emphatic fashion in 27 minutes 10 seconds, once again proving his class with a win of over 30 seconds.

Ross Houston (41) and Scott Brember dominate the Masters
Ross Houston (41) and Scott Brember dominate the Masters

Ross Houston was making his debut as a Masters’ athlete (Over-40) and came home in 13th place overall (29:09) to take the Masters’ gold some 26 years after first featuring in the Under-15 medal listing. Scott Brember’s solid run in 19th (29:35) was rewarded with the Masters’ silver medal, and with back-up from Matthew Sutherland (21st; 29:37), Dale Colley (23rd; 29:43) and Chris Smithard (26th; 29:50), Central took the Senior Men’s team silver medals, with Corstorphine AAC winning gold. A rejuvenated Luca Fanettoli came home in 28th with 30:13, leading in a large number of Central runners including Will Hensman (67th; 32:24), David Eckersley (124th; 35:00), Andrew Irvine (127th; 35:02), Donald Shaw (135th; 35:22), Charles Graham-Marr (162nd; 36:55), Iain Dunsmore (165th; 37:12), Ben Noad (181st; 38:06), Neil Cobb (198th; 39:02), Colin Alexander (208th; 39:33), Colin Sinclair (242nd; 44:42) and Cameron Campbell (249th; 45:46). Central’s team of Ross Houston, Scott Brember and Will Hensman lifted the Masters’ title for the first time in Central history, and Jamie Crowe’s third consecutive win in this event was his compensation for having narrowly missed out on European Cross Country selection.

Hamish Hickey dominates Under-20
Hamish Hickey dominates Under-20

The Under-20 Men’s race, over 6.4 kilometres, saw Central’s Hamish Hickey improve on last year’s bronze medal with a resounding victory in 20 minutes 51 seconds. Tom Graham-Marr showed his talent to take bronze with 21:30 and with superb back-up by Aidan Shea (seventh, 22:09), Central’s Under-20 Men came home with team gold medals.

Central’s Senior Women were running the same course as the Senior Men and a team of four took fifth place in another packed and competitive field. Morag Millar led Central’s runners in with tenth place in 34:37 followed by Claire Houston (30th; 37:22), Kirsten McStay (41st; 39:36) and Hazel Dean (45th; 39:46).

For the Under-20 Women’s race, Lauren McCulloch ran her best race of the season with a great performance against top opposition to take the bronze medal with a 25:05 timing over the 6.4 kilometres.

Sam Grivell was Central’s sole competitor in the Under-17 Men’s race over a 5.7 kilometre course and continued to show improvement finishing a highly commendable 19th in 21:16.

Grace Tindall continues to produce ever more mature performances and she gained automatic selection for the East District team with a top class sixth place in the Under-17 Women’s race with 23:02.

The Under-15 Boys tackled a 4.2 kilometre challenge and here Connor Bell proved to be the top runner in the field with a fine win in 14 minutes 2 seconds, a superb run as a first year Under-15, having won Under-13 gold in 2018. Back-up came from further excellent performances from Cameron Kerr (fourth; 14:47) and Cameron MacMillan (seventh; 14:55) to see the three Central runners lift team gold medals. Euan Docherty again looked strong in finishing 36th (16:30), as did the remaining Central boys Ruaridh Burns (44th; 16:49) and Ross Lawrie (59th; 18:09).

A strong squad of Under-15 Girls claimed bronze team medals. Summer McLean led the team in with a fine ninth place (16:47) and will have to wait to see whether she gets selection for the East District team. Amy Cully (15th, 17:14), Mirren Henry (18th, 17:36), Catriona Kane (30th, 19:06), Anna McKinnon (31st, 19:26) and Zosia Padden (40th, 20:21) showed the club has fine prospects in this age group.

The Under-13 Boys faced a 3.2 kilometre course and Joshua Kennedy caught the eye in eighth (12:01), leading in further highly competent efforts from Aaron Middleton (20th; 12:28), Alex Dunlop (42nd; 13:22) and Henry Crossley (44th; 13:25) as the boys proved that the green shoots of development are bearing fruit.

For Under-13 Girls, Carys Gibb led her team to fifth team place, just missing automatic selection with her ninth race position in 13:22, and was closely followed in by sister Leya Gibb (16th, 13:40) and Niamh McKinlay (30th, 14:30).

Dec 022019

Erik Escala, Katherine Fowler and Scott Hopper were all on international duty at the Schools Pentathlon International at the Emirates Arena on Saturday. The Central AC trio were representing Scotland as they took on top-class teams of all-round athletes from Ireland, Wales and England.

Katherine Fowler and Erik Escala
Katherine Fowler and Erik Escala

Erik Escala of Dunblane High School was initially selected as a reserve, but the 17-year-old received a call-up to the Over-16 Boys the day before the event to take his place in the starting line-up. This was Erik’s second international appearance after representing Scotland at the schools’ track and field international in July. He had a storming start in the 60 Metres Hurdles to run a personal best 8.67 seconds, knocking 0.5s off his previous mark, for ninth overall. He followed this with another personal best in his strongest event, the Shot Put, adding a metre to his previous mark with a huge throw of 13.53 metres to land fifth place. He then produced another excellent performance in the 200 Metres, fighting the Welsh athlete all the way to the finish, finishing a narrow second but rewarded with another big personal best 23.33s. This was a dream start for Erik and saw him move into third place overall. In the Long Jump, Erik set another personal best 5.90m, however with several other athletes well over 6 metres he slipped to sixth place. He finally lined up in the last heat of the 800 Metres with the main medal contenders and committed completely in the opening two laps, reaching 400m in 62 seconds, but was unable to keep up the momentum and finished in 2:17.34. This was yet another personal best making a clean sweep of five. He finished with an overall score of 3,327 points, adding over 300 points to his previous best score. His final position was ninth, an excellent result in a quality field of 16 international athletes, particularly given his late call-up. Ireland produced strong performances to win overall and England managed to edge Scotland out for second place, but the Scots were still well ahead of Wales meaning a bronze medal with his Scottish teammates as third placed team. Erik will next target the UK Under-20 Heptathlon championships in Sheffield in January.

Katherine Fowler of McLaren High School was making her international debut in the Under-16 Girls after earning her place by winning bronze in the Scottish Schools Pentathlon in June. The Callander teenager had extra cause to celebrate as the match coincided with her birthday. Katherine started well in the Long Jump, with 4.92m for fourth place. She followed this with a superb run in the 60 Metres Hurdles as she smashed her personal best by over a second with 9.49s which lifted her to a lofty fifth place. She cleared 1.44m at the High Jump and threw 7.79m in the Shot Put, both respectable performances, but in a close competition against top class athletes this saw her slip to 11th place. The medal positions were now out of reach but Katherine still ran her heart out in the final 800 Metres and was rewarded with a personal best 2:31.95 to place second in her heat behind a Scottish teammate. These performances combined to give Katherine ninth place with an excellent personal best score of 2,954 points to finish third of the Scottish team and to beat athletes from each of the other teams. This was a very respectable finish on her international debut and bodes well for the future.

Scott Hopper of McLaren High School was also representing Scotland for the first time ever. After a personal best 9.63s in the 60 Metres Hurdles and a near personal best 5.34m in Long Jump, Scott unfortunately hurt his knee in the 200 Metres forcing him to withdraw. We wish him all the best in his recovery.

Dec 012019

The first race in the Central Athletic Club’s 2019-20 cross country series was held on Saturday 30 November in frosty conditions with bright sunshine, on a flat course of some 2 kilometres at Airthrey Castle, Stirling University with a field of 27 runners braving the cold conditions.

And they’re off …

Euan Docherty’s strong running brought him home in first place with a tasty 7 minutes 22 seconds, leading home fellow Under-15 Ross Lawrie who showed continued improvement with 7:56. Joshua Kennedy also looked in good form as he led home the Under-13 Boys with 7:32 ahead of Aaron Middleton’s fine effort of 7:48. There were further noteworthy performances from the Under-13 Boys through Alex Dunlop (8:12), Fergus Young (8:18), Jamie Connor (8:50), Conall Paterson (9:40) and Scott Hill (10:05). Finlay MacGregor (9:10) proved to be the class of the Under-11 Boys race with Oscar Underwood (10:48), Arthur Carrie (10:57) and Gabriel Stewart (11:40) all laying down targets for the future.

Amongst the girls it was Under-15 runner Amy Cully who led the pack home with a gutsy 7:45 performance ahead of further strong runs from Summer MacLean (7:53), Leona Melville (8:23), Zosia Paddon (8:42), Tara Mathewson (9:05) and Scarlett Roy (9:17). Loren Stewart’s fine effort (8:47) saw her at the head of the Under-13 Girls with Niamh McKinlay (8:52) producing another strong challenge in this age group, as did Emma Anderson (9:18). Dara Clark should be pleased with her 9:24 effort to lead the Under-11 Girls to the finish ahead of another fine effort by Ciara Middleton (10:10). The three Under-9 Girls were not daunted by the cold weather or their older opponents and finished closely together with Eilidh Connor (11:25) taking the honours ahead of Hannah Cowley (11:36) and Jessica Walker (11:56).

Thanks are due to Derek Easton, Raymond Milne and indeed all the helpers who made this another successful event.

No. Name Age Group Time
136 Euan Docherty U15B 7.22
233 Joshua Kennedy U13B 7.32
32 Amy Cully U15G 7.45
221 Aaron Middleton U13B 7.48
34 Summer MacLean U15G 7.53
99 Ross Lawrie U15B 7.56
210 Alex Dunlop U13B 8.12
236 Fergus Young U13B 8.18
222 Leona Melville U15G 8.23
129 Zosia Paddon U15G 8.42
105 Loren Stewart U13G 8.47
228 Jamie Connor U13B 8.50
223 Niamh McKinlay U13G 8.52
98 Tara Mathewson U15G 9.05
143 Finlay MacGregor U11B 9.10
101 Scarlett Roy U15G 9.17
164 Emma Anderson U13G 9.18
48 Dara Clark U11G 9.24
100 Conall Paterson U13B 9.40
217 Scott Hill U13B 10.05
218 Ciara Middleton U11G 10.10
156 Oscar Underwood U11B 10.48
162 Arthur Carrie U11B 10.57
225 Eilidh Connor U9G 11.25
182 Hannah Cowley U9G 11.36
216 Gabriel Stewart U11B 11.40
64 Jessica Walker U9G 11.56
Nov 252019

Central AC had a busy weekend both on the country and the award stage: two athletes excelling in the UK cross country trials in Liverpool, and the club winning the Off-Track Club of the Year title at the annual Scottish Athletics awards dinner. Showing how that award was worthy was down to the club at the second match of the East of Scotland Cross Country League at a dreich Broxburn where the Senior Men took top team slot.

Ross Houston
Ross Houston
Robert Russell
Robert Russell

Central’s Senior Men were well supported with another top class run by Alastair Hay in sixth, covering the 8.1 kilometre, three lap course in 28 minutes 10 seconds, followed in by Matthew Sutherland in seventh with a strong run of 28:19. Ross Houston’s return helped the team performance, finishing in 28:42 for 11th heading in the overall first Master runner Scott Brember, in 12th overall (28:50). Robert Russell made an all too infrequent appearance to finish 18th (29:29) while Luca Fanottoli rounded off Central’s scoring six in 20th with 29:37. Telfer Gray was the first of Central’s Under-20 runners (24th; 29:42) in third Junior spot while another Under-20, Aiden Shea, showed his value to the team finishing 47th (31:00). Will Hensman led home the remainder of the Master’s runners (64th; 31:56) while Donald Shaw (118th; 34:16) put in another strong performance ahead of Alan Hume (123rd; 34:30), Jens Subke (135th; 35:15), and Ian Dunsmore (152nd; 36:26). Talat Aidi stuck to the task well in 168th with 37:01 as did the remainder of Central’s runners Charles Graham-Marr (172nd; 37:10), Ben Noad (178th; 37:38), Liam McCabe (223rd; 41:50) and Allan Gall (237th; 43:25).

Morag Millar
Morag Millar

It was a happy return to racing from a spell off with injury for Morag Millar, who put in a good run for second place with her 21:40 timing over two laps and 5.4 kilometres. Lauren McCulloch was also pleased to put in a strong race with her fifth place in 22:02. The squad effort was completed by Claire Houston (30th, 23:45), Mandy Williams (35th, 24:26) and Hazel Dean (48th, 25:35) with the team finishing in fourth place.

The combined Under-15/Under-17 Girls’ race over 4.1 kilometres featured another strong squad. Grace Tindall produced a top class performance with her sixth place in 16:38, Summer Maclean continued to show promise with tenth in 16:50 followed by strong showings throughout by Amy Cully (14th, 17:06), Mirren Henry (18th, 17:16), Catriona Kane (23rd, 17:42), Anna MacKinnon (26th, 17:49), Heidi Eik-Maxwell (47th, 19:46) and Zosia Padden (50th, 19:53) enabled the squad to take second team placing.

Sam Grivell was Central’s sole runner in the Under-17 Men’s race and did well to finish in the top half of the race in 13th recording 20:58 for his 5.4 kilometre challenge.

Connor Bell was always to the fore in the Under-15 Boys race over 4.1 kilometres finishing second in 14 minutes 10 seconds, a remarkable run as Connor has another full year in this age group. Ruairidh Burns again ran strongly (43rd, 17:16) while Ross Lawrie showed improved form (50th, 17:52) with back-up from Douglas Fleming (64th, 22:07).

In the Under-13 Girls’ race, Niamh McKinlay (36th, 12:25) and Leah Brown (44th, 12:44) ran creditable races and in the Under-11 Girls Dara Clark (19th, 6:32), Fia Watkin (21st, 6:36) and Ciara Middleton (33rd, 6:57) produced a great performance to finish seventh team. The Under-13 Boys ran the same 2.7 kilometre course as the Under-13 Girls and here finished first team through Joshua Kennedy (6th, 10:19), Aaron Middleton (9th, 10:22), and Jamie Oldham (19th, 10:53). Back-up here came from Jack Sutton (40th; 11:40), Alex Dunlop (43rd, 11:47), Jamie Connor (61st, 12:21) and Logan Bell (77th, 14:07). The Under-11 Boys finished seventh team through the efforts of Finlay MacGregor (24th, 5:57), Joel Gillan (29th, 6:09), Jake Drummond (39th, 6:09) and Gabriel Stewart (72nd, 8:07) over a 1.5 kilometre challenge.


Jamie Crowe (1133)

The UK trials for the forthcoming in European Championships in Lisbon were held as part of the UK Cross Country Challenge in Liverpool. Hamish Hickey finished in eighth place at Men’s Under-20 race and Jamie Crowe took fifth place in the Senior Men’s race (eighth place overall but three eligible for the Under-23 team ahead) and both will await selection decisions. Cameron Kerr ran in the Under-15 Boys‘ race coming home in a more than worthy 30th place in a field of over 150 runners.

Nov 192019

Central AC had three runners in a 70 strong Scottish team taking on all three home countries and the Republic of Ireland in the annual British and Irish Masters International Cross Country match over the flat racecourse setting of Aintree.

Scott Brember took a silver medal in the M45 race with 25:54 over the 8 kilometre racecourse circuit. Jane Waterhouse also won an individual silver individual medal in the W65 race with her 27:36 6 kilometre timing, which also brought gold team medals. This was just one of two sets of golds won by the Scottish squad from the 17 race categories. David Eckersley took on the M55 category with 14th place in 31:34.

Scottishathletics report at https://www.scottishathletics.org.uk/50952-2/

Nov 112019

Central AC senior men continued their winning ways at the Scottish Short Course Cross Country Championships over a fast 4 kilometre course in Kirkcaldy. Andrew Butchart took his third title at this short distance, to add to the two over the long course championships and led home a winning Central team with the club’s newest young seniors well to the fore.

Andrew’s post-race interview gave a flavour of the race. ‘I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s always good to claim a Scottish championship title,’ said Butchart. ‘If that’s five individual golds in cross country then I’m very pleased with that given I’m much more of a track runner now. But my roots were in cross country and I still love it. The mud today made it a bit harder for me than it might have been – I think when the surface is as soft as that it maybe suits others better than me. It was a good race. At one stage I heard the crowd cheering people and realised those behind me were not too far away. I felt the first lap would be quicker and that’s what happened and I put in a bit of a surge to get ahead.’

Andrew finished with a time of 11 minutes 54 seconds and always looked in control over a small set of serious contenders. One of those pressing Andrew was clubmate Jamie Crowe finishing in a close-up fourth place in 12:02 with an individual medal just out of reach. Central were once again the winning team through the efforts of Under-20 runners Hamish Hickey (16th; 12:34) and Ben MacMillan (30th; 12:52) with Hamish taking second Under-20 spot. There was further proof of the health of the Club’s future as another Under-20, Tom Graham-Marr came through in 32nd place with 12:54.

Club stalwart Michael Wright mastered the mud in 48th place (13:12) and there were further signs of progress from Under-20, Telfer Gray (13:29). It was good to see Scott Brember getting his competition year back on track as the fastest in his Masters age group and overall 69th, also with 13:29. Under-20s Sandy Holl (85th; 13:40) and Aidan Shea (90th; 13:43) put in solid performances in this highly competitive race, as did Fraser Logan (91st; 13:44). Kier Howlieson (Under-20) has been missing from recent competition but here showed good form with a tasty performance in 145th with 14:26.

As what seemed like an never ending stream of runners crossed the finish line there were more than worthy efforts from David Eckersley (218th; 15:22), Under-20 Sam Burton (236th; 15:36), Charles Graham-Marr (261st; 16:04), Iain Dunsmore (288th, 16:23), Ben Noad (337th; 17:22) and Colin Alexander (358th; 17:45).

Central’s Under-15 Boys faced a one lap challenge of 2 kilometres over the undulating course and here Central’s Connor Bell again caught the eye with a superb run to claim an individual bronze in a frenzied race to the line. Connor is a first year Under-15 so his 6 minutes 18 seconds showing gives a flavour of what could still be to come. There was also praise for Cameron Kerr’s sixth place run in 6:22 as Cameron underlined his quality start to the season. Euan Docherty and Ruairidh Burns both looked strong as they finished together with both recording 7:09 in 59th and 60th respectively as the Boys finished a fifth team in this age group.

Claire Houston was again Central’s first finisher in the senior women’s race over 4 kilometres with 16:28 for 70th , Trish Milne was 114th in 17:39, Under-20 Elizabeth Thompson was 130th (18:05) and Jane Waterhouse was 172nd (19:18), just outside medals in fourth in her Over-60 category, all in a field of 251 finishers.

A strong contingent of Under-15 Girls had the same 2 kilometre fast track as the boys, with Amy Cully (15th; 7:37) showing the fastest set of heels from the Central team, ably backed up by Mirren Henry (32nd; 7:48), Melissa Turnbull (37th; 7:53), Anna McKinnon (46th, 8:04), Leona Melville (54th; 8:15), Zosia Padden (57th; 8:20), Anna Buchanan (59th; 8:21) and Scarlett Roy (68th; 8:44) to finish seventh team in a highly competitive race.

Oct 282019

Central AC brought home a full set of gold-silver-bronze medals from the National Cross Country Relay Championships, with the Senior Men’s record-breaking seventh title in eight years winning justified plaudits for the performances over the hills of Cumbernauld Park.

Cameron Milne on the first leg
Cameron Milne on first leg
Conan McCaughey on second leg
Conan McCaughey on second leg

The challenge facing Central AC Senior Men was to step to the top of the podium with other top line-up clubs and athletes desperate to cause an upset in the four leg cross country relay over legs of 4km. Cameron Milne was given first leg duties and a well-judged effort of 12 minutes 12 seconds saw Cameron hand over in second place some 4 seconds down on Glasgow University Hares and Hounds. Conan McCaughey ran a nip and tuck battle first taking and then losing the lead with his solid leg of 12:47 to keep Central in second, handing over slightly down on the University Club and chased by Johnny Glen (11:51) who ran the fastest leg of the day to bring strong rivals, Inverclyde AC, into third while Kilbarchan AAC had moved through to fourth.

Ali Hay - leg 3
Ali Hay – leg 3
Jamie Crowe - 2nd fastest of day
Jamie Crowe – 2nd fastest of day

The third leg saw Central’s Alastair Hay pitted against Kilbarchan’s Olympian Callum Hawkins. While Alastair moved Central through to first with a 12:19 leg Callum brought Kilbarchan into second, but crucially only pulling in some six seconds on Alastair to give Central a 14 second cushion. Jamie Crowe had proven his form in recent weeks and here his storming 11:59 effort extended Central’s winning margin to 44 seconds over Kilbarchan with Inverclyde in third a further 16 seconds further down.

Connor Bell - leg 2
Connor Bell – leg 2
Cameron Kerr (C791) wins against Giffnock
Cameron Kerr (C791) battles with Giffnock

It was great to see some eleven athletes supporting the Central AC Boys relay teams but disappointing not to have any Under-17s in an Under-13, Under-15 and Under-17 format over three 2.5km legs. Central’s silver medals from 2018 were going to be hard to match but Under-13 Aaron Middleton set off with true resolve and had Central in a close-up ninth at the end of the first leg with a more than handy 9:49 clocking. Under-15 Connor Bell moved through the field with a superb second leg, to bring Central into second with an excellent 8:41. It was left to another Under-15, Cameron Kerr to finish Central’s challenge and here Cameron ran a well-judged 8:51 leg against his older rivals, to bring the team a set of bronze medals.

Boys bronze medalists
Boys bronze medalists

The remaining Central Boys teams, as expected, showed excellent determination throughout and the ‘B’ team of Joshua Kennedy (9:51), Alex Dunlop (11:12) and Euan Docherty (9:55) held their own well to finish 53rd in a large field of Clubs. There was more commitment from the ‘C’ team through Jamie Connor (12:02), Ruairidh Burns (9:49) and Ross Lawrie (11:35) to finish 83rd. The final Central team was incomplete but here Henry Crossley (11:01) and Jamie Oldham (10:25) were in 66th position at the end of their stint.

Start of the Men's race
Start of the Men’s race

It was a massive compliment to the strength in depth of Central Men’s teams to see the ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams finish in sixth and thirteenth overall. The ‘B’ team of Matthew Sutherland (12:55), first year Under-20 runner Ben MacMillan (12:53), Hamish Hickey (12:31) and Michael Wright (12:54) came through the field well. The ‘C’ team held their early position well through Dale Colley (13:00), Fraser Logan (13:36), Aiden Shea (13:31) and Under-20 runner Tom Graham-Marr (12:42) to prove the club is ready for the cross country season ahead.

There was further determination from Central’s Masters team of Jens Subke (16:03), Donald Shaw (15:46), Will Hensman (14:44) and Euan Jack (14:21) with the team finishing 68th team overall and eleventh Masters Team

There was more true grit from a further Masters team of David Eckersley (15:00), Hugh Kerr (16:46), Charles Graham-Marr (16:41) and Stuart Watson (17:51) finishing 83rd team overall and sixteenth in the Masters competition. Iain Dunsmore (16:14) led off yet another Masters team including Hugh Buchanan (16:57), Colin Alexander (17:52) and Colin Sinclair (19:04) with the team in 102nd place at the finish and twenty-second Masters team. Allan Gall was on first leg duty for Central’s Over-50 team that finished twenty fifth in that competitive category through further strong efforts from John Millar (22:14), Cameron Campbell (19:27) and Liam McCabe (18:38). An incomplete team of David Lindsay (14:44), Ben Noad (17:29) and Neil Cobb (18:03) were in 111th place at the end of their effort. All of these runners showing the can-do attitude fostered by Coach Derek Easton and once again showing a great approach to distance running.

After 15 years with interests at the sharp end of the race, the Senior Women’s squad riven by unavailability and injury and then two last-minute illness withdrawals, but Central’s Women’s re-built A team put on a good show. Natalie Stewart led off the team with a strong and steady 17:19, Claire Houston as the only pre-selected team member put in a storming run of 16:18 to move the team forward to 29th, Kirsten McStay kept the forward progress going with 17:37 and 24th place and Amy Hendry brought the team home in 21st place with her strong run of 17:03.

For the Central B team, Heather Scott led off (18:29), passing on to Julia McAfee (18:36), Becky Hay (18:42) and Elizabeth Thompson (18:06) to bring team to 34th.

Women's Masters silver medalists
Women’s Masters silver medalists

Central’s three-leg Over-50 team was led away by Hazel Dean whose 18:17 timing had them into fourth place, Jane Waterhouse held that position with her 19:22 and Trish Milne put in a spirited 17:21 to bring the team forward initially into bronze and then to silver medal position. Alison Curry (23:11) had a solo run as her team mates were moved up into replacement slots

The Girls race had the same course and team mix as the Boys races and a large contingent ran strongly in a packed field. In the first Central team home, Carys Gibb (11:00), Amy Cully (10:35) and Carrie Banks (10:26) all ran with spirit to finish 15th overall with Leah Gibb (11:13) Sumer Maclean (10:38) and Kyra Gibb (10:34) in the next Central team close behind in 21st place. Niamh McKinlay (11:21), Mirren Henry (11:14) and Grace Tindall (10:29) were closely matched as the next Central team in 28th place. Loren Stewart (12:14), Melissa Turnbull (11:01) and Naomi Howlieson (11:55) were 48th place, and Leah Brown (12:17), Mary Kealey (13:01) and Anna MacKinnon (11:12) were 63rd team, with important mentions for Scarlett Roy (12:15), Leona Melville (11:38), Zosia Padden (12:13) and Anna Buchanan (12:07) who ran in incomplete teams.

Oct 212019

Central AC hosted the first match of the East of Scotland Cross Country League on a tough Stirling University course that showed off the diversity of campus. The series of races was finished off by the biggest field of the day, when Central came good with a fine team win and four runners in the top five providing the best home result of the day.

This Senior and Junior Men’s race over a three lap 9 kilometre course saw Andrew Butchart make a welcome return to some grass roots competition, following his World Championship run in Doha, storming into an early lead which he extended on each lap to win in an excellent 28 minutes 8 seconds. Jamie Crowe followed as close in Andrew’s heels as he could and finished in second with a tasty 28:28 clocking while Alastair Hay also ran strongly throughout for a fine third place (29:21). It might have been four from four if Central’s Under-20 runner, Hamish Hickey, had not fallen on the final lap, recovering to finish fifth (29:38), and finishing first Under-20. Matthew Sutherland also impressed in twelfth with 30:23 while Club stalwart Michael Wright had another fine effort in 14th (30:46) as the Senior Men finished first team on the day, well ahead of their closest rivals, Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds. Under-20 runners Ben MacMillan (15th; 30:50), Aidan Shea (20th; 31:34) and Telfer Gray (22nd; 31:46) underlined the potential for the future of the Club with more quality efforts. Fraser Logan battled through in 31st (32:14) leading in Will Hensman (73rd; 34:31) and David Lindsay (110th; 36:47). There were further fine runs from Allan Hume (129th; 37:15), Donald Shaw (134th; 37:24), Neil Ferrier (165th; 39:11), Iain Dunsmore (188th; 40:08), Gordon Appelbe (194th; 40:37), Hugh Buchanan (196th; 40:50), Ben Noad (216th; 41:58), Colin Alexander (227th; 43:19) and Allan Gall (248th; 44:55).

Central’s Senior Women’s team took on a tough two lap 6km challenge and were pleased with a fourth placed team finish. Claire Houston led the team home with a strong 20th place in 25:32, with Kirsten McStay (32nd, 27:52), Heather Scott (38th, 28:21), Julia McAfee (42nd, 28:54) and Jane Waterhouse (57th, 30:10) all well placed in a field with 107 finishers.

The Under-11 races featured one lap of 1,650 metres and here it was Joel Gillan who led home Central’s efforts in 23rd place in 7 minutes 1 second followed in by Max Godsman in 27th with 7:15, a great experience for both boys. For Under-11 Girls, Central was well represented by Dara Clark who gave a great account of herself with 17th in 7:26, well backed within a close finishing race by Ciara Middleton 27th in 7:55.

The Under-13 runners were faced with a single tough lap of 2,400 metres and in the Boys race Aaron Middleton showed good early season form to finish fifth in 10:24 and, with back-up from Joshua Kennedy (11th; 10:33), Fergus Young (45th; 12:04) and Henry Crossley (55th; 12:26), the Club finished fourth team. Central’s Under-13 Girls had a strong team that achieved third team place through some strong running by sisters Carys and Leah Gibb in 10th and 13th (11:42, 11:48) and then Niamh McKinlay (27th, 12:20), Leah Brown (42nd, 13:08) and Isla Henry (58th, 14:25).

Central’s Under-15 Boys made an impact in their 3.3 kilometre challenge with Cameron Kerr backing up his fine run from the previous week in fourth (11:18) while Euan Docherty came through in 23rd (12:31), Euan Campbell in 39th (13:33) and Finlay McAndrew in 53rd (15:10) with the Under-15 Boys finishing fifth team overall. The combined Under-15/17 Girls race covered the same 3.3 km with a team of six from Central. A club trio led this team in with a few personal battles, and it finished with Amy Cully (22nd, 13:30), Kyra Gibb (23rd, 13:31) and Summer McLean (24th, 13:36) all pushing each other to the line. This trio were well backed up by Mirren Henry (31st, 13:57), Anna MacKinnon (34th, 14:04), Scarlett Roy (63rd, 15:56), Naomi Howlieson (67th, 16:01) and Brogan McMillan (70th, 16:22).

Oct 182019
Jamie Crowe - fastest lap
Jamie Crowe – fastest lap

The 2019 edition of the East of Scotland Cross Country Relays were played out in bright sunshine on a testing course in Deans Country Park, Livingston on Saturday 12 October. There was great endeavour from all of Central Athletic Club’s athletes but it was late in the day before this was rewarded with Championship medals and it was Central’s Men’s Team of Ben MacMillan, Michael Wright, Jamie Crowe and Alastair Hay who picked up the silver medals in their event.

Ben McMillan - fastest Under-20
Ben McMillan – fastest Under-20

The Men’s race consisted of four legs of 4 kilometres with Under-20 runner Ben MacMillan on the first leg, bringing the team through in third position, covering the course in 12 minutes 58 seconds, the fastest by an Under-20 runner on the day. Michael’s fine 13:02 effort on the second leg brought the team through into second place but some 34 seconds down on what looked like an extremely competent Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds team. Jamie Crowe soon made inroads into the deficit with the fastest individual leg of the day (12:12) to finish his effort just 2 seconds down and setting up the final leg to be a real battle for gold and silver medals. Alastair Hay put in a fine effort on the final leg, indeed recording the 12th fastest time of the day with 12:55, but had to give way to an excellent run from the Edinburgh University team who won by 17 seconds after some 51 minutes of running.

The day had started with the young athletes’ relays following a three leg format of an Under-13, followed by an Under-15 and completed by an Under-17, each running 2.5 kilometres. The two Central Girls teams finished in the centre of the field but this didn’t tell the whole story with Carys Gibb bringing the ‘A’ team round in ninth place with a fine 10 minutes 46 seconds effort. Scarlett Roy put in a solid performance of 12:15 bringing her team round in 19th while Carrie Banks (10:23) had the opportunity to pass some of her rivals to finish in 15th overall. Leya Gibb also made a strong start of 11:04 for Central’s ‘B’ team in 16th place. Brogan MacMillan’s 12:13 contribution brought the team into 20th place while Kyra Gibb’s final lap (10:21) ensured a 16th place finish, just 14 seconds behind Central’s ‘A’ team and Kyra recording the eighth fastest Under-17 time of the day with Carrie as tenth fastest.

There was also an encouraging turnout of Central’s Boys with the ‘A’ team comprising Under-13 Aaron Middleton (9:27), backed up by another Under-13 Jamie Connor (11:39) and completed by Under-15 Cameron Kerr (8:55), with Jamie and Cameron both running up an age group, so a real test of stamina and character. Although the team finished 17th, Aaron was the third fastest Under-13 on the day and Cameron the fourth fastest Under-15. The ‘B’ team of Joshua Kennedy (9:32), Owen Eckersley (11:11) and Euan Docherty (9:39) – another Under-15 competing in the Under-17 leg – finished 22nd overall. The Central ‘C’ team of Henry Crossley (11:02) and Douglas Fleming (11:53) didn’t have a final leg runner to complete the race and were in 33rd place at the end of their effort. It is fair to say that all of the Girls and Boys proved their training was heading in the right direction to enjoy the forthcoming Cross Country Season.

The Senior Women raced over three legs of the same 4 kilometre course as the Men and here we saw Under-20 runner Lauren McCulloch bring Central’s ‘A’ team to the first changeover in ninth with a tasty 15:46 clocking. Claire Waterhouse had only been promoted to the ‘A’ team on the morning and shouldered her responsibility admirably with a 16:47 leg and the team now in 14th. A typically storming run from Fanni Gyurko (15:22) rounded off the team’s effort, finishing in ninth overall. The Women’s ‘B’ team proved to be a fine effort from three of the Club’s Under-20 runners, Heather Scott (18:22), Rosie Eckersley (17:54) and Elizabeth Thompson (18:24) to finish 26th. There were further good efforts from Julie McAfee (18:48) and Kirsten McStay (17:51) with this incomplete team running in 33rd place at the end of the second leg.

Central Men’s ‘B’ team came home in an admirable tenth place overall through Fraser Logan’s first leg of 14 minutes 7 seconds followed up by Dale Colley (13:34) and two Under-20 runners Sandy Holl (13:59) and Tom Graham-Marr (13:22). Central’s ‘C’ team was led off by Under-20 runner Telfer Gray (13:35), and with Gordon Appelbe (17:23), Ben Noad (18:19) and a further talented Under-20, Sam Burton (15:21), the team finished in 45th place overall. There was a more than useful effort by Central’s top veteran’s team through Charles Graham-Marr (16:45), Will Hensman (15:02), Jens Subke (16:20) and David Eckersley (15:34) with the team in 43rd at the end of their efforts. There was also a fine effort from Central’s final veteran’s team of Cameron Campbell (22:42), Colin Sinclair (17:54), Allan Gall (19:27) and John Millar (22:32), who were caught up in a tussle towards the back of the race, finishing in 72nd place. Liam McCabe (19:33) rounded off Central’s efforts on the day in an incomplete team.

Oct 062019

Andy Butchart improved his Scottish 5,000 Metres record at the Anniversary Games in London in July, running 13:06.21. In June, Andy took the 1,500 Metres club record with 3:38.84, just pipping the previous record set by Ali Hay in 2010 by 0.06s.

Over in the US, Aidan Thompson took the club 3,000 Metres Steeplechase record below 9 minutes with 8:59.16 in March in Raleigh, North Carolina. This took 10 seconds off the previous mark of 9:09.53 set by Scott Green in 2015.

Fanni Gyurkó improved her club marathon record at the London marathon with 2 hours 38:47 in April and Morag Millar set the club 5,000 Metres record with 16:09.66 minutes in Nottingham in July improving her own record by 40 seconds.

In the age groups, Jack Houghton improved the club Under-20 400 Metres Hurdles record 3 times finishing with 55.33s as he won the Scottish junior title in Grangemouth in August. This also took him third on the club senior all-time list. The previous record of 56.46s was set by Calum Laing in 2002.

Louise Carroll also improved her Under-15 Girls Triple Jump record 3 times in the season finishing on 10.12m at the club championships in August.

A notable performance was recorded by Scott Hopper in the Under-15 Boys Javelin as he threw 51.87m to go fourth on the Scottish all-time list, although not enough to beat the club and Scottish record held by Ryan Stewart since 2006 at 54.65m. Notable performances are recorded for performances worthy of mention but not official records e.g. wind assisted performances, unofficial events or, as in Scott’s case, where they get in the Scottish all-time list but don’t break the club record.

Other new entries in the club senior all-time list came in the 10,000 Metres with Jamie Crowe and Ali Hay entering the men’s top 5 and Fanni Gyurkó in the women’s top 5.

Here’s a spreadsheet of all the records:

Well done to all.

Kenny Pearson (Central AC Statistician)

Sep 172019
Ian Horsburgh on the podium
Ian Horsburgh on the podium

Ian Horsburgh of Central AC finished his 2019 Season with a silver medal run in the M40 category of the 200 Metres at the European Masters Championships in Jesolo, Italy. Ian’s season had been a bit stop-start with calf niggles and it was a gamble to travel, self-funded, to Italy to compete in these Championships especially as it meant three races over two days.

Ian set down a marker in the heats on 11 September with the third fastest time of the round qualifying with a win in 22.97 seconds. The semi-final and final were both played out on Thursday 12 September with fluctuating wind conditions. Ian knew that his main threat came from Sweden’s Lion Martinez and they were both drawn in the same heat, with a 1.3 metre per second following wind Lion won with 22.43s with Ian less than a stride behind in 22.51s with both comfortably qualifying for the final as the two fastest sprinters.

Conditions weren’t quite as favourable in the final with a 0.5 metre per second head wind as both athletes were locked together down the finishing straight. In the final shakedown both were given the same time of 22.62s and it was only after studying the photofinish image that Lion was given the gold by less than 0.01 second.

Central AC are proud of Ian’s efforts to stand on the second step of the podium as the second fastest M40 European athlete over 200 Metres.

Sep 162019
Silver medallist U17G relay team
Silver medallist U17G relay team

Central AC’s Under-17 Girls sprinters finished the outdoor season in style as they took a superb silver medal at the Scottish National Relay Championships. The team of Coirilidh Cook, Briagha Cook, Lucy More and Shona McLay came into the 4×100 Metres event with high hopes. Coirilidh and Briagha Cook had taken a superb sprint hurdles 1-2 at the Scottish championships in August and Lucy More had won her first ever medal at the district championships in May over 200 Metres and then dipped below 13 seconds for the first time at 100 Metres. Shona McLay was returning after an injury-interrupted season however had also run the 100 Metres below 13 seconds at the Scottish schools in June. The team safely negotiated the heats, winning their heat in 50.53 seconds to qualify second fastest overall behind a top class Giffnock team running 48.67s.

Come the final, Giffnock proved too strong, but Coirilidh, Briagha, Lucy and Shona got the baton round safely and held off a fast Pitreavie team to take second place and silver medals in 50.84 seconds.

Such is the strength in depth in this age group, Central almost had two teams in the final. The B team was composed of a mix of hurdles and combined events specialists. Molly Cornes, Mavia Duncan, Rebecca Cumming and Lois Burch had real ambition of making the final, however illness hit three of the team and they almost never made the start line. However, they pulled together to run of 52.91s and place fourth in their heat meaning they had to wait and see. Unfortunately, their time put them seventh fastest overall, and with only six lanes available this meant they just missed out on the final.

And it was a similar story elsewhere with teams just missing out. The Under-13 Boys team of Dylan McCulloch, Sam Gardiner, Jamie Oldham and Lewis Miller ran a respectable 57.03s for seventh quickest in their heats and the Under-15 Girls team of Ellie Beavan-Whitty, Hannah Tams, Ella Wilson and Katherine Fowler got the baton round in 54.50s to also place seventh just 0.1s off making the final.

In the Under-13 Girls 4×100 Metres, Leah Brown, Niamh McKinlay, Laura Matthews and Jessica Hanson ran 62.80s in their heats.

Central also had one team in the longer relays with Erin Miller, Brogan McMillan, Ellen Montgomery and Amy Cully taking on the 4×300 Metres placing a respectable sixth in 3:11.64 minutes.

It was good to see so many Central teams out. Well done to everyone who took part.

Sep 022019

The final match of the Scottish Division One track and field season saw Central Athletic Club Men’s Team competing in Grangemouth. Heavy rain prior to the meeting and a blustery wind throughout the day made for challenging conditions for all the athletes.

With the normal league format the first track event, the 400 Metres Hurdles, saw Michael Wright and David Lindsay once again shouldering responsibilities with both providing strong performances. Michael finished fifth ‘A’ runner, clocking 67.90 seconds with David finishing in second ‘B’ place (68.67s). The 800 Metres races saw Under-17 Lewis Dow clocking 2 minutes 4.00 seconds for fifth ‘A’, on a day where personal bests were hard to find. Under-20 athlete, Ben MacMillan, was a late replacement in the ‘B’ race so a 2:18 clocking for seventh was a welcome bonus for the team. Ian Horsburgh was proving his fitness ahead of the European Masters Championships and powered to a tasty 11.18s in the 100 Metres in third place. Unfortunately a calf tweak saw Ian take no further part in the meeting but the Club wish him well with his endeavours in Venice in mid-September. Under-17 sprinter, Jamie McNaught, was making his debut in the league and produced a swift 12.38s performance placing him sixth ‘B’ runner in the 100 Metres. Erik Escala (11.87s), Daniel Ferguson (12.08s) and John Wilkie (12.30s) all showed good sprinting form as guest athletes in the 100 Metres. Michael Wright and David Lindsay again provided classy performances in the 3,000 Metres Steeplechase with Michael finishing second ‘A’ runner with 10 minutes 1 second and David second ‘B’ with 10:35. It was good to welcome Dale Colley back to the team providing a useful run for fourth ‘A’ placing in the 1,500 Metres in a useful 4 minutes 15 seconds while Under-20 Hamish Hickey weighed in with 4:19 for third ‘B’ points. Erik Escala is another Under-17 athlete proving his ability in the Men’s League and here ran to 54.98s over 400 Metres to place fourth in the ‘A’ race. The 5,000 Metres race saw Under-20 athletes Ben MacMillan and Hamish Hickey back on the track and always up with the leading group. In the final fast last lap Ben charged home for fifth ‘A’ spot (15:32) while Hamish came home with third ‘B in 15:36, having recovered from a trip earlier in the race while leading. Michael Wright continued his busy day running as a guest in the 5,000 Metres clocking 16:09 and finishing second out of a long list of guest runners.

In the field the throwing duties were again covered by Donavan Webster and Ron Todd. Donavan achieved a superb personal best in the Discus with a best of 38.25m for third ‘A’ place and picked up more useful points in the Shot Put (11.48m) and Hammer (33.64m). Ron’s busy day saw him take more useful points in the Javelin (27.82m), Shot Put (7.88m) and Discus (26.88m) again showing a superb can-do attitude throughout. Ron had started his busy day by taking maximum ‘B’ points in the Pole Vault with a 3.00m clearance and encouraged Erik Escala to ‘A’ victory in the event with a 3.40m clearance while Colin Christie cleared 2.40m as a guest competitor. The Under-17s scooped up more points in the jumps through Daniel Bruce 5.46m and Jamie McNaught 5.09m in the Long Jump and Daniel Ferguson (10.95m) in the Triple Jump. Daniel Bruce was again our sole competitor in the High Jump, clearing 1.55m: a great effort in the windy conditions.

The 4 x 100 Metres and 4 x 400 Metres Relays were left to the four endurance runners prepared to take responsibility. The running order for both races was Michael Wright, Dale Colley, Ben MacMillan and Hamish Hickey with Michael, Ben and Hamish taking to the track just 10 minutes after completing their 5,000 Metres races. Neither team looked out of place as Central finished seventh in the sprint relay (53.09s) and sixth in the 4 x 400 in 4:04.

As always there was great back-up from the Club’s officials through Stuart MacPherson, John Dickson, Tom McMenemy, Bill Gault and Richard O’Grady.

Points on the day were Aberdeen 353; Falkirk 324; Edinburgh 243; Inverness 235; Victoria Park Glasgow 220, tying with Central also on 220; Corstorphine 192 and Shettleston 123. Overall positions and points at the end of the Season saw Aberdeen retain the league trophy with a maximum 32 league points; Edinburgh second with 23; Inverness 20; Central 18.5; Shettleston 18; Falkirk 13; Corstorphine 10; Victoria Park Glasgow 9.5. So Corstorphine and Victoria Park Glasgow were relegated to Division 2 with Lasswade and Giffnock North gaining promotion.

Sep 022019

Scott Hopper was on top form as he took a superb silver medal at the England age group championships in Bedford on Saturday. The 14-year-old from Callander was making the long trip down to Bedford for his first UK championships after an unbeaten season in Scotland which had included victories at East Districts, Scottish schools and Scottish championships. At the Scottish championships, Scott had won by 15 metres with a throw of 49.59 metres to put himself into the top 10 all-time in Scotland for the Under-15 age group. He was now looking for the bigger challenge of UK wide competition. He went into the event ranked 7th in the UK so knew it was going to be tough.

However in the second round he launched the spear beyond the 50m tape for the first time ever, recording a superb personal best 51.87 metres to go into second place. He wasn’t able to challenge the winner who threw beyond 57 metres and there were other challengers to his position with several other athletes coming close. But his throw was enough to hold onto runner-up spot and a silver medal, a fantastic achievement at this level.

His throw lifts him to 4th on the Scottish all-time list and puts him within touching distance of the Scottish and club record of 54.65m set by former Central AC athlete, Ryan Stewart in 2006. With few competitions left this season, the record may well elude Scott but he can look to build on this achievement for the future and aim for further success as he progresses through the age groups.

Aug 302019

The final club time trials of summer 2019 took place at the Stirling University track on Thursday 29 August. Here are the results.

100 Metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
12415.82JohnMcIntyre MU11
6215.28Hannah PercevalFU15
7313.911Hannah TamsFU15
12513.114Molly CornesFU17
8312.216Daniel FergusonMU17
800 Metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
Long Jump
NumberDistance ForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
1092.89AmyFaunce SmithFU17
Shot Put
WeightNumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group

Aug 192019

127th Senior National Championships

Central AC’s senior athletes were on top form at the 127th Scottish National Championships held at Grangemouth over the weekend. In changeable blustery conditions fast times were hard to come by but Central won a brace of silvers in the men’s and women’s 5,000 Metres along with a Hurdles medal.

Fanni Gyurko was contesting the Women’s 5,000 Metres on the Saturday. Fanni has been a Central member for several years since moving from her native Hungary to Dunblane and has clocked up some impressive marathon performances, setting the club record at 2 hours 39 minutes in Frankfurt two years ago. She was stepping down to 5,000 Metres as preparation for upcoming marathons in Budapest in September and Frankfurt in October. In a tactical race Annabelle Simpson of Fife proved too strong as she set a new championship record but Fanni stuck to her race plan and finished in the silver medal position with a time of 17 minutes 22.23 seconds.

The Men’s 5,000 Metres was run on the Sunday in wet blustery conditions where Jamie Crowe and Ali Hay lined up for Central. Jamie has just returned from a scholarship at Lamar University in America where he has run some impressive times while Ali is a former Scottish champion and Commonwealth Games finalist, so both were looking for a podium spot. In another fast race both Central athletes stuck with the pace. Christian Jones of Dundee ultimately proved too strong and set a new championship record, but Jamie Crowe stuck behind him and took silver in 14 minutes 28.93 seconds, a time also inside the previous championship record. Ali was just outside the medals in fourth with 14:40.22 minutes, both impressive times in difficult conditions.

Afterwards Jamie commented, “I’m pleased to get the medal, but it was rough out there! It’s been a long season. I’ve been racing since March so will take some time off now before the cross country starts. But I’m happy with my season.”

Jack Houghton was returning to Grangemouth a week after winning the Scottish Junior 400 Metres Hurdles title, this time looking to take on Scotland’s senior athletes. In a top class 400 Metres Hurdles race the top three were too good for Jack but he held his stride to finish in fourth with 57.08s, a respectable place against a top class field. However, he was not finished there and returned an hour later to take on the 110 Metres Hurdles. And here he did manage to get on the podium as he ran 16.81 seconds, a personal best at the senior height, to win the bronze, Jack’s first ever national senior medal.

There were several other good performances. Stirling marathon champion, Michael Wright, placed fifth in the 3,000 Metres Steeplechase in 9:46.22. Personal bests were rare in the difficult conditions but Iain Davies managed two of them at 800 Metres, with 1:55.33 in his heat then 1:55.19 in the final to place seventh in a fast race won in 1:48. Jack Kerr’s 1:58.88 in his 800 Metres heat was not quite enough to progress. In the 5,000 Metres ‘B’ race Hamish Hickey put in a decent show as he placed third in a time of 15:25.65 minutes.

In the sprints Ian Horsburgh placed fifth in the 200 Metres final with 22.67s (22.60s in heat), an impressive result from an athlete who is now in the Masters category where he is ranked one of the top in Europe in his age group. Kieran Halliday set a new personal best in the 100 Metres with 11.62s to progress to the semi-finals then ran 23.76s in the 200 Metres.

Peter Muirhead had a tough time in the Long Jump with the changing conditions making run ups difficult but managed 7.10m in the Long Jump for a respectable seventh.

Under-17 Championships

In the Scottish Under-17 Championships Central AC’s hurdlers were at the fore with club athletes winning three medals through a sprint hurdles 1-2 from Balfron sisters Coirilidh and Briagha Cook and a silver from Denny teenager, Daniel Bruce over the one lap hurdles.

In the Girls’ 80 Metres Hurdles the preparation for the event for Coirlidh and Briagha could not have been more contrasting. Coirilidh, the younger sister at 15, came into the event as the top ranked in the field and unbeaten in Scotland this season. However the main story for the Balfron based family was the return of her 16-year-old older sister Briagha after a long 15 month injury lay off. The pair of them had previously both been winning national titles in their respective age groups, but Briagha’s career had abruptly been put on hold after she picked up a serious foot injury in early 2018. This meant while Coirilidh had been winning multiple national titles, Briagha had been forced to cheer from the sidelines as she went through a lengthy rehab process including two operations. Briagha finally made her first tentative steps back to competition only 10 days ago and came through strongly with a personal best 12.01s putting her top five in Scotland showing she was ready to take on a national championships. In contrast, Coirilidh’s preparations had been much more to plan with wins at the Scottish indoor & Scottish schools championships. She was looking to complete the set with the Scottish outdoor title.

In the heats Coirilidh and Briagha were drawn in the same heat and came through first and second to take automatic qualifying places for the final as Coirilidh ran 11.95s and Briagha, a new personal best 12.00s.

When the final came the rain was starting to come down and the wind constantly changing making conditions difficult. When the gun went Coirilidh found herself in a battle with an athlete from Morpeth. Briagha had opted to not use starting blocks as she was still protecting her foot, and found herself adrift in third place, but gradually picked up speed. Coirilidh started establishing a lead and pulled clear to take the win. But behind her Briagha was in full stride and gradually reeled in the Morpeth Harrier then pull ahead after the final hurdle to take an unexpected silver medal making it a 1-2 for Central AC and the family.

Coirilidh had stopped the clock in a superb new personal best 11.77s earning her a gold medal and gold award standard while Briagha had dipped below 12 seconds for the first time ever with a personal best 11.92s. Afterwards the sisters were delighted to finish in a 1-2 together. For Coirilidh it was another national title after a fantastic season. For Briagha though it was a return she thought might never happen. She commented “I was just thinking on the start line would I get over the first hurdle?” She certainly did that and a lot more and can hopefully inspire others going through injury problems that with patience and perseverance you can come back and be a medal winner again. They will take on the Central AC club championships next week then travel to Bedford for the UK championships the following week.

Daniel Bruce was contesting what many regard the toughest of events, the 400 Metres Hurdles. Due to an administrative error Daniel had been unable to contest the Scottish Schools but as the second ranked in Scotland with a best time of 58.97s, he was looking to show what he could do. His main rival from Dundee set off strongly and established a big lead and Daniel found himself in a three-way tussle for the other medals. But Daniel dug in and ran a strong second bend to pull clear into second place, then in the home straight set about chasing down the leader. Ultimately, his opponent had too much of a lead to catch, but Daniel finished strongly to take the silver medal in a superb time of 57.93s, smashing his previous best by over a second. Last year Daniel had won a Scottish Schools bronze but this was a proud moment as he won his first ever medal at a national championships. Daniel went on to show his versatility as he placed seventh in high jump with 1.62m and ninth in Long Jump with 5.75m.

There were nearly more medals for Central in the hurdles. Celtic games international, Daniel Ferguson, was contesting the 100 Metres Hurdles. He started strongly and while the top three were too fast for him, he was rewarded with a fourth place and personal best 14.23s.

Amy Gibson was competing for the first time ever in the Girls’ High Jump and had the daunting task of taking on the best in Scotland. She managed 1.42m for seventh but with more training and experience will look to come back and challenge for the podium next year.

Lewis Dow placed 10th in a tactical 1,500 Metres in 4:23.14 minutes. Sam Grivell managed 4:49.80 at 1,500 Metres and 2:23.82 at 800 Metres.

In the sprints, Lucy More was not far off the 100 Metres final after 13.29s in her heat, then ran 28.11s into a headwind in the 200 Metres.

Aug 182019

We are delighted to announce a new range of club kit – hoodies, tracksuits, t-shirts and more. The kit is from Joma, who provide the Scotland kit for Scottish Athletics, and who are one of the largest sports kit manufacturers in Europe.

The kit will be available for purchase through a Central AC specific webshop, hosted by TTL, one of Joma’s value added resellers in Scotland (Total Teamwear Ltd, http://teamwearscotland.com) – the Central AC webshop will be going live shortly. TTL also have premises in Glasgow with a small showroom area with samples of kit.

There’s a full list of the Joma kit range with prices on the Club kit page.

Under our agreement with Joma, club members get a discount on list price, and TTL customise garments with the club logo and your initials.

TTL are bringing a range of sample kit to the club at the August time trials on Thursday 29 August at Stirling University track for club members to try on. That will help you see the style and choose the right size. Since the kit is customised, once it has been delivered, refunds won’t be possible.

The new Joma kit range will not replace our existing arrangement for competition vests and crop tops – we will continue to source these through Ron Hill, and they will continue to be available for sale from Run4It in Bridge of Allan or from Hugh Buchanan.

Aug 142019

Scottish Under-20 Championships, Grangemouth, 10-11 August 2019

Jack Houghton was on superb form as he became Scottish junior 400 Metres Hurdles champion at the Scottish Under-20 championships at Grangemouth at the weekend. The 19-year-old from Dunblane has had an excellent season so far after setting two new club Under-20 records this season and just missing the UK championship final in June. Jack has been a Central AC member for many years and has won Scottish schools titles but a Scottish championship title has so far eluded him. His first attempt at the Under-20 championships two years ago did not go to plan as he lost his stride and hit several hurdles. However this year, with two years more experience he was looking to finally land a Scottish gold medal. When the gun went he set out strongly holding his 15 stride pattern all the way up the back straight to open up a 5 metre gap on the opposition. However on the bend, as he changed his stride down, he was challenged by the athlete on the lane outside him. However he held his form and stride up the home straight and, after negotiating the final hurdles, surged away from the field to win with an excellent 55.33 seconds. This not only improved his personal best and club Under-20 record but moved him up to third on the club senior all-time list. This was significant as it beat his coach, Kenny Pearson’s lifetime best and former club record of 55.47s. Jack will compete at the senior championships next week with realistic podium ambitions and will also be targeting the club senior record of 55.1s.

There was further success for the club in the 1,500 Metres races. The men’s event saw three Central athletes taking part. In the heats Hamish Hickey ran a personal best 4:11.95 seconds to just miss a final spot. However Ben MacMillan (4:06.58) and Sandy Holl (4:06.61) both managed to get through their heat and qualify for the final.

In the final Ben hung onto the leaders as long as he could. When the bell came he found himself in fourth place and dug in for the final lap. He didn’t manage to make any headway on the top three but held off the rest of the field to finish an excellent fourth with 4:02.01 minutes.

In the women’s race Lauren McCulloch found herself in a similar position and held on for fourth place with an excellent new personal best 4:41.21 minutes.

Scottish Under-15 Championships, Grangemouth, Saturday 10 August 2019

Scott Hopper was on top form at the Scottish Under-15 championships at Grangemouth on Saturday as he took a superb gold and silver medal. The 14-year-old from Callander has been unbeaten at Javelin throughout the season and has been steadily improving with a personal best of 46.76m in July. He has also showed his versatility with good performances at High Jump and Pentathlon this season. However, it was in his throwing events he was looking to succeed at the national championships. And he certainly achieved that in the Javelin as he stamped his authority in the first round and launched the spear out to a superb new personal best 49.59m. This put him over 15 metres clear of the field effectively putting the competition beyond doubt. He then had five further throws to try and throw beyond the 50m tape and was well over the 40m line with each throw, but his first throw ended up as his best. This distance puts Scott eighth on the Scottish Under-15 all-time list for the event and is within 5 metres of the club and Scottish record held by former Central AC athlete Ryan Stewart since 2006.

Competing alongside Scott was Robb Ferguson who is also a versatile athlete having won the Scottish Schools Under-14 Javelin title and medalled at hurdles earlier this season. The 13-year-old from Tullibody knew he was up against it as one of the younger athletes in the Under-15 field but threw an excellent 31.45 metres in the first round to take third place and the bronze medal. This distance was a personal best and the first time Robb has thrown over 30 metres with the 600g weight of javelin. Robb has another year in this age group and will look to retain the title for the club next year.

Both athletes had further events to do. Scott went on to the Shot Put event where he set another personal best 12.94 metres for second place and an excellent silver medal.

Robb took part in the 80 Metres Hurdles and found himself in fourth place at the mid-point of the race. He chased the leaders down all the way and was gaining on the third place athlete but couldn’t quite get there and had to settle for fourth. However he smashed his personal best with 13.01s and can be proud of his achievements as a first year in the age group.

There were several athletes just missing out on podium positions. Connor Bell was competing in the 800 Metres and at 13 was young for the age group but ran hard and while he couldn’t keep up with the top three he took an excellent fourth place, just outside his personal best with 2:10.02 minutes.

Louise Carroll took a respectable fourth place in the High Jump with a near personal best 1.49m, not quite getting the 1.54m which would have got her a personal best and a medal. She then set a new personal best and club record in the Triple Jump with 9.90m, just missing the 10m mark. Katherine Fowler was also just outside the medals with fourth in the 200 Metres in 26.84s (26.74s in heat) after placing fifth in the long jump with a near personal best 4.95m.

Ellen Montgomery has made good improvements this season and placed a respectable fifth in the Discus with a personal best 20.21m after setting a personal best 13.32s in the 75 Metres Hurdles. Megan Dunlop placed seventh in the Discus with 19.33m after 14.41s in the 100 Metres. Ella Wilson set a personal best at Triple Jump with 9.43m for eighth after 14.71s in the 100 Metres.

In the 1,500 Metres Mirren Henry and Cameron Kerr reached their respective finals. Mirren ran 5:21.47 minutes for ninth place in the girls’ final and Cameron 4:39 (4:36.16 in heat) for 10th in the boys’ final. Also in the 1,500 Metres, Anna MacKinnon ran a season’s best 5:44.94 minutes.

In the 800 Metres Ruaridh Burns ran 2:25.25 minutes in the boys’ heats and East District champion, Amy Cully ran 2:36.06 minutes in the girls’ heats.

In the sprints Finlay Marchant ran 13.31s in the 100 Metres and 26.81s in the 200 Metres, Hannah Tams ran 14.40s in the 100 Metres then just missed out on the 200 Metres semi-finals with a season’s best 29.82s in her heat. Brogan MacMillan ran 30.11s in the 200 Metres after 1.24m at High Jump.

Well done to all Central AC competitors for taking on the best in Scotland.

Scottish Under-13 Championships, Grangemouth, Sunday 11 August 2019

Central AC’s Under-13s were well represented at the Scottish championships. A wet day at Grangemouth made new personal bests hard to come by but there were several fine performances.

Top performer of the day for the club was Danielle Abel who took on the 70 Metres Hurdles. The 12-year-old from Alloa reached the final at the Scottish schools in the older Under-14 age group earlier this season and was looking to do the same at the Under-13 age group. She had a fast heat and smashed her personal best with 12.36s to qualify for the final as a fastest loser. She then finished in a respectable sixth place, beating athletes who beat her in the heats, with 12.45s.

Lewis Miller narrowly missed the 100 Metres final after running 14.38s then just missed the half way cut in the Long Jump with a best jump of 3.83m after three rounds. Jamie Oldham was placed ninth overall in the 800 Metres after placing third in his heat with 2:30.32 minutes then ran 31.17s in the 200 Metres. Jamie Connor placed 20th overall after finishing fourth in his heat with a new personal best 2:49.17 then ran 31.59s in the 200 Metres. In the girls’ 1,500 Metres Niamh McKinlay took an excellent second place in her heat to finish 11th overall with 5:31.39. Sophie Morgan ran a new personal best 14.94s in the 100 Metres and Alice Cameron placed 10th in the Discus with a season’s best 11.00m then ran 33.73s in the 200 Metres.

Well done to all Central AC competitors for taking on the best in Scotland.

Jul 292019

Central pair Erik Escala and Coirilidh Cook were on international duty at the weekend as they represented Scotland in the annual school track and field international. This event brings together the top schools athletes from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland and this year was hosted by Wales at Swansea.

Relay team with Ciorilidh Cook (second from left)

Coirilidh Cook was competing in the 80 Metres Hurdles and 4×100 Metres Relay after winning the Scottish schools hurdles title in June. The 15-year-old from Balfron has previously represented Scotland in both these event at the Celtic games last year where she won double gold, but this was her first international for Scottish schools. In the 80 Metres Hurdles she placed an excellent fifth place in a top class field with 12.08 seconds. She then won bronze as part of the 4×100 Metres Relay team as her third leg run helped the team to third place. Coirilidh has another year in this age group so will look to make more impact next year.

For Erik it was a particularly proud moment as he made his international debut. The 16-year-old from Dunblane was selected in the Shot Put event after winning silver at the Scottish schools in June. Erik managed 12.38 metres for seventh place overall, a respectable result for a multi-eventer up against a field of top class shot put specialists. Erik will be aiming to make more of a challenge in the combined events international later this year where he will be able to show his prowess, not only in throwing but in jumps and sprints as well.

Jul 292019

The monthly club track and field time trials took place at Lornshill on Thursday 25 July. Here are the results:

100 metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
2814.34TeaganMcIntoch BlacklockFU15
200 metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
2830.23TeaganMcIntoch BlacklockFU15
800 metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
1,500 metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
Long Jump
NumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
133.25 WillowHopperFU11
323.09 CiaraMiddletonFU11
11.99 AlexandraMontgomeryFU11
24.39 EllenMontgomeryFU15
313.32 TylerGibsonMU11
214.100 LewisMillerMU13
333.41 AaronMiddletonMU13
82.63 ScottHillMU13
305.04 RuairidhBurnsMU15
44.32 FinlayMarchantMU15
73.33 RossLawrieMU15
32.84 HamzahAhmedMU17
263.52 GarethMarchantMSEN
WeightNumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
Shot Put
WeightNumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group

Jul 242019

Central Athletic Club men’s team travelled to Aberdeen on Sunday 21 July to compete in the penultimate match of the Scottish Division One Track and Field season finishing in second place on the day with great performances from all the athletes.

With the normal league format the first track event, the 400 Metres Hurdles, saw the welcome return of Jack Houghton as he strode to victory in the ‘A’ race in 58.22 seconds. David Lindsay again provided valuable points in second ‘B’ place with a pleasing 66.56s clocking. The 800 Metres saw Jack Kerr take control in the ‘A’ race to win with 1 minute 59.78 seconds and likewise Jamie Crowe show good racing instinct to win the ‘B’ race in 2:06. It was good to see Pete Muirhead powering down the track in the 100 Metres to record a close up third place in 11.58s backed up by Kai Ligertwood in seventh place in the ‘B’ race with 12.96s. Michael Wright again proved his class in the 3,000 Metres Steeplechase winning in 9 minutes 48.33 seconds while David Lindsay continued to prove his worth to the team taking second ‘B’ place with 11:17.99. Jack Kerr shouldered responsibility in the 400 Metres ’A’ race, clocking 53.47s for third, and more useful points. The 1,500 Metres saw Jamie Crowe ensuring maximum points for the team with a classy run of 4 minutes 3 seconds in first ‘A’ spot and Michael Wright finishing off his busy day with 4:23 in third ‘B’ place. The 200 Metres saw Jack Houghton back on the track picking up fourth ‘A’ points with 23.62s. The 5,000 Metres saw Central field two Under-20 athletes, Hamish Hickey and Ben MacMillan. Both youngsters showed great determination and were up with the lead pack throughout the twelve and a half laps with Hamish finishing in fourth ‘A’ spot (15:14) and Ben in first ‘B’ (15:17).

In the field the throwing duties were covered, once again, by Donavan Webster and Ron Todd. Donavan won the Discus with a best throw of 35.96m and produced personal bests in the Shot Put (12.31m) and Hammer (36.73m). Ron Todd’s day saw him rake in points in the Javelin (27.2m), Shot Put (8.27m), Discus (26.30m) and Hammer (23.35m) showing a great attitude throughout. Ron had started his busy day by winning the Pole Vault with an excellent 3.40m clearance. Peter Muirhead continues to make progress towards his goal of top performances in the Long Jump and here had a best effort of 7.09m into a headwind for second ‘A’ placing. Daniel Bruce provided Long Jump back-up with a 5.70m effort for second ‘B’ points. Daniel was our sole competitor in the High Jump, clearing 1.55m and three close efforts at the next height. Jack Houghton stepped up in the Triple Jump with one effort, as he rightly conserved energy for other events, hitting 10.76m in fourth.

A much changed 4 x 100 Metres Relay quartet of Daniel Bruce, Kai Ligertwood, David Lindsay and Jack Houghton came through well for third clocking 46.45s. The 4 x 400 Metres Relay quartet of Jack Kerr, Hamish Hickey, Ben MacMillan and Jamie Crowe were competitive throughout taking fourth in a season’s best of 3 minutes 47.75 seconds.

As always there was great back-up from the club’s officials through Stuart MacPherson, John Dickson and Tom McMenemy.

Points on the day were: Aberdeen 383; Central 318; Inverness 259; Shettleston 251; Edinburgh 207; Victoria Park Glasgow 186; Corstorphine 141 and Falkirk 99. Overall positions and points prior to the final match are Aberdeen 24; Shettleston 17 with 797 match points; Edinburgh 17 with 750 match points; Central 15 with 766 match points; Inverness 15 with 763 match points; Corstorphine 8; Victoria Park Glasgow 6 with 520 match points and Falkirk 6 with 450 match points.

Jul 222019

Under-15 and Under-17 report

Scott Hopper was on great form as he won an excellent bronze medal at the Scottish combined events championships. The 14-year-old from Callander was competing in the Under-15 Boys age group in his first ever Pentathlon. Scott was looking for a good start with his strongest event, the Shot Put, up first, and a superb final round personal best throw of 12.89m opened up a 100 point lead on his opponents. However, he knew his lead was vulnerable as the next event was the 80 Metres Hurdles, an event he has never done before, and he had some of Scotland’s top hurdlers lining up against him. However he was undaunted and produced a respectable time of 13.21s which was just enough to maintain his lead. Scott found himself in a high class High Jump event and cleared 1.64m for second, but with a rival clearing 1.73m Scott lost his lead and dropped down to second place overall. He then produced another good performance for second place in the Long Jump with 5.40m, but good performances elsewhere put Scott down to third place overall. Going into the final 800 Metres event, just 21 points separated the top three, which is just 2 seconds in the 800 Metres so everything was still to play for. Scott ran hard but was unable to make inroads against the two athletes ahead of him as one took victory and the other stuck right behind Scott to take overall silver. Scott dug in and finished in a big personal best 2:25.69 minutes and was rewarded with a bronze medal with a final score of 2,574, a superb performance considering he had never done a Pentathlon before and had so little experience in some of the events.

Also competing for Central in the event was Ruairidh Burns who set personal bests in the Shot Put (7.20m), 80 Metres Hurdles (14.34s) and High Jump (1.55m) and finished second in the 800 Metres with 2:17.93 minutes to score an overall personal best 2,065 points for a respectable fifth place. Ruaridh has another year in this age group so will look to challenge for the medals next year.

Central were well represented in Under-15 Girls age group with Scottish schools bronze medallist Katherine Fowler joined by Ellen Montgomery and Brogan MacMillan. In the opening Long Jump event Katherine placed fourth with 4.67m, Ellen set a personal best 4.12m and Brogan jumped 3.36m. In the 75 Metres Hurdles Katherine set a personal best 12.96s for fifth place with Ellen running 14.00s and Brogan 16.27s. Brogan set a personal best in the Shot Put with 6.27m as Katherine threw 7.20m and Ellen 6.73m.

In the High Jump Katherine was on superb form as she cleared an excellent personal best 1.53m, the second highest of the competition. Brogan and Ellen both managed season’s bests with 1.29m and 1.26m respectively.

The 800 Metres saw Ellen and Brogan run in the first heat. Ellen ran a good season’s best 2:52.41 minutes to finish on a personal best score 1,942 points for 12th place. Brogan ran 2:54.56 minutes for a personal best score 1,585 points and 14th place.

The final heat saw the event leaders go head to head. Katherine’s excellent High Jump had lifted her to fifth place but she still needed to pick up 100 points to get into the medals. In the end she finished with 2:39.27 minutes and though she had overtaken some of the athletes ahead of her the final scores saw her in fourth place, just outside the medals, with 2,628 points, a very respectable position but slightly down on her personal best.

In the Under-17s, Molly Cornes was taking on her first ever Heptathlon with the challenge of competing over two days. She started with a personal best in the 80 Metres Hurdles with 13.90s for fifth place then produced a superb High Jump of 1.59m, second highest of the day, Shot Put of 8.22m and 27.16s at 200 Metres to put her in fifth place at the end of the first day. In the second day, 4.74m at Long Jump then 15.95m at Javelin moved her up to fourth going into the 800 Metres. Molly ran a personal best 800 Metres of 2:41.81 minutes to do all she could to get a medal as she beat the third placed athlete by eight seconds but this was not quite enough to get on the podium. However Molly can be proud of fourth place with a score of 3,671 points in her first ever Heptathlon.

Under-13 report

Central had three Under-13 pentathletes competing with Dylan McCulloch in the boys and Loren Stewart and Niamh McKinlay taking on the girls event.

Dylan opened well with 1.19m in the High Jump then had an excellent run in the hurdles finishing second place with 14.09s, to move up to fifth place overall. He followed this up with another personal best in the Shot Put with 6.85m then a near personal best at Long Jump (4.11m) and finished with 2:47.27 minutes in the 800 Metres. This gave him a personal best final score of 1,260 points and a respectable seventh place out of 17 athletes.

The Under-13 Girls Pentathlon saw Loren Stewart and Niamh McKinlay taking part. Both athletes are young for the age group so were looking for experience for the future. They started in the High Jump where Niamh cleared 1.15m. However Loren had a superb competition as she jumped successive personal bests at 1.31, 1.34 and 1.37m, to win her pool and place third overall. In the 70 Metres Hurdles Niamh set a personal best 15.34s and Loren ran 17.42s in her first ever attempt at this event. In the Long Jump Loren managed 3.96m and Niamh 3.05m. Loren set another personal best in the Shot Put throwing 5.38m with Niamh just missing her personal best with a throw of 4.41m. Both girls had good runs in the 800 Metres, Niamh placed second in her heat with 2:47.38 minutes while Loren set a personal best 2:52.85 minutes for third in her heat. Overall Loren set a new personal best score 1,626 points and Niamh finished on 1,327 points. Both girls have another year in this age group and will look to improve for next year.

Jul 092019

The club outdoor records and club all time lists have been updated up to end June 2019 and are available, along with the June athlete database, on the club statistics page: http://www.centralathletics.co.uk/membership-join/club-statistics/ .

There are new club records for:

  • Andrew Butchart – Senior Men 1,500 Metres, 3:38.84 beating the 3:38.90 set by Ali Hay in 2010.
  • Aidan Thompson – Senior Men 3,000 Metres Steeplechase dipping below 9 minutes with 8:59.16 beating the 9:09.53 run by Scott Green in 2015.
  • Jack Houghton – Under-20 Men’s 400 Metres Hurdles, 55.96s beating the previous mark of 56.46 set by Calum Laing in 2002. This also puts Jack fourth on the club senior all-time list.
  • Louise Carroll – 9.63m (9.76m(w)) Under-15 Girls’ Triple Jump improving her own mark of 9.45m set in 2018.

And in addition new club senior all-time list performances at 10,000 Metres for Jamie Crowe 30:06.55 (2nd) and Ali Hay 30:20.74 (3rd).

Well done to all.
Kenny Pearson
Central AC Statistician

Jun 302019

The latest of the club’s monthly track and field time trials took place on Thursday 27 June at Stirling University. Here are the results.

100 metres series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
8714.86Aliya SophiaNajibFU15
17013.67EllieBeavan WhittyFU15
200 metres series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
8731.56Aliya SophiaNajibFU15
800 metres series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
1683.00.33AmyFaunce SmithFU17
Long Jump
NumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
1813.76OssianArkotxa DougallMU13
Triple Jump
NumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
Shot Put
WeightNumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
SP3k1815.51OssianArkotxa DougallMU13

Jun 242019

There was considerable success by Central athletes at the iconic Black Rock 5 race held on the evening of Friday 14 June in Kinghorn, Fife. The 5 mile race features some fast downhill stretches and a tortuous uphill finish as well as a run into the Forth estuary to round the Black Rock.

Jamie Crowe (91) – Copyright Ian Grieve

The 30th running of the race saw some 1,000 runners toe the line but there was no doubting the winner as Central’s Jamie Crowe took the final uphill finish in his stride to win in 22 minutes 5 seconds, missing the record by a frustrating 2 seconds. In the women’s race Morag Millar continued to show excellent form to win in an exceptional 25 minutes 25 seconds and set a new women’s record for the event. There was further success for Central’s runners with Scott Brember (24.18) taking the Veteran’s prize and Neil Cameron (27.34) winning the Over-50s race.

Other notable performances came from Scott Green in 12th (24.54), Will Hensman as third Veteran (26.21) and Natalie Stewart as third female (27.32). Amy Hendry finished in 31.20 to round off Central’s success in winning both the Men’s and Women’s team prizes.

Friday night’s seem to work well for Central’s top runners and the Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K on Friday 21 June filled the bill nicely. The Bellahouston Harriers organised race in Pollock Park, Glasgow has a reputation for fast times and it was good to see Morag winning again in a tasty 33 minutes 51 seconds and Jamie taking second in the Senior Men’s race in a personal best 29 minutes 43 seconds only headed by Commonwealth Games marathon runner Callum Hawkins.

Jun 172019

Central AC had a successful weekend at the Scottish Schools Track and Field Championships.

Group D report

In the youngest Group D (Under-14) age group the club’s competitors were mainly taking part at this level for the first time but came away with an impressive tally of four medals and numerous personal bests.

Robb Ferguson of Lornshill Academy was on top form as he took his first ever gold medal at a national level event in the Javelin after throwing a personal best of 35.71m in a close competition. In the 80 Metres Hurdles he added to his medal collection with a silver in a time of 12.86s.

Also getting on top of the podium was Connor Bell of Balfron High. Connor ran a measured 800 Metres as he paced himself over the first lap then hit the front in the second lap. One athlete remained with him but he managed to stay in front in the sprint finish to win in an excellent personal best 2:09.23. In the same event was Ruaridh Burns of Stirling High who finished a respectable fifth in a personal best 2:14.09.

Alva Academy were well represented in this age group with Danielle Abel, Hannah Tams and Kate Gilvear all turning out for the school for the first time. Danielle was competing in the 75 Metres Hurdles for the first time ever and also stepping up from her usual Under-13 age group. She was undaunted by the challenge and finished in an excellent fifth place in the final with 13.51s. She also managed a fine finish in the Long Jump, jumping to a personal best 4.12m for seventh.

Hannah and Kate were both contesting the 100 Metres. Hannah had a good outing as she reached the final where she placed eighth in a season’s best 13.91s and Kate ran a personal best 14.56s in her heat.

Group C report

Scott Hopper of McLaren High was on great form in the Group C (age 14) age group at the Scottish Schools Championships, winning two medals. He started in the Shot Put where a throw of 12.52m earned him a silver medal in a close competition. He returned the next day for the Javelin and was the clear winner with a big throw of 39.23m, over six metres clear of the opposition, taking the gold medal.

In the 1,500 Metres Cameron MacMillan of Dollar Academy was on the podium after running a personal best 4:28.58 minutes to take the bronze medal, his first ever medal at a national level event.

Central AC pair Louise Carroll of Balfron and Katherine Fowler of McLaren High were each chasing their second Scottish schools medal this season – the previous weekend Louise had won a silver in the relay and Katherine a bronze in the pentathlon. In the High Jump both athletes went clear up to 1.40m, and at 1.45m Louise cleared first time and Katherine cleared at the second time of asking. At 1.50m both athletes came very close but couldn’t quite go over, but with only two athletes going clear Louise won the bronze medal on countback, her first ever individual medal at a national level event, with Katherine in fifth on countback

Katherine had another chance at a medal in the 200 Metres. She won her heat comfortably, just missing her personal best with 26.49s into a strong headwind. In the final the headwind was even stronger and she found herself in fourth place coming off the bend. She dug in and clawed back five metres on the athlete outside her to snatch an excellent bronze medal in 26.74s, an excellent time into a 3.5 metres per second headwind.

Louise was also entered in the 75 Metres Hurdles and achieved her aim of reaching the final where she placed seventh in 13.10s.

In the endurance events Catriona Kane (Dunblane HS) was on good form in the 1,500 Metres where she ran a big personal best 5:20.34 to place eighth. East District champion Amy Cully (Wallace High) reached the 800 Metres final after running 2:32.21.

Group B report

Coirilidh Cook and Erik Escala were on top form at the Scottish Schools Championships in the Group B (age 15-16) age group. This age group has the added incentive of international selection from the event.

Coirilidh has won numerous Scottish titles and had already won a gold medal in the Balfron High relay team a week earlier. However she was looking for her first individual title in the Under-17 age group as she took on the 80 Metres Hurdles. She is unbeaten over hurdles this season but had not yet faced opposition from the whole of Scotland and with some good athletes challenging her, she knew she would have to be at her best. After comfortably qualifying through her heat she lined up in the final and set off fast. She led from the start but faced a strong challenge at the finish. However she managed to hold on at the line to take the gold in 12.01s, an excellent time considering the strong headwind. She later took part in the Long Jump placing a respectable sixth with a personal best 5.17m.

Multi-eventer Erik Escala showed his versatility as he first took on the Pole Vault event. The 16-year-old Dunblane High pupil has been making steady progress at a relatively new event for him and made another big improvement as he took his personal best from 3.30m to an excellent clearance of 3.55m to take the bronze medal. He was not finished there, and looked to add to his medals in the Shot Put where he produced another personal best with a throw of 12.44m which won him an excellent silver medal to make it a medal double.

There was further good news for Coirilidh and Erik as both athletes have been selected to represent Scotland at the schools track and field international in Swansea in July where they will face teams from Wales, Ireland and England.

Shona McLay of Stirling High had a return to form in the 100 Metres where she ran 12.96s to qualify for the final. In the final she was facing a strong headwind but managed 13.26s for a respectable fifth place.

Lois Burch of McLaren High has made great improvements in the hurdles this season and ran an excellent 12.75s in the 80 Metres Hurdles heat in spite of the strong headwind, to line up alongside Coirilidh and make it two Central athletes in the final. This was Lois’s first ever final appearance at a national event and she can be proud of her seventh place finish.

Grace Tindall of Alva Academy ran a big personal best in the 3,000 Metres of 11:08.29 for eighth and also set a personal best in the 800 Metres with 2:28.29.

There was a sixth place for Molly Cornes (Balfrom High) in the High Jump with 1.50m and Daniel Ferguson (Lornshill Academy) placed seventh in the 100 Metres Hurdles with 15.14s after running 12.18s in the 100 Metres.

Jack Haughton (Dunblane High) sprinted to the 100 Metres semi-finals with 11.92s in his heat. Aidan Grevemberg (Balfron High) pulled up with a hamstring injury in the 100 Metres, but still crossing the line in 12.15s. This was enough to progress but he was unfortunately unable to continue after his injury.

Lucy More (McLaren High) just missed out on a semi-final place in the 100 Metres with 13.89s, and then ran 27.99s in the 200 Metres.

Group A report

In the oldest Group A (age 17 and over) age group Central AC’s athletes brought a wealth of experience to the event. For many of them it was also their final appearance for their school before leaving.

This included Tom Graham-Marr who was competing in the 1,500 Metres. The 18-year-old Stirling High pupil was still chasing his first medal after six years of appearances at Scottish schools events. However his wait finally came to an end as he ran an excellent personal best 4:15.76 to place third and step onto the podium for a bronze medal.

Dollar Academy pair Emma Mailer and Ben MacMillan are no strangers to the podium after numerous gold medals between them. Emma was pleased to get on top of the podium again in the 400 Metres Hurdles after running a controlled race to take the gold medal.

Ben was in the 3,000 Metres and found himself in the leading group in a tactical race. He was well placed when the pace quickened in the final lap and while he was just outrun in the final sprint finish he still managed to take a fine silver medal with a time of 8:57.54.

Elizabeth Thompson signed off her Balfron High career on a high note as she took bronze in the 400 Metres, and Euan Smith (Dollar Academy) was on form in the 200 Metres as he set an impressive personal best 23.03s for sixth.

Overall it was an excellent turnout from club athletes with a total of 17 medals including five golds and 20 personal bests. Well done to all that took part.

Jun 162019

Central AC athletes put on some great performances as they represented their schools in the Scottish Schools Pentathlon Championships at Grangemouth on Saturday.

Star performer of the day was Katherine Fowler of McLaren High who won a superb bronze medal in the Girls Group C (age 14) Pentathlon, her first ever national medal. Katherine was kept company throughout the day by her Central teammate and training partner Louise Carroll of Balfron. In the opening 75 Metres Hurdles event the pair were drawn next to each other, and matched each other stride for stride to the line to finish joint second in their heat in 13.2 seconds which for Katherine was a personal best and put them in joint fourth overall.

In the High Jump, Katherine and Louise again finished equal with clearances of 1.44 metres for joint third in the event and fifth place overall. There were personal bests for both girls in the Shot Put as Louise threw 7.40m and Katherine threw a big personal best 7.91m, a two metre improvement. This put Katherine in sixth and Louise seventh, within 60 points and 100 points respectively of the second placed athlete. In the Long Jump, Louise set another personal best 4.66m and Katherine produced a big personal best jump of 4.96m, the second furthest in the competition. This jump also meant she leapt up the leader board into third place and a potential medal, with Louise now sitting in seventh.

Katherine was only 16 points ahead of the fourth placed athlete which equated to just over a second in the 800 Metres. Her resolve was put to the test when her rival set off hard but Katherine responded and tracked her all the way before sprinting past in the home straight to finish in another excellent personal best 2:32.14 minutes. Louise also set a new personal best 2:41.76 minutes, chopping 10 seconds of her previous fastest. When the scores were added up Katherine had finished with 2,712 points to take third place and go top 10 in the UK rankings, while Louise scored 2,487 points for an excellent sixth, with both earning a place in the Scottish schools squad. It was a great day for both girls as they had set big personal bests and also achieved gold standards in the club awards scheme. For Katherine the day finished with the proud moment when she stood on the podium for the first time ever at a national event to be presented with her bronze medal.

Erik Escala of Dunblane High was taking part in the Boys Group B (age 15-16) Pentathlon and opened well in the Shot Put with 11.99m for second place. He followed this with an excellent personal best 14.92s in the 100 Metres Hurdles and 5.60m in the Long Jump to put him in fourth place. He set further personal bests in the 200 Metres (23.98s) and 1,500 Metres (5:15.33) to finish with a personal best score 2,978 points for fourth place, just outside the medals but enough to earn a national squad place.

Jack Campbell of McLaren High took part in the Boys Group C Pentathlon and opened with a Long Jump of 4.53m followed by personal bests in every event after that: 80 Metres Hurdles (13.30s), Shot Put (7.96m), 200 Metres (27.24s) and 800 Metres (2:34.17). He scored a personal best 1,935 points for sixth place and a national squad call up.

Ruaridh Burns of Stirling High was taking part in the Group D (Under-14) Pentathlon opening with 14.32s in the 80 Metres Hurdles. He then produced a personal best 4.94m in the Long Jump to win the event and put himself in third place. He unfortunately missed his Shot Put after a timetable change meaning he registered no points for the event but bounced back by winning the 200 Metres in 26.36s. He finished with second place in the 800 Metres with 2:19.93 minutes to finish in fifth place in a personal best score of 1,795 points. He was only 300 points behind the winner and with a Shot Put anywhere near his personal best he would have taken the gold medal. He will look to make up for this later in the season.

Molly Cornes of Balfron High had set an excellent personal best of 2,978 points earlier in the year but after being hit with illness recently was never able to get near her best. After a decent start with 1.50m at High Jump for third she worked hard to finish in seventh place in 2,490 points. She will look to improve once she is fully fit later in the season.

In the Girls Group D competition Jessica Hanson and Molly Sullivan, two Central athletes from Dollar Academy were taking part. Jessica set personal bests at 75 Metres Hurdles (13.91s), Long Jump (4.16m), High Jump (1.29m) and 800 Metres (2:59.24) for a personal best score 1,834 points for 13th. Molly set personal bests at 75 Metres Hurdles (15.43s), High Jump (1.11m), Long Jump (3.85m) and 800 Metres (2:50.14) for a personal best score of 1,499 points for 14th place.

Jun 022019

The monthly club time trials took place at the Stirling University track on Thursday 30 May. Here are the results:

100 metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
4114.28EllieBeavan WhittyFU15
800metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
Long Jump
Number DistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
182.96 CaraMcKinlayFU11
392.75 WillowHopperFU11
552.61 CiaraMiddletonFU11
32.07 AlexandraMontgomeryFU11
193.28 NiamhMcKinlayFU13
263.13 EmilySorleyFU13
503.06 LeahBrownFU13
593.76 OliviaFreedFU15
233.51 ZosiaPaddonFU15
583.29 CatrionaKaneFU15
623.15 ErinForgieFU15
223.05 ShannonGlenFU15
512.98 LeonaMelvilleFU15
482.82 ScarlettRoyFU15
724.67 LouiseAndersonFSen
Shot Put
WeightNumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group

May 192019

Under-13s Championship

Central AC’s athletes were out in force at the East District championships at Grangemouth. This is the first championships of the outdoor season and is a good steppingstone for athletes between club and national level events. It is also a good opportunity for athletes to try and win a first ever championship medal and two of Central’s Under-13 athletes took that opportunity to get on the podium.

Dylan McCulloch had a busy day taking on three events. He started the day in the best way possible with an excellent silver medal in the 75 Metres Hurdles, running a personal best 14.02 seconds. He added a further personal best 13.94s in his 100 Metres heat before finishing seventh in the final in 14.37s. And he finished the day strongly with another good performance in the Shot Put, throwing 5.67m to just miss a medal in fourth.

Emily Guest with her medal

Emily Guest was also on the podium for the first time ever in the 100 Metres. In her heat, she dipped under 14 seconds for the first time ever with a personal best 13.82s, then followed this up with 13.94s in the final to take the bronze medal. She returned the next day for the 200 Metres, running a big personal best 28.48s, nearly a second faster than her previous best, to qualify for the final. The final was a fast race and she finished a creditable fifth in 28.93s. Her 200 Metres personal best earned her a silver running grade on the club standards scheme which, together with her jumps and throws grades over the season lifted to the overall gold award standard for the season.

Jamie Oldham and Lewis Miller were both unlucky not to get on the podium after several near misses between them. In the 800 Metres, Jamie ran a personal best 2:27.77 to take fourth place. In the Long Jump it was Lewis’s turn to place fourth with a jump of 4.07m just ahead of Jamie who was fifth in a personal best 4.06m. In the 100 Metres, Lewis ran a season’s best 13.91s for fifth and then, the following day, in the 200 Metres Jamie was yet again just run out of a medal with a personal best of 29.16s. Jamie and Lewis can be proud of setting several personal bests for top five positions in all their events.

Aaron Middleton just missed his personal best by a whisker in placing a creditable fifth in the 1,500 Metres with 5:13.69. Erin Partridge made a welcome return to competition after a year’s injury lay off with personal bests at both Long Jump with 3.82m for seventh, and 100 Metres with 14.81s.

Under-15s Championship

There was a large contingent of Central’s Under-15 athletes out at the East District championships and they were rewarded with seven medals and many new best performances.

Amy Cully was in seventh heaven after winning her first ever individual medal with a superb victory in the 800 Metres. The 14-year-old from Stirling timed her run perfectly after sitting on the shoulder of the race leader to storm past in the home straight and hold off the opposition all the way to the line to take the gold medal. Her time of 2:25.64 was a season’s best, just outside her personal best, but in a championship it is the gold medal that matters far more than the time.

Katherine Fowler was also winning her first ever medal in the 100 Metres. The 14-year-old from Callander started well, smashing her personal best in the heats to dip below 13 seconds with 12.97s. She then ran an even swifter 12.93s in the final to take third place and the bronze medal and earn herself a bronze standard on the club awards scheme.

Scott Hopper was Central’s most prolific medal winner of the weekend. Scott, from Callander, is no stranger to the podium after numerous medals in jumps and throws. He started as comfortable winner in the Shot Put after opening with 12.07m to take him 4 metres clear of the opposition before improving this in the final round with 12.54m to take his first gold of the weekend. He returned the next day for the Javelin where he was similarly dominant, opening with 37.81m, and finishing with a superb personal best of 45.48m to win the gold medal and go top of the Scottish rankings and earn another gold standard on the club awards scheme. Scott finished with the High Jump where he came close to his personal best with a jump of 1.66m to add a silver medal and end with a tally of 3 medals.

Connor Bell was also on great form in the 800 Metres as he ran a personal best 2:10.38 to place third in a fast race and take the bronze medal, his first medal at the Under-15 age group.

Louise Carroll rounded off the medal tally for the club in the Triple Jump where she hop, step and jumped her way to the bronze medal with a leap of 9.76m for third. While this jump was over the wind limit so not eligible for records, her next best jump of 9.63m was legal and broke the club outdoor record she set last season. She will look to take the outdoor record beyond her indoor best 9.88m set earlier this year. Earlier, Louise just missed out on the medals in the High Jump. A first-time clearance of 1.44m was enough for sixth place however there was frustration for her as she was unable to clear 1.49m, despite of some close attempts at a height she has cleared previously. This frustration was exacerbated when 1.49m ended up being the winning height, meaning she was just one jump from gold.

There were many other fine performances. Ruaridh Burns took fourth place in the Long Jump with 4.84m then set a personal best in the 1,500 Metres with 5:13.76. Brogan MacMillan had a busy weekend as she placed fifth at 800 Metres with 2:45.36, ran 16.21s at 75 Metres Hurdles then finished with a season’s best 31.05s at the 200 Metres.

The girls’ Shot Put saw two Central athletes in action as Ellen Montgomery placed fifth with 6.96m just ahead of Megan Dunlop who threw 6.38m for sixth. Ellen showed her versatility as she jumped 3.81m at Long Jump and ran a season’s best 14.20s for 75 Metres Hurdles. Megan ran a good personal best in the 100 Metres with 13.98s.

Euan Docherty ran a respectable 2:20.89 at 800 Metres to qualify for the final where he placed seventh. Finlay Marchant also reached the final in the 100 Metres after running a near personal best 12.97s in the heats then placing eighth in a fast final. And rounding off the Central success were Mirren Henry and Summer McLean who both set personal bests in the 1,500 Metres, where Mirren ran 5:09.05 for seventh just ahead of Summer who ran 5:13.76 for 12th.

Under-17s report

There were further medals for Central in the Under-17 age group. This age group was affected by the championships falling in the middle of the SQA exam season but a few athletes managed to pull themselves away from their studies to come out and compete.

The highlight came from Lucy More who finally won her first ever individual medal in the 200 Metres. The 16-year-old from Aberfoyle has competed for Central for many years and won several medals in relay events. However an individual podium spot had so far eluded her. She started the weekend well with a personal best in the 100 Metres of 13.22s for fifth. However in the 200 Metres she found herself in a battle for third place. She held her nerve and crossed the line in 27.42s for a bronze medal, a well-deserved reward after years of hard work and dedication to the club.

Coirilidh Cook is a seasoned competitor with numerous medals to her name including the Celtic Games title and UK silver medal last summer. She has just moved up an age group and opened her outdoor season in the 80 Metres Hurdles with a strong run of 12.05s to take the gold medal and earn a silver standard on the club awards scheme.

Lewis Dow opened his outdoor season in the 1,500 Metres, keeping with the leaders in a tactical race until the final lap when the pace quickened. He finished with 4:18.18 for fourth but will look to improve before his next outing. And Naomi Howlieson placed a respectable fifth in the Discus with 17.94m.

Senior and Under-20s Scottish National Open

While the younger age groups were competing for district honours, the Senior and Under-20 athletes were taking part in the Scottish National Open, a new format of event bringing together all the top athletes from Scotland. There were no medals at stake, but the athletes had the opportunity to put in good performances and, for the top athletes, to put their case for selection for Scotland in the upcoming Loughborough international.

Ron Todd in Pole Vault

The sprinters and jumpers were at Grangemouth where Peter Muirhead showed a return to form in the Long Jump. The 25-year-old Stirling University student and long-time Central AC member jumped an excellent season’s best 7.29m, his best jump for three years for second place overall. And in his six jump series the former Scottish senior indoor champion produced a wind-legal 7.16m which places him fifth in the Scottish rankings for the year to give notice that he is back to his best. Masters athlete Ron Todd took an excellent third in the Pole Vault with 3.20m. Balfron schoolgirl Elizabeth Thompson found it tough in her first senior championship but opened her outdoor season with a respectable 60.23s in the women’s 400 Metres. And Keiran Halliday continued his consistent form in the 200 Metres with 23.66s.

In Kilmarnock, where the endurance events were being held, Lauren McCulloch was Central’s sole competitor in the 1,500 Metres where she came away with an excellent third place and personal best of 4:50.32 minutes.

Overall it was an excellent weekend for the club with 22 new personal best performances. Well done to all.

May 072019

A busy weekend of athletics started on Friday 3 May with the Scottish Championships 5 Kilometre Road Race at Silverknowes, Edinburgh. The highlight of the evening for Central Athletic Club was a fine gold medal performance from Morag Millar taking the title with a 15 minutes 49 seconds timing, a new course record by 18 seconds.

Morag Millar by Bobby Gavin
Morag Millar by Bobby Gavin

“I am delighted with that run and to get a National Championship title once again to my name,’ said Morag.

“The Course Record was actually mine a few years ago and then I remember Maddie Murray coming along in 2016 and running 16.07 to take it away from me. So to get that back and get well under 16 minutes is really pleasing.

“I’m in good shape at the moment and it has all just rolled on from Falkirk and the National Cross Country when I won bronze. Lewis and I live near Alloa so we did the half marathon there but other than that and Run Balmoral last week then this was the race I was wanting to target in a big way and that has paid off.

“I’m 33 but I feel with the lay-offs I have had, my legs are a lot younger. Maybe not quite 21 but you get what I mean!

“It’s always a great race at Silverknowes, even when it is windy, although I did have to jump out the way of a bin in the mad dash at the start. But that mad dash always gives people a great start and helps times.”

Morag’s run helped Central lift team silver medals with further strong runs from Natalie Stewart (17th; 17.56) and Lauren McCulloch (23rd; 18.13), with Lauren also picking up second place in the Under-20 category.

There were also fine performances from Central’s men with Alastair Hay (9th; 14.50), Jack Kerr (30th; 15.29) and Lewis Millar (34th; 15.35) missing out on team bronze by just one point. There was however a further top position for Central with Ben MacMillan finishing second in the Under-17 race with a high quality 15.09 clocking in 16th place overall.

Saturday 4 May saw Central Athletic Club men’s team competing at the first match of the Scottish Division One Track and Field League with both athletes and officials sheltering from cold northerly winds.

Michael Wright in the Steeplechase
Michael Wright in the Steeplechase

With the normal league format the first track event, the 400 Metres Hurdles, saw David Lindsay again showing good form over the hurdles to land sixth ‘A’ place with 67.10 seconds. The 800 Metres saw Matthew Sutherland shake off tiredness after his victory in the previous weekend’s Stirling Half Marathon and his 5 kilometre race from the previous evening to clock 2 minutes 6.94 seconds for seventh place in the ‘A’ race. It was good to see Ian Horsburgh showing great form to record fifth in a high quality 100 Metres with 11.48s, backed up by Cameron Smith with a further excellent clocking of 11.81s for third in the ‘B’ race. Michael Wright proved how well he had recovered from his Scottish Marathon victory to lead in the field in the 3,000 Metres Steeplechase clocking 9:39.84 while David Lindsay again proved his worth to the team in winning the ‘B’ event with 10:50.62. Under-17 athlete Erik Escala showed his maturity in finishing second in the 400 Metres ’A’ race, clocking 53.51s in difficult conditions. The 1,500 Metres saw well-judged performances from Jack Kerr and Ben MacMillan, fresh from their previous night’s exploits. Jack took the ‘A’ race in 4:07.65 with Ben winning the ‘B’ race in 4:12.86 for his first men’s league points. The 200 Metre series saw Ian Horsburgh and Cameron Smith back on the track with Ian picking up third ‘A’ points in a tasty 22.89s and Cameron in fifth ‘B’ spot with 24.11s. The 5,000 Metres saw Michael Wright again prove his value to the team with a second place ‘A’ run of 15:58.34 while Under-20 runner Hamish Hickey picked up second place ‘B’ points in 16:53.32.

In the field the throwing duties were covered once again by Ron Todd recording a Discus best of 26.37 metres; an 8.38m Shot Put; a 32.60m Javelin throw and completed a busy day with a Hammer throw of 24.66m picking up excellent points in all events. The pole vaulters had to compete against the cold wind but came through with flying colours with Erik Escala hitting a new personal best of 3.30m to win the ‘A’ event while Ron Todd provided a win in the ‘B’ event with a clearance of 3.20m. It was good to see Peter Muirhead heading back to top performances in the Long Jump with a best effort of 7.06m and a win in the event.

The 4 x 100 Metres Relay quartet of Ian Horsburgh, Peter Muirhead, Erik Escala and Under-17 debutant Adam McGregor brought the baton home in a tasty 46.6s for fifth spot. The 4 x 400 Metres Relay quartet of Ben MacMillan, David Lindsay, Hamish Hickey and Jack Kerr had to battle all the way to the line to take sixth spot recording 4:02 with a fine effort from Jack on the final leg.

As always there was great back-up from the club’s officials through Richard O’Grady, John Dickson, Tom McMenemy and Bill Gault.

Points on the day were Aberdeen 366; Shettleston 287; Edinburgh 239; Central 221; Falkirk 220; Inverness 219; Corstorphine 191 and Victoria Park Glasgow 124, proving once again the value of every point.

Apr 292019

The results from the time trials are below.

100metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
14214.48EllieBeavan WhittyFU15
5815.78Aliya SophiaNajibFU15
600metres Series
NumberTimeHeatForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
Long Jump
NumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
Shot Put
WeightNumberDistanceForenameSurnameGenderAge Group
Mar 252019

Central Athletic Club’s women took the Scottish Road Relay Championship title with some fine running as they took back the title last won by the Club in 2017.

Under-20 runner, Rebecca Craig was new to the event and faced the first 3.1 mile leg and held the Central team well in contention in fourth place in a time of 18 minutes 18 seconds. Jennifer Wetton was next on the 5.8 mile long leg, with her time of 35.06 holding the team in sixth place, crucially just 1 minute 15 seconds down on the lead. This was the launch pad for Morag Millar to sweep through the leaders on the third leg with the fastest short lap of the day, with her 17.04 bringing the team into a 20 second lead. Fanni Gyurko had the last of 4 laps for the women, and held her form with a fine 34.07 leg (sixth fastest long leg). Behind her, other medal contenders shifted positions, but did little to threaten the lead with Central finishing with a 54 second lead and a winning time of 1:44:45. Despite a blustery day this was the fourth fastest finishing time in 22 years of the event, with two of these already held by Central.

Central’s Women’s B team was also stacked with experience with three of the team being previous medallists. Claire Houston led the team off with 19.59 to bring the team round in 15th place. Lauren McCulloch continued with a strong leg in 37.17 and holding 15th place. Fiona Thompson made her competitive return after a period out, running a fine 19.42 and bringing the team up to tenth place. Lyndsay Morrison returned to competition after having a baby, and provided a strong 36.52 long lap and brought the team home in ninth place out of the 32 complete teams finishing.

Central’s men faced the traditional format of 6 stages, on the same course used by the women, with alternating short and long legs. It was Iain Davies who led the team off with another strong effort to bring the A team round in second place with his 15.38 effort and the fifth fastest short leg of the day. The always reliable Michael Wright picked up the second leg challenge to keep the Club in second place with a fine 30.08 long leg. Murray MacLarty (16.25) produced another solid performance on the second of the short legs with the team slipping to fourth overall. Scott Brember (31.16) brought his experience to bear on the second of the long legs with the team now in fifth. Lewis Millar (16.14) produced a sound effort with the team now in sixth overall and it was left to Dale Colley to round off the A team’s effort as he finished strongly with 30.17 and the team finishing fifth with an overall time of 2:19:38, some 3 minutes behind winners Cambuslang Harriers.

Central’s B team featured a mixture of youth and experience with three Under-20 runners, Tom Graham-Marr, Sandy Holl and Telfer Gray stepping up to the challenge. Chris McHardy (18.12) led the team off, followed in turn by Jack Kerr (33.22), Tom Graham-Marr (16.30), Sandy Holl (31.59), Fraser Logan (17.59) and Telfer Gray (33.51) with placings fluctuating throughout, but a worthy 22nd place overall and a finishing time of 2:34:52.

Central’s C team was also the Club’s Masters team with David Eckersley (18.41), Ewan Jack (34.16), Charles Graham-Marr (20.37), Colin Alexander (39.38), Jens Subke (20.07) and Ian Dunsmore (37.30). One of the highlights from the team’s effort was a superb uphill sprint finish by Iain to ensure the team finished in 2:40:49, 44th overall and fifth Master’s team, another all-round sound effort. It was good to see Central field four complete men’s teams with some of the D team rolling back the years. Here it was Cameron Campbell (23.21) who led off the effort followed by Colin Sinclair (45.53), John Millar (27.04), Allan Gall (45.10), Raymond Milne (24.18) and Ben Noad (41.18) giving the team a time of 3:27:04 and a competent 58th place.

Mar 242019

The final race of Central Athletic Club’s cross country series was held in King’s Park, Stirling on Saturday 23 March with good underfoot conditions for the 42 young endurance runners.

As expected there was a fast pace throughout the one mile challenge as once again the talented Under-13 Connor Bell underlined his superb recent form to win in an excellent 4 minutes 53 seconds. Joshua Kennedy again proved to be the fastest of the remaining Under-13 Boys, recording a tasty 5 minutes 19 seconds to head in further strong runs from Alex Dunlop (5.40), Andrew Twigg (6.02) and Scott Hill (6.59). Under-13 Boys series trophy winners were Connor Bell, Joshua Kennedy and Scott Hill.

Ryan McGuire showed significant improvement from 2018 to win the Under-15 Boys race with 4.58, just ahead of another top performance from Euan Docherty (4.59) with Finlay Brown (5.29) and the ever-present Ross Lawrie (5.45) rounding off this age group with Ryan and Ross winning the Under-15 Boys series trophies. Oliver Holden finished in 5.02 to win the Under-17 Boys category and lift this age group’s series trophy with his consistent performances.

Ray Taylor (5.18) again proved to be the top Under-11 Boy runner heading home strong efforts from Jack Sutton (5.37) and Fergus Young (5.57). This popular age group also produced highly competitive running from Scott Cramb (6.00), Lewis Hendry (6.03), Lewis Cook (6.10), Jamie Connor (6.14), Logan Bell (6.16), Finlay MacGregor (6.19), Gavin Young (6.20), Noah Kennedy (6.23), Conall Paterson (6.43), Callum Harvey (6.45), Magnus Carrie (6.47) and Cameron Moore (7.12). The three Under-11 Boy series trophy winners were Ray Taylor, Jack Sutton and Fergus Young. The Under-9 Boys saw further enthusiastic performances with Rocco Cramb (6.18) heading home Joel Gillan (6.23) while Joel prevailed in the overall series.

Mirren Henry showed top form to lead in the Under-13 Girls in 5.28 with Leona Melville (5.41) in close attendance. Scarlett Roy (6.15) also finished strongly to head in Leah Brown (6.17), Katy Cullen (6.21) and Erin Partridge (6.34) while Leona, Mirren and Leah won the series trophies for the Under-13 Girls. Summer MacLean proved her speed and endurance credentials to win the Under-15 Girls race in 5.46 to head Ellen Montgomery (6.42) with both girls taking the series trophies in this age group.

Niamh McKinlay (5.53) produced another competitive and assured performance to head the Under-11 Girls age group with more useful performances from Dara Clark (6.31), Emma Anderson (6.33), Fia Watkin (6.43) and Willow Hopper (7.14). Holly Sutton (9.44) suffered somewhat in the latter part of the race so testament to her perseverance to complete the course. It was Niamh, Dara and Emma who won the Under-11 Girls series trophies. Under-9 Girl, Alexandra Montgomery can be proud of her 8.08 effort and her series award in this age group.

There was another large turnout of Club volunteers and parents to ensure this was another successful event.

Mar 112019

Under-20s and Under-17s report

Central AC had a huge representation at the Scottish Combined Events Championships at the Glasgow Emirates arena. In the last big domestic event before the venue hosted the European Indoor Championships, 24 of Central’s athletes tested themselves across the disciplines of running, jumping and throwing.

Central’s challenge was led by the older athletes in the Under-20 and Under-17 age groups. Matthew Chandler was Central’s most experienced competitor with numerous internationals and medals at Scottish and UK level over the years. The 18-year-old from Balfron was contesting the Under-20 Men’s Heptathlon, the indoor equivalent of the decathlon, which is contested over 2 days. He opened well with 7.58s for the 60 Metres and then set an excellent personal best 6.77m at Long Jump to go fifth on the club indoor all-time list. Another personal best 10.69m came at Shot Put then a decent 1.83m High Jump saw Matt in third place at the end of the first day. He opened well in the second day with a near personal best 8.68s at 60 Metres Hurdles which moved him up to second place overall. He followed this with an excellent season’s best 4.17m at Pole Vault to consolidate his second place position then finished with a personal best 2:49.35 minutes at 1,000 Metres. He was unable to catch Scott Connal of Whitemoss, who won in a new Scottish junior record, but Matt was rewarded with a silver medal and a superb personal best 4,882 points to go seventh on the Scottish all-time list for the age group.

Erik Escala was contesting his first ever Heptathlon in the Under-17 age group. The 16-year-old from Dunblane started strongly with a big personal best 7.68s in the 60 Metres then followed this with a 5.45m Long Jump. He threw 11.11m in the Shot Put which, while an excellent distance, was down on the 12.43m personal best he set the week before to win a medal at the Scottish schools. However he made up for this with a big High Jump personal best of 1.80m to place him fourth overnight. Further personal bests followed in the 60 Metres Hurdles (9.13s) and Pole Vault (2.87m), a relatively new event for him. He rounded off his weekend with another personal best 3:15.94 at 1,000 Metres to finish an excellent fourth place, just outside the medals, with 3,889 points.

Molly Cornes was taking on the Under-17 women’s pentathlon. The 14-year-old from Balfron had a cold to contend with but stuck to the task as she opened with personal bests in both the Shot Put (8.72m) and 60 Metres Hurdles (10.01s). She produced another strong Long Jump (4.98m) then followed this with an excellent personal best clearance of 1.60m in the High Jump which places her fifth on the club women’s indoor all-time list. By the 800 Metres her illness started to tell leaving her unable to challenge for the medals but she finished in 2:47.12 for a final score of 2,940 points. This was a 400 point personal best but such was the high standard this was only enough for seventh overall. Matt will look to build on this and Molly and Erik will look to learn from their experience and hopefully they will all challenge for medals in the summer.

Under-15s report

Central had a large contingent of 11 Under-15 boys and girls taking part in the pentathlon, many of them for the first time.

In the boys’ event, Ruaridh Burns and Tyler Hunter were both novices at the pentathlon. Ruaridh had a strong start in the Long Jump with a personal best 4.90m for fifth place while Tyler jumped 3.96m. In the 60 Metres Hurdles it was Tyler’s turn to impress in his first ever hurdles race as he won his heat in 10.63s with Ruaridh running 11.20s. In the High Jump Tyler cleared a personal best 1.34m then Ruaridh jumped 1.37m in his first ever attempt at the event. The Shot Put was a new event to both of them, Tyler threw 6.16m and Ruaridh 7.12m. In the final 800 Metres event Ruaridh showed his form in his specialist event as he ran clear in his heat to win in an excellent personal best 2:18.70, the second fastest time of the day with Tyler following in 2:55.98. At the end Ruaraidh scored 1,781 points for a respectable sixth and Tyler 1,244 points for 10th.

Central had an incredible nine athletes competing, all setting a host of new personal best performances. Top finisher was Katherine Fowler. The day didn’t all go to plan for her as her opening High Jump of 1.28m was 20cm short of the 1.48 that earned fifth at the recent individual Scottish champs. However she recovered well to win her 60 Metres Hurdles heat in a personal best 10.79s then set further personal bests at Long Jump (4.64m) and 800 Metres 2:36.95 and a season’s best Shot Put (6.03m) to score 2,305 points for 16th. One place behind was Louise Carroll who opened well with 1.40m at High Jump then set personal bests at Long Jump (4.49m), Shot Put (7.26m) and a season’s best 800 Metres (2:52.04) for a personal best score 2,299 points for 14th.

Amy Cully set personal bests at 60 Metres Hurdles (11.12s) and High Jump (1.31m) and season’s bests at Long Jump (3.86m) and 800 Metres where she was a clear heat winner in 2:29.73 to score a personal best 2,237 for 18th place.

For Ellen Montgomery there were personal bests at 60 Metres Hurdles (10.85s), Long Jump (3.86m) and Shot Put (7.20m) for a personal best score of 1,863 points. Ella Wilson had a fantastic start in her first ever pentathlon winning her pool in her High Jump debut with an excellent jump of 1.43m. She followed this with personal bests in 60 Metres Hurdles (12.51s) and Shot Put (7.44m) along with a 4.08m Long Jump for a score of 1,840 points.

Brogan MacMillan set personal bests at 60 Metres Hurdles (12.52s), Long Jump (3.48m) and Shot Put (6.01m) for a score of 1,490 points. Megan Dunlop produced personal bests at 60 Metres Hurdles (12.52s), High Jump (1.34m) and Long Jump (3.23m) for a personal best score of 1,489 points.

For Molly Sullivan and Zosia Paddon every event was a new experience for them. They completed all the events and finished with scores of 1,133 for Zosia and 1,014 for Molly. All in all the Under-15s set 47 new personal bests including 22 new events attempted, an excellent result for them all.

Under-13s report

Central had 10 Under-13 athletes taking part every one of them attempting a pentathlon for the first time ever. The boys’ event featured Dylan McCulloch, Henry Crossley and Alex Dunlop. Dylan opened well in the Shot Put with a personal best 6.39m to go into fourth place. Alex threw 4.64m and Henry 3.90m. In the hurdles Dylan was a clear winner of his heat in his first ever attempt at the event with an excellent 11.16s, the third fastest of the day, to move him into third place. Alex finished in 13.72s and Henry 15.13s. In the High Jump there were personal bests all round as Alex and Dylan cleared 1.08m and Henry 1.02m. Further personal bests came from all three on the Long Jump, Dylan jumped 4.14m for third place in the event, Henry 3.15m and Alex 3.01m. In the final 800 Metres event Alex set a personal best 2:48.17 to place second in his heat and finish on a score of 559 points while Henry finished in 2:57.85 for a final score of 377 points. As Dylan was in fifth place he ran in the final race for the event leaders to decide the medals. He was unable to catch the top three, but still ran a decent 2:43.67 minutes which gave him a final score of 1,143 points and maintained his fifth place position, an excellent result against the best in Scotland.

The girls’ event saw a big field of 37 athletes taking part. Danielle Abel led the Central athletes, clearing 1.20m at High Jump and winning her heat comfortably in the 60 Metres Hurdles with a personal best 10.54s. She then set a personal best at Long Jump (4.06m) and 800 Metres (3:03.12) to finish with a score of 1,840 points for 15th overall. Just behind her was Jessica Hanson who started with an excellent 1.29m High Jump then ran 11.32s at 60 Metres Hurdles, threw 5.68m at Shot Put, jumped 3.78m at Long Jump and ran 3:00.34 at 800 Metres to score 1,756 points for 17th. Niamh MacKinlay set personal bests at High Jump (1.11m), 60 Metres Hurdles (12.54s), Long Jump (3.43m) and was a clear heat winner in the 800 Metres with a personal best 2:44.79 to score 1,394 points for 27th. Loren Stewart opened with a big personal best at High Jump with 1.23m then set a season’s best 4.73m at Shot Put and a good 3.85m Long Jump to score 1,302 points. Emily Guest cleared a personal best 1.17m at High Jump but her hopes of a good score were dashed when she was unable to finish the hurdles. She stuck to the task and set personal bests at Long Jump (3.96m) and Shot Put (6.39m) to score 1,256 points in spite of her no score in the hurdles.

Connie Bateman set personal bests in High Jump (1.08m), 60 Metres Hurdles (12.62s) and Shot Put (4.39m) for a score of 998 points and Alice Cameron long jumped (2.89m) and ran 3:15.6 at 800 Metres on the way to a score of 800 points.

The Under-13s set 40 new personal bests including 25 events attempted for the first time, an experience they will all learn from.

Mar 102019

The penultimate race in Central Athletic Club’s cross country series was played out over a muddy and testing course close to the Callander Crags car park. The 33 participants all made light of the conditions with the general opinion that the runners had enjoyed the tough course of somewhat over a mile.

Craig Walker shows the way
Craig Walker shows the way

Under-15 Euan Docherty (7 minutes 4 seconds) has been running well all season and here broke away to record a comfortable win with a powerful effort on the final climb. Ross Lawrie (8.31) has supported all the races in the series and here finished as second Under-15 with another gutsy run.

The Under-13 Boys were led home by Joshua Kennedy with another impressive run (7.14) while Aaron Middleton (7.38) and Alex Dunlop (7.58) also showed their normal strong commitment. There were further eye catching runs in this age group from Andrew Twigg (8.26), Henry Crossley (8.29), Angus Kennedy (10.13) and Scott Hill (10.36).

It was Oliver Holden who again finished as first Under-17 in 7 minutes 32 seconds from Lloyd Raymond (8.47) while there were more top performances from the Under-11s with Jack Sutton (8.00) well to the fore to lead this age group from Fergus Young (8.34), Jamie Connor (8.43), Lewis Cook (8.48), Finlay MacGregor (8.49) and Jake Drummond (8.51). There were further gutsy runs from Noah Kennedy (9.08), Gavin Young (9.17), Cameron Moore (9.22), Oliver Brunner (9.39) and Joe Marshall (12.25). Joel Gillan was the sole Under-9 Boy and looks a future prospect, finishing in a fine 9 minutes 16 seconds.

Leona Melville led the Under-13 Girls home with an excellent 8.01 run with Leah Brown (8.46), Erin Partridge (9.41), Robyn Youens (9.57) and Grace Johnstone (12.07) all showing top commitment over this demanding course. Niamh McKinlay was again first Under-11 Girl with a tasty 8.37 clocking leading in Dara Clark (9.18), Fia Watkin (9.23), Tabatha MacKenzie (9.50) and Willow Hopper (11.09) with all the girls finishing well.

Thanks are due to the Callander coaches for organising an excellent event and the series concludes in Kings Park, Stirling on the morning of Saturday 23 March.

Feb 242019

Central AC made it a record breaking nine successive team victories in the senior men’s race at the Lindsays National Cross Country Championships at Callendar Park, Falkirk. Other notable achievements were an individual bronze for Morag Millar in the senior women and among the Under-20 Men an individual bronze for Hamish Hickey and a team bronze. Images by Bobby Gavin.

Michael Wright (yellow vest)
Michael Wright (yellow vest)

With the record on the line, there was much pressure to win again and take the record outright in the last and biggest race of the day, with over 700 runners. There was strong opposition expected in particular from Cambuslang Harriers and Inverclyde AC, with a number of top international runners on show. The competition proved as tough as expected but it was Central’s strength in depth that shone through to ensure the team title was retained and the record claimed. Central’s top counter on the day was the consistent Alastair Hay in eighth with a fine 35 minutes 12 seconds clocking over the undulating 10 kilometre course. Cameron Milne ran strongly throughout to finish tenth (35.28) while Conan McCaughey (14th; 35.47) again proved essential to the team effort. Dale Colley (15th; 35.50) showed superb form while more top performances from Michael Wright (21st; 36.09) and Iain Davies (32nd; 36.45) saw the Club close in with 100 points, ahead of Cambuslang on 142 and Inverclyde on 146. Mention must be made of coach Derek Easton who has overseen this superb run of wins pulling together large teams of all abilities, but with cutting edge quality, determination and team spirit at the front of the race.

As the senior runners came through in a seemingly never-ending stream the essential back-up was provided from Scottish Veteran Champion Scott Brember (49th; 37.36) and ultra-running specialist Ross Houston (54th; 37.46). Matthew Sutherland (61st; 38.07), Jack Kerr (63rd; 38.08), and Murray MacLarty (72nd; 38.24) should all be pleased with their runs and commitment. Lewis Millar (137th; 40.26) bridged the gap to Alex Milne (259th; 43.49), David Eckersley (274nd; 44.15), Iain Dunsmore (368th; 46.22), Jens Subke (375th; 46.32) and Hugh Buchanan (394th; 47.09). Ben Noad (422nd; 47.50) had an improved run leading in Talat Aidi (457th; 48.26); Colin Alexander (529th; 50.04), Charles Graham-Marr (558th; 50.50), Allan Gall (638th; 53.47), Cameron Campbell (655th; 54.39) and Colin Sinclair (692nd; 58.06).

Morag Millar
Morag Millar

Central’s women’s team took on the challenge of the same 10km course as the men, with over 300 finishers and a new requirement for five team counters. In the individual battle for the title 2017 champion Morag Millar ran strongly throughout for her 39.00 timing and was always in the running for medals in a group of four, but had to give way to Steph Twell, an experienced Olympian, and Czech international and Prague-based Moira Stewart. Fanni Gyurko, Central’s Dunblane-based Hungarian athlete, put in a strong performance for 9th place with 41.14 with Kim Timmins (40th; 45.18), Amy Hendry (82nd; 48.06), Claire Houston (91st; 48.48) and Becky Hay (147th; 52.19) bringing in the team to a creditable 6th place.

Hamish Hickey
Hamish Hickey

Central’s Under-20 Men all looked pleased with their efforts as Hamish Hickey’s fine 25 minutes 13 seconds run over the 7.5 kilometre course was rewarded with an individual bronze. Bronze team medals were a further reward through more excellent runs from Tom Graham-Marr (15th; 26.15), Sandy Holl (19th; 26.28) and Keir Howlieson (48th; 29.30). Just missing out on a team medal Telfer Gray’s 30.39 effort in 58th place proved another valuable contribution.

Sandy Holl U20B
Sandy Holl – U20B

Central’s Under-20 Women were close to medals over the same course. Lauren McCulloch was justifiably pleased with her 4th place with 30.02 with Rebecca Craig (14th; 31.03) and Abby Rowley (26th; 34.42) coming close to a team medal as they finished fourth.

The Under-17 Men’s race was held over a 6 kilometre test with Kyle Howie finishing 61st in 25 minutes 21 seconds and will have learned much in stepping up to this high level as will Sam Burton (91st; 27.54).

The Under-15 Boys faced a 4.1 kilometre course and here it was Finlay Muir who again led Central’s Team effort in 27th (15.30) while Euan Docherty (78th; 16.44) and Ross Lawrie (137th; 19.05) both ran well in their first year in this age group.

In the Under-15 Girls, it was a fine race by Grace Tindall for 25th in 17.20, Summer McLean (48th; 18.08) and Heidi Maxwell (90th; 19.51) as they tackled the same tough 4.1 kilometre course.

Central’s Under-13 Girls were the first race at the start of the day, over a 3.1 kilometre hilly course. The girls came close to the podium with 4th team place through Carys Gibb (21st; 13.50), Leona Melville (29th; 14.06), Mirren Henry (32nd; 14.11), Catriona Kane (34th; 14.16), Mary Kealey (110th; 16.26), Zosia Paddon (111th; 16.30) and Brogan McMillan (112th; 16.32).

Under 13 Boys race
Under 13 Boys race

The Under-13 Boys raced over the same course as the Girls and Connor Bell was always to the fore in a four athlete breakaway group. Connor made a strong effort on the final uphill stretch but had to settle for an agonisingly close fourth place in an excellent 11 minutes 43 seconds. In this highly competitive age group there were more strong runs from Aaron Middleton (46th; 13.22), Joshua Kennedy (49th; 13.25), Ruairidh Burns (55th; 13.28), Sam Gardner (81st; 13.48), Alex Dunlop (121st; 14.20) and Henry Crossley (155th; 15.23) and we can expect more from all the boys in the future. Central finished as fifth placed team.

Feb 192019

The Central AC Cross Country Championships were held on an extended and more testing course at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane on Saturday 16 February. As in 2018, the excellent weather didn’t completely compensate for the challenging hills and burn crossings.

The Under-11 boys and girls raced together over a 1.33 mile course with all 28 children showing tremendous enthusiasm and resolve. Ray Taylor has been to the fore all season and here showed great form to win in 9 minutes 5 seconds with Lewis Henry (9.41) and Tyler Gibson (9.42) battling well to take silver and bronze medals. Scott Cram (9.54) looked comfortable as he led home Finlay MacGregor (9.56), Fergus Young (10.02), Lewis Cook (10.08) and Rory MacKay (10.14). Gavin Young (10.25) was also to the fore ahead of Max Duncan (10.39), Logan Bell (11.09), Connall Paterson (11.30), Sandy Bateman (11.35), Oliver Brunner (11.44) and Lewis Cunkenbeard (11.51). Callum Whyte (12.00) was another to show true resolve as did Cameron Moore (13.15) and Nathan McKay (15.10). There were two Under-9 Boys competing with both Rocco Cram (10.21) and Gabriel Mullen (14.01) proving they have what it takes to make an impression.

The Under-11 Girls saw Leya Gibb take the trophy with an assured run, clocking 9.53. Dara Clark (10.30) came home well to lift the silver medal while Fia Watkin (11.12) came through for bronze ahead of determined running from Ciara Middleton (11.16), Isla Henry (11.19) and Iona Griffen (11.34). It was good to see Arianne McKay and Hannah Whelan supporting each other to the end with both girls recording 15.03.

The Under-13 race was held over a 1.75 mile course and once again Connor Bell (10.52) showed great form throughout to take the win with Aaron Middleton (11.46) picking up a deserved silver ahead of a strong 12.02 clocking from Joshua Kennedy for bronze. Sam Gardener (12.32), Owen Eckersley (13.18), Cian McDonnell (14.29), Edward Boyd (14.35), Michael Arestis (15.57) and Scott Hill (16.37) all came home well overcoming this tough test.

Melissa Turnbull (12.18) showed her quality to repeat her gold medal victory from 2018 in the Under-13 Girls with strong opposition from medallists Carys Gibb (12.36) and Catriona Kane (12.40). Mirren Henry (12.48) was a close-up fourth ahead of further good runs from Leona Melville (12.55), Tara Mathewson (13.55), Scarlett Roy (14.40) and Leah Brown (14.41).

The third race, over a two lap course of 2.67miles, saw the Under-15 Boys and Girls run with the Under-20 Women. Finlay Muir produced another good performance (16.47) to defend his Under-15 Boys title holding off another fine run from Ryan McGuire (17.11). Central trialist Sam Grivell (19.02) also ran well while Ethan Thomson (19.10) picked up the bronze medal ahead of Ross Lawrie (21.19) and Enrique Mendez (21.32). Grace Tindall’s convincing 19.20 performance saw her carry off the Under-15 Girls trophy while another good performance from Summer MacLean (20.00) took silver ahead of the improving Heidi Eik-Maxwell’s 23.06 effort for bronze. Under-20s Rebecca Craig and Lauren McCulloch have been to the fore all season and here produced further assured runs to finish first and second respectively in 17.28 and 17.51.

The Under-17 Men ran with the Senior Men and Veteran Men over 4 miles with a further set of quality runs throughout. Veteran runners David Eckersley and Alex Milne rolled back the years as they vied for the lead throughout with David (26.34) just taking victory from Alex (26.35) in the final frantic sprint. Iain Dunsmore was a worthy bronze medallist with his 28.15 effort. Hugh Buchanan (28.47) should have been pleased with his performance heading further strong runs from Jens Subke (29.09), Donald Shaw (29.47), Colin Sinclair (32.55), Alan Gall (33.09) and Cameron Campbell (33.23). It was good to see Ben Noad take home the Senior Trophy with a more than worthy 29.29 effort.

U11 Boys
9.41Lewis HenryCACSecond
9.56Finlay MacGregorCAC
10.08Lewis CookGuest
11.51Lewis CunkenbeardCAC
U11 Girls
U13 Boys
U13 Girls
U15 Boys
17.11Ryan McGuireCACSecond
19.10Ethan ThomsonCACThird
21.19Ross LawrieCAC
U15 Girls
23.06Heidi Eik-MaxwellCACThird
U20 Women
Senior Men
Veteran Men
28.15Iain DunsmoreCACThird
38.06Kerry MathewsonGuest
Feb 122019

Scottish Indoor Under-13 Championships

Emirates Arena, Saturday 2 February 2019

For Central AC’s Under-13 athletes the Scottish indoor championships were all about experience as for most of them it was their first taste of national championship action. While no medals were won there were a few near misses and 2 club records broken.

Top performers were Carys Gibb from Dunblane and Magnus Bryce from Balfron. In the 1,500 Metres, the race started fast and gradually the lead group whittled down with Carys in a group of just six. Three athletes broke clear towards the final lap and Carys wasn’t able to follow but she picked up an excellent fourth place in a time of 5:18.10 minutes, breaking a 20-year-old club record.

Also just outside the medals in fourth was Magnus Bryce in the 200 Metres, running an excellent 27.93 seconds. He had run even faster in his heat with 27.78 seconds which broke a 15-year-old club record.

Magnus also took on the High Jump where he was joined by Central teammate Tom Campbell. Both athletes cleared 1.28m but couldn’t quite manage the 1.33m height required to get in the medals. Tom placed sixth and Magnus seventh, respectable positions in a national championship. Tom also placed 10th in the Shot Put with a throw of 5.94m.

There were further sprint personal bests from Emily Guest and Danielle Abel. Emily ran a big personal best 8.73 seconds in the 60 Metres to qualify for the semi-final where she was joined by Danielle who also ran a personal best of 9.20 seconds. In the semi-final Emily was just run out of a place in the final after placing 10th fastest to miss out on qualification by two places.

Emily then set another personal best in the 200 Metres sprinting 29.46s in the semi-final for 10th quickest again. Danielle went on to Long Jump where she set a season’s best 3.96m for 10th.

Elsewhere, Loren Stewart placed 11th in the High Jump with a personal best 1.18m and Alice Cameron ran an indoor best 34.03s in the 200 Metres.

Well done to all the youngsters that took part.

Scottish Indoor Under-15 Championships

Emirates Arena, Sunday 3 February 2019

There were 2 gold medals for Central AC athletes in the Scottish indoor Under-15 championships as Scott Hopper and Dorottya Csuta stepped on top of the podium.

Scott, from Callander, started at the High Jump and after needing 3 attempts at 1.63m he then soared clear at a new personal best 1.68m at the first time of asking, to join 4 other athletes attempting 1.73m. Scott was unable to go higher, but with only two athletes clear, countback was required to determine the bronze medal between the three athletes tied on 1.68m. When the number of failures was tallied Scott unfortunately missed out on the bronze by just one jump at lower heights, but still finished in a respectable fifth place.

However Scott was not finished yet and continued onto the Shot Put event where he opened with a personal best 12.35m to open up a big lead. He went on to improve this with a superb throw of 12.51m in round three to increase his lead which was never challenged, earning Scott the Scottish gold medal. Scott has won previous medals outdoors at Javelin and High Jump but this was his first ever Shot Put medal and first indoor medal. His distance also earned him a gold standard on the club awards scheme.

Central’s other gold medal came from Dorottya Csuta who has recently joined Central AC from Hungary. Competing in the 1,500 Metres, Dorottya led from start to finish to win clearly in 4:54.49 minutes.

Just missing out on the podium was Louise Carroll in the Triple Jump. The 14-year-old from Balfron smashed her personal best with an excellent first round jump of 9.88m. Ultimately she had to settle for fourth place in a high standard event which was won in a new Scottish record, however she can be proud of her new personal best and new club record which earned her a silver standard on the club awards scheme.

Katherine Fowler was also on good form in the High Jump where she jumped a new personal best 1.48m, but missed the bronze medal on countback, having taken one more attempt than her opponents to clear 1.48m meaning she had to settle for fifth place.

Jack Campbell set 2 new personal bests, firstly in the 60 Metre Hurdles with 10.39s to qualify for the final where he finished seventh, then in the Long Jump where 4.64m earned him another seventh place finish.

Also progressing through the rounds were Finlay Marchant and Amy Cully. Finlay set a new personal best in the 60 Metres with 8.33s to reach the semi-finals and Amy ran 29.22s in the semi-finals of the 200 Metres.

There were numerous other personal bests. Ella Wilson set new best marks at both 60 Metres with 9.05s and 200 Metres with 30.46s, Erin Millar ran an indoor best 48.54s in the 300 Metres and Shannon Glen also set best marks at Shot Put (5.99m) and 300 Metres (55.03s). Brogan MacMillan ran 9.42s in her first 60 Metres, Ellen Montgomery tested herself at 60 Metre Hurdles (11.07s) and 300m (50.10s) and Hannah Tams took on the Long Jump (3.67m) and 200 Metres (29.91s).

Well done to everyone for testing themselves against the best in Scotland.

Scottish Indoor Under-20 Championships

Central AC had three Under-20 athletes competing at Scottish indoor championships, all of whom are experienced championship performers with Scottish titles and internationals vests on their CVs.

Ben MacMillan was stepping up to the Under-20 age group and 3,000 Metres distance after winning the Scottish indoor Under-17 1,500 Metres title last year. The 3,000 Metres championships took place in January at a British Milers Club event, when Ben found himself up against European Youth 1,500 Metres champion Kane Elliot of Falkirk. Ben stuck to the task and went round the 15 laps in 8:38.16 minutes to win an excellent bronze medal. Ben was over the moon with his performance which knocked half a minute off his personal best and broke the club Under-20 record. Afterwards Ben said “I went into the race not expecting anything. I just wanted a personal best racing as an Under-20, was extremely pleased with my time and the medal was the icing on the cake.” A happy young man!

Elizabeth Thompson was returning to defend the Scottish junior 400 Metres title she won last year and was also celebrating her 17th birthday. She looked comfortable in her heat as she cruised through in 60.04s to book her place in the final. After a fast paced first lap in the final, she found herself in fourth place at the break from lanes. She fought hard in lap two but was unable to force her way past the third placed athlete and had to settle for fourth in 58.93s.

Decathlete Matt Chandler was also just out of the medals in the High Jump. Matt was clear at every height up to 1.88m, but with three other athletes left in would have required a new personal best 1.93m to get on the podium. He had some good attempts but had to settle for fourth place. Matt will return for the Scottish combined events championships next weekend.

The fourth positions will be frustrating for Elizabeth and Matt relative to their own high standards but are excellent performances at Under-20 level where the standard to get on the podium is much higher. They will both look to bounce back at their next competitions.

Feb 082019
New CTO – Steve Ingram


I am delighted to be joining Central Athletics Club as your new Club Together Officer.

I have been involved in Sport and Sports Clubs from a very early age, competing, playing, coaching and serving on various committees. I hope to use the experience that I have gained and my passion for Sport in general, to assist with the Club’s ongoing development.

My career background is in Sales and Marketing in the business to business and retail sales environments. However, for the past 6 and a half years, I have been managing Bridge of Allan Sports Club. This has renewed and fuelled my passion for Sport, working closely with Active Stirling, Tennis Scotland, Scottish Squash, Club Coaches and the Committee, to help develop those Sports and increase Membership at the Club.

I fully appreciate the importance of the volunteer network within Clubs, from Committee Members through to coaching assistants and parent helpers. I have served as Secretary, President and I am currently Chairperson of Bridge of Allan Bowling Club and have coached Junior Rugby Teams at Stirling County at age groups ranging from 7 up to 16 year olds.

In terms of my Sporting background, in my early teenage years, I was a sprinter, hurdler and discus thrower, however, ball sports and golf were my preferred sports. I worked at a golf course for 4 years during school holidays and weekends, but my later teens drew me into Rugby. I played at various levels for over 25 years in Birmingham and Shropshire, finally finishing with a most enjoyable time in the Wolfhounds over 35’s team at Stirling County. I am now a keen golfer again and have played bowls at Bridge of Allan since moving to Scotland 29 years ago.

I suppose the reason for telling you this is to give you some confidence in that I have always been a sportsman and have been around teams, coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers for many years and understand that these people are the lifeblood of any Sports Club. It is in the recruitment of volunteers that I intend to work hard in order to assist in Central Athletic Club’s development.

I look forward to meeting more of you throughout the coming weeks.

Feb 052019

Central Athletic Club’s Scott Brember climbed to the top of the podium at the Scottish Masters Cross Country Championships in Hawick on Saturday 2 February. This event attracts the best Over-40 runners in Scotland with championship medals awarded in each of the 5 year age groups. Scott has been making progress all season and here ran a perfect tactical race, sitting in with a breakaway group of 4 and then unleashing an emphatic sprint finish to win quite comfortably against the top Masters in the country. Scott not only won his Over-45 age group but also won the overall race to join a select contingent of runners to complete this feat.

Scott Brember mixing it
Scott Brember mixing it

A testing and undulating course was on offer in Hawick and the freezing temperatures also had to be endured so testament to Scott’s 3 seconds win ahead of a string of younger athletes and former champions.

Hazel Dean proved her consistency in also climbing on to the podium to lift silver in the Women’s Over-55 age group, another great achievement from this classy and dedicated competitor.

Iain Dunsmore should be pleased with his gutsy and determined run in the Over-45 age group while the Men’s race also featured a trio of Central runners in Over-50 and Over-60 age groups with a close personal battle between the threesome. Colin Sinclair led his team home ahead of Allan Gall and Cameron Campbell, a worthy effort from all as they finished fourteenth team in the Male 50 to 60 category.

Jan 282019

There were a host of new personal best performances for Central AC’s athletes at the Scottish Under-17 indoor championships at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow on Saturday. Daniel Ferguson and Molly Cornes were the top performers as Central’s youngsters took on the best in Scotland.

Sprint hurdler, Daniel Ferguson is no stranger to top flight competition. The 16-year-old from Tullibody won a silver medal for Scotland at last year’s Celtic Games international. Daniel was contesting the 60 Metre Hurdles and looked strong in his heat as he qualified in 3rd place equalling his personal best of 8.87 seconds. It was a close contest with 5 athletes qualifying within 0.1s of each other. The final was a fast race and Daniel ran hard but couldn’t quite get into the medals, finishing in fourth place, but was rewarded with an excellent new personal best of 8.74s. Daniel also managed a season’s best 7.68s in the 60 Metres flat, just missing his personal best.

Molly Cornes was contesting the High Jump and Long Jump and had the challenge of a timetable clash between the 2 events. The 14-year-old from Balfron opted to focus on the High Jump and cleared every height up to 1.53 metres after which the bar was then raised to 1.58m, higher than her personal best of 1.55m. After a close first attempt she managed to go clear at the second attempt to set a new personal best. She had some good attempts at 1.63m but was unable to improve further and pleased to finish in seventh place.

Molly then went straight over to the Long Jump and having missed the first 2 rounds had just one jump available to qualify for the top eight. She also had the difficulty of having missed the warm up meaning she had not been able to check her run up so had to trust the mark she had laid out. Thankfully the mark was spot on and she nailed a massive personal best jump of 5.30m to put her in 7th place and qualify for another 3 jumps. She was unable to improve on this position but her 46cm personal best puts her 3rd on the club indoor all-time list and earns her a silver standard on the club awards scheme.

Lois Burch is relatively inexperienced at this level but made big improvements in both the 60 Metre Hurdles and 200 Metres. The 15-year-old from Callander started with 9.71 seconds in the 60 Metre Hurdles which was a massive 0.66s personal best. This put her in 18th place but with eight English athletes ahead of her she was 10th fastest Scot. Also in the 60 Metre Hurdles, Coirilidh Cook was looking to get into the medals having won numerous titles at Under-15 last year including victory at the Celtic Games international. She looked comfortably won her heat in 9.17s, but in her semi-final caught the first hurdle leaving her unable to reach the final. Hurdlers always operate to fine margins and she will learn from this and look to get back to her best when she defends her Scottish Schools title in 2 weeks.

There was more to come from Lois as she took on the 200 Metres where she set another big personal best of 27.50s, knocking 1.2s from her previous fastest. Also setting a new mark in the 200 Metres was Mavia Duncan who ran a personal best 28.83s, a two second improvement on her previous best.

Lucy More sprinted well in the 60 Metres and having qualified for the semi-finals with 8.36s went even faster in her semi-final with 8.29s, just missing her personal best.

There were several other good performances by Central athletes. Kyra Gibb set an indoor best in the 1,500 Metres of 5 minutes 0.6 seconds to qualify for her final. Shona McLay qualified for the 300 Metres semi-finals with a time of 43.99s and Rebecca Cumming took on the Triple Jump, placing a respectable 12th with 8.93m.

It was good to see the Central athletes taking on the best in Scotland and the number being rewarded with new personal bests.

Jan 272019

The third race in Central Athletic Club’s 2018-19 cross-country series was held on Saturday 26 January on a flat course at Fintry Rugby Club with an excellent field of 50 runners from across the club. All the athletes performed admirably in spite of the wet and windy conditions.

Mass start

It was Under-15 runner Ryan McGuire who came home at the front showing strong running throughout and covering a course of somewhat over a mile in 5 minutes 59 seconds. Ross Lawrie, making light of the conditions, came home second in this age group clocking 7.02. Connor Bell led home the Under-13 Boys with another fine run of 6.03 and there were further classy runs in this age group from Joshua Kennedy (6.44), Alex Dunlop (7.12), Henry Crossley (7.28) and Scott Hill (8.10). Oliver Holden (6.27) was the only Under-17 competing, again coming home in overall contention.

The Under-11 Boys proved to be the most popular age group and here Ray Taylor continued to underline his ability with a 6.38 effort. Jack Sutton (6.45) was only a few strides behind with another strong run and there was fast finishes from Scott Cramb and Douglas Stewart as both boys finished with 7.15. Fergus Young (7.23), Lewis Henry (7.29), Logan Bell (7.30), Lewis Cook (7.32), Euan Haythorne (7.33) and Jamie Connor (7.34) can all be proud of their performances as can Finlay MacGregor (7.40), Noah Kennedy (7.43), Callum Harvey (8.01), Conall Paterson (8.09), Sandy Bateman (8.14), Cameron Moore (8.22), Evan Baird (9.00) and Nathan McKay (9.44). Rocco Cramb proved to be the fastest of the Under-9 Boys with a fine run of 7.38, followed closely by another good run from Joel Gillan (7.53).

The Under-13 Girls proved to be a very competitive age group with Catriona Kane racing powerfully to the line in 6 minutes 48 seconds leading further excellent runs from Leona Melville (6.49), Mirren Henry (6.50) and Olivia Freed (6.53). Leah Brown came through well in 7.46, leading in Scarlett Roy (7.53), Scarlett Haddow (8.11), Isabel McGuire (8.39), Alice Cameron (8.59) and Grace Johnstone (9.16). Summer MacLean was the top Under-15 Girl with another good run of 6:52 while Ellen Montgomery stuck well to the task to record 8.04.

Niamh McKinlay ran well throughout as the top Under-11 Girl, coming round in 7:19, with Isla Henry (8.03), Dara Clark (8.18) and Emma Anderson (8.19) all showing good form. Connie Bateman (8.29) should be pleased with her run leading home further lively efforts from Iona Griffen (8.38), Willow Hopper (8.41), Jasmine Haddow (8.53) and Arianne McKay (9.18). Alexandra Montgomery was the only Under-9 Girl competing and should be pleased with her 9.37 run.

Thanks are again due to David Eckersley and the small army of helpers who provided an excellent event.

Jan 262019

The final match of the East District Cross Country League was played out at Deans Country Park in Livingston on Saturday 19 January. Central Athletic Club’s runners were faced with frozen paths causing all to think whether spikes, trail shoes or trainers were the correct footwear. Highlights were Morag Millar winning the Senior Women’s race and Scott Brember coming home as first veteran in the Senior Men’s race.

As always the day commenced with the Under-11 races with both the girls and boys facing 1.6 kilometre runs. There was a good turnout of Under-11 girls with Leah Gibb leading home Central’s challenge finishing in an excellent fourth place with a 6 minutes 44 seconds timing. Niamh McKinlay did well to finish in 16th (7.01) and was followed home by further useful runs from Lauren Stewart (33rd; 7.27), Isla Henry (48th; 7.51) and Ciara Middleton (51st; 7.53) with the girls finishing as third team on the day and third across the season. Ray Taylor was the only Central Under-11 boy to face the challenge and here finished in a superb third place with another assured performance of 6 minutes 9 seconds.

The Under-13 girls and boys had a full 3.2 kilometre lap of the course to negotiate and here Carys Gibb was the first Central girl, finishing in a fine eleventh place (13.11). Just a few strides behind, Catriona Kane finished in twelfth (13.13), and with Mirren Henry in 15th (13.34), the girls finished as third team, again third across the season. Back-up here was provided by Brogan McMillan (53rd; 16.44) and Izzy McGuire (17.31). There was also a good turnout of Central’s Under-13 boys with Connor Bell always challenging at the front of the race and here finishing third in 11 minutes 11 seconds. Aaron Middleton also proved highly competitive in twelfth (12.05) with Joshua Kennedy (24th; 12.28) also well in the mix as the team finished third on the day. There was no doubting the commitment of Sam Gardner (57th; 13.34), Alex Dunlop (62nd; 13.45), Henry Crossley (75th; 14.16) and Dylan McCulloch (83rd; 14.47), with the boys all finishing well and more will be heard from this group in future.

Heidi Eik-Maxwell was the sole Central athlete stepping up for the Under-15 and Under-17 Girls 4 kilometre test finishing her run as 31st Under-15 Girl in exactly 19 minutes. Euan Docherty had a sound run to finish 28th (15.58) in the Under-15 Boys race backed up by Enrique Mendez (46th; 18.09) and Ross Lawrie (46th; 19.04). Sam Burton was the only Central Under-17 Man to tackle the 6.4 kilometre two lap course and although finding this a real test will have learned much from the experience in finishing 32nd (27.38).

Morag Millar attacked the Senior Women’s 6.4 kilometre course from the gun and produced an excellent front running performance to win by over a minute in 22 minutes 35 seconds. Fanni Gyurko fought hard on the last lap with former Scottish Cross Country Champion Freya Ross and only lost out on the final run-in by 2 seconds, coming home in 23.44 in third. Amy Hendry provided a much improved performance in finishing 39th (26.31) and with veteran runner Hazel Dean finishing 54th (28.58), Central’s team finished fourth.

Michael Wright (31.18) proved to be the pick of the Central runners in the Senior Men’s team coming home eighth over a 9.6 kilometre 3 lap course. Scott Brember was once again the top veteran on the day, finishing 16th overall in 31.58 while Under-20 runner Telfer Gray came through in 53rd (34.13). Dale Colley and Lewis Millar crossed the line together in 70th and 71st places with both recording 35.30. Will Hensman (110th; 37.40) and veteran runner David Eckersley (112th; 37.42) battled to the line and there were further solid runs from Donald Shaw (155th; 39.52), Iain Dunsmore (161st; 40.29), Hugh Buchanan (166th; 40.45) and Colin Alexander (186th; 41.37). It was good to welcome back Roger Greenaway who finished 188th with 41.48 while Allan Gall (238th; 45.52) again prevailed in his own personal contest with Cameron Campbell (240th; 46.01).

Scotland teams were in cross country action in Belfast over the weekend coming home with a clutch of medals. The British Cross Challenge races at Dundonald doubled up as both the Celtic Cross Country Championships plus the Home Countries Cross Country. It was a format which seemed to work well, even if it added somewhat to the workload for those tasked with distributing medals!

The Senior races featured a number of international athletes from outside Britain as well as strong English opposition. So testament to Central’s Alastair Hay as he proved to be Scotland’s top performer in the Senior Men’s race, finishing twelfth overall and covering the 10 kilometre course in a tasty 31 minutes 42 seconds.

In the Under-20 race Central’s Hamish Hickey had another good run to finish tenth, covering the 5 kilometre course in 19 minutes 45 seconds, and awarded a team gold for Scotland with his team packing well.

Jan 202019

Central AC were well represented at the Senior and Under-20 England Indoor combined events championships in Sheffield earlier this month as brothers Tom and Matt Chandler were chasing selection for Great Britain against the best all round athletes from throughout the UK.

Tom Chandler was competing in the Senior Men’s Heptathlon 3 years after earning his Great Britain debut at junior level. The 21 year old from Balfron, now living in Uxbridge, graduated from University last year and started his first full time job meaning he has to face the challenges of balancing full time work with the training demands of decathlon. He is also currently in transition between training groups so knew it would be a challenge to try and get into the reckoning for selection for the senior GB team. But he stuck to the task and sprinted to 7.55 seconds in the 60 metres, followed with a 6.48 metre Long Jump, 11.34 metre Shot Put and 1.83 metre High Jump to finish the first day with 2,609 points for 21st place. In the second day he ran 8.95 seconds over the 60 metre Hurdles, had a strong 4.20 metre Pole Vault before finishing with 2:48.09 in the 1,000 metres. In spite of the extra demands placed on him he had managed to score 4,825 points, within 200 of his personal best, and place 15th overall and a very respectable 6th in the Under-23 category against the best all round athletes from throughout the UK.

Afterwards Tom commented “I’m just getting to grips with working full time and training and how difficult that is becoming. I was just not competition-sharp, fitness wise and was just not reacting off the floor and it showed. But I’m looking forward to summer now with a new coaching set up which should put me in good stead for outdoors!” Hopefully we can see him back to his best for the summer.

Matt Chandler was contesting the Junior Heptathlon and had the perfect start as he sprinted to a personal best 7.54 seconds in the 60 metres. He followed this with 6.53 metres in the Long Jump then another personal best of 10.57 metres in the Shot Put. He was then looking to make his move in his strongest Pole Vault event however things didn’t go to plan as he managed only 3.80 metres, well down on his 4.32 metre club record. This gave him an uphill struggle to get into contention for the medals and GB selection. But he started well when he returned for the second day started with 8.88 seconds in the 60 metre hurdles then he equalled his personal best in the High Jump with an excellent 1.92 metres, the 3rd highest jump of the day to pull him up to 7th place. He then finished with another personal best 2:50.38 to retain 7th place for an excellent personal best final score of 4,751 points. Matt was able to take the positives and negatives from the competition commenting “My immediate reaction was I was a bit disappointed with the pole vault which ended my chances at the GB vest but a couple of days later I realised I still managed 4 PBs so very mixed emotions from the competition.” Matt will next be in action at the Scottish championships at the Emirates in February.

Also competing in the Junior Heptathlon was second claim Central athlete Joel MacFarlane, representing Arbroath on the day, who set a personal best 5,113 points for the bronze medal. This earned Joel his second selection for Great Britain in the upcoming international after making his debut at the event last year.

Jan 132019

At Stirling’s King’s Park on 12 January, the Scottish Inter District Cross Country Races preceded the international races on the same fast courses, with athletes chosen to represent their District following their performances in December’s District Championships. As always this ensured a number of high quality races with Central Athletic Club athletes featured throughout.

Alastair Hay - Scotland East
Alastair Hay – Scotland East

With almost perfect conditions for cross country running, Central’s Alastair Hay, competing for Scotland East, ran a tactically astute race as he worked through the field to finish third overall. With one of the athletes ahead of Alastair being a North of England guest, Alastair was awarded a well-deserved individual silver medal as he completed the 8 kilometre course in 25 minutes 25 seconds. Stirling University student Hamish Hickey had competed in the North of Scotland Relay Championships earlier in the season so here wore the red vest of the North of Scotland. Under-20 Hamish led his North team home in 22nd overall in a time of 26.39. Conan McCaughey also ran strongly to finish 26th (26.52) to pick up a Scotland East team medal. Dale Colley tested his fitness against this quality opposition and here finishing in 46th (27.57).

Morag Millar – Scotland East

Morag Millar was always to the fore in the 6 kilometre Women’s Inter District race. Morag came home for a fine third place in 21 minutes 8 seconds, taking home an individual silver medal and leading her East team to gold medals. The winning East team also included as a late addition Fanni Gyurko, putting her marathon running to one side for the day, and moving through the field for eleventh overall (22.33). Under-20 runners Lauren McCulloch and Rebecca Craig were both representing the Scottish Students team with both looking competitive throughout. Lauren finished 37th overall (23.33) and Rebecca in 43rd (23.49), a great experience for both athletes.

Ben MacMillan (052) – Scotland East

The Under-17 Inter District races also proved to be classy affairs with both Men and Women tackling 5 kilometre tests. Ben MacMillan tested himself at the front of the Men’s race staying competitive throughout to come home in an excellent fifth place with 16 minutes 39 seconds. Carrie Banks also worked well throughout to finish tenth (20.01), helping her East team to win Gold district medals. This time around Kyra Gibb was outside the team medal places but had yet another strong run to finish 18th with a fine 20.48 clocking.

Cameron Kerr was another to be competitive throughout his Under-15 Boys race, held over 4 kilometres. Here he finished 20th in the Inter District challenge in a time of 14.27 while Cameron MacMillan, recovering from a cold, had to settle for 35th this time with 15.57. This was perhaps the most daunting challenge of Summer MacLean’s athletic career to date and she should be proud of her performance in finishing 33rd with 17.32.

The Under-13s were faced with a 3 kilometre test and here Connor Bell was well to the fore throughout the Boys race to finish sixth with 10 minutes 35 seconds. Ruairidh Burns was making his debut at this level and will have learned much from the experience finishing 36th (12.28). Carys Gibb also stepped up to the challenge and had a strong run to finish 19th (12.27), just missing out on a team medal.

Jan 062019

The New Year kicked off with a series of 3,000 metre Scottish Indoor Championship races at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow on the evening of Friday 4 January. Central Athletic Club athletes Alastair Hay, Michael Wright and Ben MacMillan used the opportunity to stretch their legs against high quality opposition.

Alastair Hay returned to the tight bends of indoor running for the first time in 5 years and ran an excellent 8 minutes 14.20 seconds in finishing sixth in the Senior Scottish Championships. Current Scottish marathon champion Michael Wright made his first ever competitive outing on the indoor track and came home in 8 minutes 33.11 seconds, a 10 seconds personal best for the distance. Under-20 athlete Ben MacMillan made his debut in this age group and lifted the Scottish Championship bronze medal with a superb performance of 8 minutes 38.16 seconds, an amazing 33 seconds personal best for the distance.

Alastair and Ben will be swapping the blue and yellow vest of Central for the black vest of the East of Scotland at the Inter District cross country races in Stirling on Saturday 12 January. Other Central athletes selected for the East of Scotland teams include Under-13s Melissa Turnbull, Carys Gibb, Connor Bell and Ruairidh Burns; Under-15s Summer MacLean, Cameron MacMillan and Cameron Kerr; Under-17s Carrie Banks, Rosie Eckersley and Kyra Gibb; Senior Woman Morag Millar; Senior Men Dale Colley, Conan McCaughey and Scott McDonald. Under-20 runners will compete in the Senior Inter District races and Hamish Hickey has been selected for the North of Scotland team while Under-20 Stirling students Rebecca Craig and Lauren McCulloch will be competing for the Scottish Students team

Dec 232018

The second race in the Central Athletic Club’s 2018-19 Cross-Country Series was held in unseasonably bright sunshine, on Saturday 22 December in the Laigh Hills Park, Dunblane. A testing course of some 1.8 kilometres saw a field of 53 runners completing the challenge.

Connor Bell continues to impress and here controlled the race to finish as overall winner in 6 minutes 40 seconds and lead home more fine runs in his Under-13 age group from Joshua Kennedy (7:19), Owen Eckersley (7:44), Cameron Darnborough (8:19) and Ethan Duncan (8:23). It was also good to see Cian McDonnell (8:37), Josh Whitby (9:14), Freddie Mills (9:59) and Scott Hill (10:19) all equal to the test.

Under-15 runner Ryan McGuire looked in good form as he led home his age group with a 6:45 clocking with further fine efforts from Euan Docherty (7:02), Ross Lawrie (7:58), Jamie Goddard (8:11) and Lloyd Raymond (8:17). Oliver Holden was the only Under-17 Boy on show and here he finished with a creditable 7:17 effort.

The Under-11 Boys again proved to be the largest group and here it was Ray Taylor who led his peers home in an impressive 7:34 ahead of other classy performances from Euan Haythorne (8:03), Rory Gunn (8:04), Lewis Cook (8:29), Fergus Young (8:33), Jamie Connor (8:42), Callum Harvey (8:44), Logan Bell (8:45), Joel Gillan (8:48) and Noah Kennedy (8:51). JJ McIntyre (9:03) led home a string of further fine efforts from Scott MacMillan (9:07), Magnus Carrie (9:13), Sandy Bateman (9:14), Conall Paterson (9:25), Cameron Pollock (9:34) and Matthew Inman (10:53). AJ MacMillan was the sole Under-9 Boy to pick-up the challenge finishing in a highly respectable 9 minutes 12 seconds.

Summer MacLean was the top female competitor producing a tasty 7 minutes 46 seconds in the Under-15 Girls category with Amy Cully (7:59) in hot pursuit. Heather Riach (8:35) and Ellen Montgomery (9:14) also finished with commendable performances. Leona Melville proved the strongest of the Under-13 Gils with a fine effort of exactly eight minutes leading in Leah Brown (8:38), Brogan MacMillan (8:47), Caitlin Bradwell (8:53), Scarlett Roy (9:10) and Isabel McGuire (10:00).

The Under-11 Girls proved to be a competitive age group with Niamh McKinlay prevailing in 8:02 from Leya Gibb’s 8:09 effort. Emma Anderson (9:10) was again to the fore leading in more fine runs from Fia Watkin (9:38), Sienna Shepherd (9:42), Connie Bateman (9:45) and Dara Clark (9:50). The Under-9 Girls were led home by Hannah Inman’s strong 10:01 effort while Eilidh Connor (11:10) and Alexandra Montgomery (11:36) should both be more than satisfied with their runs.

Thanks are again due to Derek Easton, Raymond Milne, David Eckersley, Sean Scott and the small army of helpers who provided another excellent event on behalf of Central Athletic Club.

Full results are available to download as a spreadsheet.


Dec 232018

Central Athletic Club’s recent Christmas Handicap attracted some seventeen runners and it was Jennifer Wetton who won emphatically by some 47 seconds from Under-20 runner Telfer Gray. It was another Under-20, Lauren McCulloch, who came through in third closely followed by another strong run from Michael Wright.

Dale Colley had the fastest lap with 12 minutes 31 seconds ahead of Michael Wright’s 12:46 effort. Other notable male performances saw the talented Under-17 runner Ben MacMillan finish with 12:49 ahead of Murray MacLarty (13:15) and speedy Veteran Scott Brember (13:16) proved to be the fastest Veteran with 13:11 while Under-20 runners Sandy Holl and Telfer Gray finished with 13:33 and 13:49 respectively.

Morag Millar was again the top female competitor with a 13:49 effort while Jennifer Wetton clocked 14:32 and Under-20 Lauren McCulloch 15:08 with Hazel Dean (18:29) again finishing as the top female Veteran on the night.

Dec 102018

Central AC’s runners brought home three individual trophies and team medals in six of the 10 races at the East of Scotland Cross Country Championships at Aberdeen. Top individual honours in the senior races went to Jamie Crowe returning home for the Christmas break after some record breaking running at college in the US and Morag Millar whose run of form continues. These races also formed the main basis for selection to represent the East of Scotland in the inter-district matches in the New Year which see a move from Holyrood Park to Stirling, along with the televised international races.

Jamie Crowe (41) in leading pack

Jamie Crowe (41) in leading pack

The Senior Men’s race saw Jamie Crowe in the leading pack throughout and as runners, including Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Robbie Simpson, dropped back, it was Jamie who prevailed to win gold with a 27 minutes 19 seconds run over the 8.5 kilometre course. Alastair Hay shrugged off injury worries to finish seventh with 28:17, while an improved effort by Dale Colley (ninth, 28:24) and strong running from Conan McCaughey (11th, 28:31) laid the foundation for team victory.

Scott Brember, Michael Wright and Murray McLarty pack for tem points

Scott Brember, Michael Wright and Murray MacLarty pack for team points

There were more top performances from Murray MacLarty (21st, 29:37) and Scott Brember (22nd, 29:40) ensuring Central continued their five year team winning streak in this event while Michael Wright (23rd, 29:45) provided the vital back-up with yet another quality run. Further good runs came from David Lindsay (85th, 34:07), David Eckersley (93rd, 34:47), Iain Dunsmore (117th, 36:23), Cameron Campbell (178th, 43:25) and John Millar (190th, 49:03) while Scott Brember’s effort picked up the individual Master’s gold medal.

Morag Millar dominated the women's race

Morag Millar dominated the women’s race

Morag Millar put in a dominant performance in the Women’s race over the same distance as the men, with her 30:57 timing almost 2 minutes in front of her next opponent. The team finished in fourth place with fine runs by ever-improving Amy Hendry (27th, 37:40) and Master’s runners Julia McAfee (36th, 40:08) and Hazel Dean (40th, 40:47).

The Under-20 Men race over 6.5 kilometres saw Central’s new recruit Hamish Hickey bring home an individual bronze medal with a 21 minute 21 seconds timing and with more good runs from Central athletes Sandy Holl (10th, 22:09), Tom Graham-Marr (13th, 22:11) and Telfer Gray (23rd, 23:40) the team silver medals were assured. In the Under-20 Women’s race, Central’s sole runner Lauren McCullough put in a spirited run, being in a medal place for the bulk of the race, before the pace told and she finished with a fine fifth place in 25:19.

Ben Macmillan (139) in U17 action

Ben Macmillan (139) in U17 action

The Under-17 Men’s race saw Ben MacMillan in fine form to take an individual silver medal with an 18 minute 11 seconds run over a 5.5 kilometre course. Daniel Bruce swapped his jumping spikes to prove his endurance credentials finishing 29th with 21:08. The three Central Under-17 Women on the same course were rewarded for some fine running with bronze team medals through Carrie Banks (9th, 22:19), Rosie Eckersley (13th, 23:01) and Kyra Gibb (15th, 23:22).

Central's U17W team in at work

Central’s U17W team at work

The Under-15 Boys tackled a 4 kilometre course with Cameron MacMillan leading Central’s effort in eighth with 14:18. Cameron Kerr also had a fine run in 10th with 14:24 and with Euan Docherty finishing 24th (15:32) the Boys were rewarded with bronze team medals

Medal chase in U13B

Medal chase in U13B

The Under-13 Boys faced a 3.2 kilometre challenge and here a fine assured run from Connor Bell saw him take the individual gold medal with a winning performance of 10:21. Ruairidh Burns continues to impress and here finished ninth with 11:01 and with Aaron Middleton also proving his credentials in 16th with 12:25, Central won yet another set of bronze medals.

The final set of bronze team medals went to the Under-13 Girls’ team with fine runs from Melissa Turnbull (8th, 11:54), Carys Gibb (11th, 12:06), Mirren Henry (19th, 12:33) and Brogan McMillan (36th, 13:30).

Dec 032018

Central AC men won the Lindsays National Cross Country Relays at Cumbernauld and have claimed top spot in the Scottish Athletics Cross Country Team Challenge 2018.

Gemma Reekie and Morag Millar

Jemma Reekie and Central’s Morag Millar (right) went 1-2 at the Lindsays Short Course Cross Country in Lanark to land Cross Country GP points (photo by Bobby Gavin)

The series was across three of the shorter events in the cross country season and a team competition at senior level with points totted up from district relay championships as well as the national championships at Cumbernauld and the short course (4,000 metres) cross country championships in Lanark.

Central AC took the top place in the men’s table with 47 points from Shettleston Harriers on 44 and Inverclyde AC on 41.

On the women’s side, Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds took maximum points with 50 to win from Kilbarchan AAC on 47 and third placed Victoria Park Glasgow on 45. Edinburgh AC (42) and Central AC (40) completed the top five.

There’s £4,000 up for grabs in the Scottish Athletics Cross Country Grand Prix over six events this winter. Two have been completed following Lanark and the recent British Cross Challenge event at Liverpool and the third event is fast approaching at the Lindsays District Cross Country Championships.

Morag Millar of Central AC and Steph Pennycook of Fife AC and Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds share the lead in the women’s points table at the moment, both on 79.

Nov 282018

The second match of the East District Cross Country League was held on the normal testing course at Broxburn on Saturday 24 November. With a mixture of sunshine and heavy showers the races were made more challenging for those facing the full force of the rain. The constricted start and slippery conditions in places resulted in a few falls for Central’s runners with most able to pick themselves up and continue.

Packing well together

Packing well together

The Under-11 races saw both the girls and boys facing a 1.4 kilometre course. There was a good turn-out of Central Athletic Club’s Under-11 Boys with spirited performances from the club’s youngsters. Ray Taylor had an excellent fifth place run with a time of 5 minutes 27 seconds. Ossian Arkotxa also did well in 10th (5:33) with back-up from Jack Sutton (20th, 5:44), Jamie Connor (40th, 6:14) and Logan Bell (64th, 6:49) the results ensured the boys finished in fourth place on the day and are in fourth overall in the league.

For the Under-11 Girls, it was a third team place, with more good turnout and performances. Leah Gibb had a great run with 7th place in 5:51, with Niamh McKinlay (14th, 6:02), Isla Henry (28th, 6:26), Tabitha McKenzie (33rd, 6:39), Ciara Middleton (45th, 7:00) and Connie Bateman (48th, 7:07).

The Under-13 Girls and Boys had their endurance tested over a one lap 2.7 kilometre course featuring the dreaded Lungbuster Hill. In the Boys race Connor Bell ran well throughout to finish fourth with 10:05. There were further strong efforts from Aaron Middleton (21st; 11:00), Ruairidh Burns (29th, 11:13), Owen Eckersley (47th, 11:41) and Alex Dunlop (60th, 12:04). The Boys finished in sixth place and are currently in fifth in the league.

For the Under-13 Girls, Carys Gibb, followed her younger sister’s example by being first Central athlete home in 14th place in 11:52. Mirren Henry (16th, 11:54), Catriona Kane (17th, 11:54) and Leona Melville (18th, 11:58) came in strongly together with Mary Kealey (38th, 12:55) and Brogan McMillan (53rd, 14:24) completing a strong turnout and third place on the day, confirming third place overall in the league.

Sandy Holl among the counters

Sandy Holl among the counters

There was more excellent running in the Under-15 Boys race over a 4.1 kilometre course with Finlay Muir showing improved form to finish eleventh (15:44) and with good back-up from Ryan McGuire (14th, 16:03) and Euan Docherty (45th, 18:13) ensuring the team finished sixth on the day and are currently fourth in the league.

The combined Under-15 and Under-17 Girls also held their league position with fourth place over the challenging 4.1 kilometres through another strong team of Rosie Eckersley (Under-17) (11th, 17:07), Grace Tindall (17th, 17:42), Summer Maclean (28th, 18:39) and Heidi Eik-Maxwell (43rd, 19:52).

Scott Brember (18) - winning Masters Men

Scott Brember (18) – winning Masters Men

The Senior Men tackled a 3 lap course of 8.1 kilometres. Scott McDonald used his experience to work through the field and finish fifth with 29 minutes 14 seconds. Scott Brember proved to be the fastest Masters runner on show, finishing 16th overall with 29:49. Under-20 runners Sandy Holl and Telfer Gray did the club proud with 32nd and 43rd places respectively with 30:48 and 31:16. David Eckersley (122nd, 35:46) and Donald Shaw (128th, 36:05) completed Central’s counters while Iain Dunsmore (140th, 36:46), Colin Alexander (150th, 37:28), Ben Noad (165th, 37:58) and Hugh Buchanan (167th, 38:03) all showed their normal true grit. Alan Gall and Cameron Campbell had their own personal tussle with Allan prevailing by some 10 seconds as they finished 234th and 235th with times of 42:27 and 42:37. The Senior Men’s team finished in ninth place on the day leaving them off the pace in fourth in the league.

The Senior Women had a 5.4 kilometre two lap race, with failure to fill the team places left the squad crashing from lead place after match one to an irrecoverable 10th place after this match. Ever-resilient Claire Houston recovered from a fall to finish in 32nd in 25:11 with new masters recruit Julia McAfee 52nd in 26:46.

A number of Central Athletic Club’s senior athletes travelled to Liverpool at the weekend to compete in the British Athletics Cross Country Challenge with places in the European Cross Country Championships and European Clubs Championships at stake. Morag Millar tussled with a high class British field to finish in a superb 22nd place, covering her 8.1 kilometre course in 27 minutes 30 seconds.

The Senior Men from Central had a less successful day, again competing against the best in Britain over a 9.8 kilometre course with the British Club Championship within the race featuring Central AC competing against Leeds City AC and Swansea Harriers, for club champions from Scotland, England and Wales respectively. Cameron Milne was the best placed of Central’s runners in 60th (30:15) leading in Dale Colley (111th, 31:31), Chris Smithard (132nd, 32:18) and last minute addition Lewis Millar (207th, 34:58), with top honours in the club event going to Leeds.

Nov 192018

Trophy winners

Photography by
www.whylerphotos.com – 01786 474340

Over 150 of Central AC’s athletes along with their families and friends celebrated the success of the club this season at their annual End of Season Celebration at the Stirling Court Hotel on Friday night. The club’s home grown Olympian, Andy Butchart, was on hand to present the awards to the club’s athletes. During the event Andy gave an interview where he inspired the younger athletes in the club as he described how he started at Central AC as a teenager and rose up the ranks all the way to the Olympics. He also told them how leading the race at the Olympics is just like leading any other race, and how he is hoping to win a medal at the upcoming European Indoor Championships in Glasgow next March. The event finished off with a ceilidh as the athletes let their hair down to the music of local band Skelpit Lug. A great evening was had by all. Athletes will now turn their attention to the new season with the cross country season already underway and the indoor track and field season kicking off in December.

Prize winners

Photography by Whyler Photos of Stirling

The winners of the perpetual trophies for 2018 were as follows:

  • Joe Allan Trophy for best performance by an Under-13 at the club championships:
    Girls – Emily Guest, Boys – Robb Ferguson
  • Bob Crawford Memorial Trophy for best javelin performance over the season:
    Female – Rebecca Cumming, Male – Scott Hopper
  • Best performance by a senior boy thrower at club championships:
    Andrew McLay
  • Jimmy Millar Trophy for horizontal jumps:
    Female – Louise Carroll, Male – Matt Chandler
  • Best performance by any athlete at the club championships:
    Jack Haughton
  • Fraser Shield for most improved athlete:
    Female – Elizabeth Thompson, Male – Tom Chandler
  • Robert Shephard Trophy for outstanding contribution by a female athlete to club performance:
    Emma Mailer
  • Isobel Robertson Trophy for outstanding contribution to the youth development league:
    Boys – Ewan Wilbert, Girls – Coirilidh Cook
  • Ralph Erskine Trophy for contribution to team performance in cross country:
    Female – Lauren McCulloch, Male – Ali Hay
  • Whitelam Quaich for Endurance – commitment:
    David Lindsay
  • Whitelam Quaich for Endurance – excellence:
    Andy Butchart
  • David Hay Trophy for ultra-distance:
    Michael Wright
  • Jimmy Millar King of the Track:
    David Cumming

Congratulation to them and to all the award winners on the night.

Nov 192018

The first race in the Central Athletic Club’s 2018-19 Cross-Country Series was held on Sunday 18 November, in bright sunshine, on a flat course of some 1.8 kilometres in Cochrane and Johnstone Parks Alva, attracting a field of 50 runners.

Race start at Alva

Race start at Alva

Connor Bell underlined his superb early season form with a mature performance for an Under-13 coming home first in 6 minutes 33 seconds. There were further classy performances from the Under-13 Boys through Ruairidh Burns (7:03), Jamie Oldham (7:07), Ethan Duncan (7:32), Sam Gardener (7:42), Henry Crossley (7:52) and Andrew Twigg (7:56). This well supported age group also saw strong runs from Jonah Whitby (8:06), Patrick Gallagher (8:09), Dylan McCulloch (8:10), Sam Jones (8:41) and Scott Hill (9:35). Under-17 Oliver Holden finished second overall with an assured performance of 6 minutes 55 seconds leading home Aaron MacDonald’s 7:29 effort in the same age group.

The fourteen Under-11 Boys on show were led home by Ossian Arkotxa with a fine 7 minutes 8 seconds timing ahead of more excellent efforts from Jack Sutton (7:37), Douglas Stewart (7:46), Euan Haythorne and Lewis Henry (both 7:48) and Fergus Young (7:55). Finlay MacGregor (8:07) led home more good efforts from Gavin Young (8:10), Aidan Imrie (8:11), Callum Harvey (8:20), Fergus Gallagher (8:21), Jamie Connor (8:25), Logan Bell (8:34), Cameron Moore (9:24) and Scott Hill (9:35). Ross Lawrie (7:57) proved the strongest of the Under-15 Boys leading in Adam McGregor (9:38). Logan McShane was the sole Under-9 Boy to take the challenge finishing in a tasty 9 minutes 41 seconds.

Amongst the girls it was Under-13 Carys Gibb who caught the eye with an excellent run and a fine 7 minutes 18 seconds clocking ahead of further solid runs from Mirren Henry (7:26), Catriona Kane (7:32) and Brogan McMillan (7:57). As the Under-13 Girls poured through, Zosia Paddon (8:27) led the chase followed by Megan Hogg (8:45), Niamh Imrie (9:01), Robyn Youens (9:06) and Isabel McGuire (9:48). Amy Cully proved to be the best of the Under-15 Girls with a fine 7 minutes 32 seconds effort followed home by Ellen Montgomery (8:36) and Megan Dunlop (9:27).

Leya Gibb should be pleased with her 7 minutes 45 seconds run as she led home a string of Under-11 Girls including Isla Henry (8:37), Emma Anderson (8:38), Fia Watkin (8:47) and Dara Clark (9:31). Under-9 Lauren McDonald (8:45) never looked out of place here and Alexandra Montgomery (9:47) was another who should be pleased with her effort.

Thanks are due to Derek Easton, Raymond Milne the small army of helpers who provided another excellent event. The results are available to download as a spreadsheet here.

Central runners Scott Brember and David Eckersley travelled to Swansea to represent Scotland in the British and Irish Masters Cross Country International on Saturday 17 November. Scott was well to the fore in the M45 age group finishing in silver medal position while David produced a solid performance in the M55 age group finishing 13th and third Scot.

Nov 132018

Morag Millar of Central AC gave it her all in the Scottish Short Course Cross Country Championships but had to settle for silver medal in a hard fought contest over the flat and fast Lanark racecourse circuit. There were medals for Ben MacMillan in the Under-17 race and Scott Brember took the top Masters’ medal but otherwise it was a thinner day for the Central trophy cabinet.

Morag Millar (837) leads from Gemma Reekie

Morag Millar (837) leads from Gemma Reekie

In the Senior Women’s race, Morag pushed the pace for the majority of the 4,000 metre race, whittling the lead group down to four contenders, and then just two over the last kilometre. Unfortunately, that second runner was Jemma Reekie, who sat in behind Morag for the bulk of the race and then had a kick left for the last 100 metres that Morag could not match. Morag took silver medal with 13 minutes 9 seconds. She led in a squad of young Central runners: Rebecca Craig (30th; 14:42), Lauren McCulloch (45th; 15:02), Natalie Stewart (56th; 15:29) and Cliona Ferguson (115th; 17:12).

Ali Hay (4) amid the leading group

Ali Hay (4) amid the leading group

The Senior Men’s 4 kilometre race saw Alastair Hay lead home Central’s effort in seventh place recording 11 minutes 48 seconds and with Scott Green in a close up tenth (11:51), Dale Colley (27th; 12:16) and Matthew Sutherland (38th; 12:26), Central had to settle for fourth team spot on the day. Scott MacDonald (39th; 12:28) made an all too infrequent appearance while Murray MacLarty (51st; 12:38) and Scott Brember (52nd; 12:39) ensured the yellow and blue vests were to the fore. Scott took the championship medal for top Over-40 runner. With some 470 race finishers there were further good runs from Donald Shaw (265th; 15:01), Iain Dunsmore (317th; 15:31), David Eckersley (327th; 15:43), Charles Graham-Marr (328th; also 15:43), Ben Noad (348th; 16:02) and Colin Alexander (16:26).

Ben MacMillan has had a great start to the cross country season and here picked up an individual Bronze medal, covering the 3 kilometre course in 9 minutes 47 seconds, only six seconds adrift of the winner, Kane Elliott of Falkirk Victoria Harriers who is the current Under-18 1,500 metres European Champion. Ben led home Central team mates Lewis Dow (31st; 10:40), Daniel Bruce (64th; 11:24) and Kyle Howie (65th; 11:25) with the team in seventh overall.

Men's race start

Central AC’s yellow vests well up at the men’s start

Central’s Under-15 Girls faced a fast and furious 2,000 metre course through Summer MacLean (54th; 7:44), Naomi Howlieson (62nd; 7:52), Anna Buchanan (76th; 8:13) and Anna Reid (85th; 8:23). Elizabeth Thompson was sole Under-17 woman for Central running the 3,000 metres strongly to record 33rd place in 13:06.

The Under-15 Boys were faced by the same 2 kilometre challenge and it was Cameron MacMillan who led home Central’s challenge in 21st with a time of 6 minutes 27 seconds. Cameron Kerr showed improvement in 29th with 6:31 leading in Euan Docherty (66th; 7:00), Euan Campbell (74th; 7:13), Jack Campbell (92nd; 7:33) and Ross Lawrie (94th; 7:34) and the team finishing in eighth.

Oct 292018

Senior Men - gold medallists

Senior Men – gold medallists

Central AC’s Men’s team continued with winning ways at the National Cross Country Relay Championships as they climbed back onto the top step of the podium for the sixth time in seven years on one of the top days of the Scottish athletics calendar. Following up on a district relay win two weeks previously, Central were amongst the favourites over the tough course at Cumbernauld, but an even more dominant performance here sets the scene for another strong season by the senior men. It was pleasing to see this win backed up by the junior team taking silver medals as the production line looks in good hands.

Matt Sutherland (724)

Matt Sutherland (724)

Scott Green

Scott Green

The Club’s Senior Men with a superb effort over their four legs of 4,000 metres. Matthew Sutherland had been promoted to Central’s first team following his storming run two weeks previously. Matthew didn’t disappoint with his first leg run of 12 minutes 10 seconds to see his team in a close-up eighth position. Cameron Milne had made the trip from his work base in the Netherlands to support the team and produced an excellent effort of 11:51 to pull the team through to first place. Scott Green underlined his previous week’s form with a mature run (11:45) to extend Central’s lead and with Scottish 5,000 metre Champion Alastair Hay (11:38) on the final leg further extending the lead, it was very much ‘job done’ for Central. Kilbarchan AAC were some 46 seconds down in second with Glasgow University Hare and Hounds in third, a further 14 seconds behind.

Junior Male - silver medallists

Junior Male – silver medallists

It had been some eleven years since a Central AC Junior Boys team had mounted the podium at this event so there was some pressure on Under-13 Connor Bell followed by Under-15 Cameron MacMillan and Under-17 Ben MacMillan as they each tackled 2,500 metre legs. Connor again caught the eye with a 9:02 leg to put Central’s A team into close contention for medals. The MacMillan brothers have been running well in the early part of the Season and Cameron backed this up with an 8:42 clocking to keep the team in contention. Ben set off with great intent and he produced a fine 7:59 lap to bring the team home to lift the Silver medals some 17 seconds behind Giffnock North and crucially 12 seconds ahead of Garscube Harriers.

It was a close run thing, but there no prizes for the Central Women’s A team who finished fourth behind Edinburgh University, Victoria Park and Giffnock North teams in the packed senior race. Jennifer Wetton provided a spirited starting leg, with a 14:27 opener over the same course as the men, bringing the team to changeover in 11th place. Lauren McCulloch kept the pace moving and lifted the team to 7th place with her 15:06 leg and passed on to fellow student Rebecca Craig whose gutsy run had the team pegged in 7th place with her 15:11 leg. Morag Millar had the previous year brought off a remarkable chase through the front of the field to bring the team to silver. But this year, the gaps at the front were too large. Despite posting by far the fastest time of the day from some 232 finishers with her 13:01, the team finished in fourth place.

A Central Women’s B team also put in a strong performance, with 17 year old Abby Rowley posting a 15:35 first lap and the team in 24th place at changeover. Catriona Buchanan put in a storming lap to pull the team up to 13th with her 14:29 second leg to pass on to Kim Timmins who ran a 15:43 lap to move the team up to 11th, Becky Hay drafted in at late notice bringing the team home in a creditable 17th place with her 17:33 leg. For the C team it was just three legs, with Kirsten McStay (17:17), Heather Scott (17:57) and junior team manager Mary Kerr in 21:39.

Junior Female start

Junior Female start

The Central Junior Female teams were a further credit to the club with the top three teams finishing tightly packed in the front half of the race. On the first leg for Under-13 runners, Melissa Turnbull was first home in a great 10th place with her 10:24 leg. Summer McLean took over on the Under-15 leg with gritty 10:42 timing and Rosie Eckersley brought the team home with 10:03 for 24th place. Central’s next team in were Carys Gibb (10:34), Naomi Howlieson (10:58), and Carrie Banks (10:00) with 27th place and a third team were Catriona Kane (10:51), Mirren Henry (Under-13) on second leg with 10:58, and Kyra Gibb (10:12) in 34th place. A Central D team of Brogan McMillan (11:27), Mary Kealey (11:11) and Elizabeth Thompson (11:02) were 54th placed team and an incomplete team made up of Allie Buchanan (11:58) and Megan Dunlop (13:10) also showed great strength in depth for the club.

Junior Male start

Junior Male start

With all the Central Junior Male team also giving their all as always, the B team of Joshua Kennedy (9:59), Finlay Muir (9:22) and Lewis Dow (8:43) should be pleased with a fine 23rd place. Tom Campbell (10:30), Cameron Kerr (9:03) and Daniel Bruce (9:42) also showed great commitment in the C team to finish 48th. Owen Eckersley led off the D team challenge with 10:47 backed up by two Under-15s Jack Campbell (10:42) and Euan Docherty (10:13) for 82nd overall. The E team of Ruaridh Burns (10:07), Ross Lawrie (11:14) and Cameron Fraser (10:38) also did well in finishing 85th. The large turnout of Central’s Junior Males was completed by two incomplete teams of Dylan McCulloch (12:04) and Ethan Thomson (10:07) and then two Under-13s Alex Dunlop (11:19) and Angus Kennedy (13:21).

It was good to see Central’s Senior Men’s B team finishing in a highly respectable seventh overall through Murray MacLarty (12:28), Lewis Millar (12:21), Conan McCaughey (12:14) and Michael Wright (12:22). Central’s C team were also highly competitive in finishing 17th overall through Jack Kerr (12:33), Tom Graham-Marr (13:15), Dale Colley (12:21) and Sandy Holl (12:46).

There was further tenacity from a Central’s Masters’ team of Iain Dunsmore (15:39), Scott Brember (12:57), Donald Shaw (14:56) and Colin Alexander (15:55) finishing 73rd team overall, while Central’s D team of Telfer Gray (13:17), David Lindsay (14:11), Ben Noad (16:18) and Jens Subke (17:53) came home in 84th.

Special mention should be made of the Over-50 teams of David Eckersley (14:40), Hugh Kerr (15:45) and Hugh Buchanan (16:12) who finished 11th in the class, as well as Cameron Campbell (18:16), Allan Gall (18:32) and John Millar (21:02), 24th in class, who showed the younger athletes a great overall attitude as did a solo run of 17:19 by Raymond Milne.

There’s a 5 minute video of the event on YouTube.

Oct 222018

Central Athletic Club were again hosts for the first match of the East of Scotland Cross Country League on the University campus. Benign weather and dry underfoot conditions favoured the runners and there were some exceptional performances from Central Athletic Club’s runners, with Alastair Hay and Morag Millar winning the two senior races. Central finished the match in overall top place in the female half of the competition covering age groups from Under-11 to Senior.

Senior Men: Alastair Hay in leading group

Senior Men: Alastair Hay in leading group

The Senior and Junior Men tackled a 9 kilometre course and it was soon evident that the fast going suited Central’s Alastair Hay as he sped to victory in a time of 28 minutes 25 seconds. It was good to see Scott Green back competing locally and also delivering a fine second place run with 28:46. With excellent back-up from Michael Wright (10th; 29:44), Scott Brember 15th and first Veteran in 30:31, Under-20 runner Telfer Gray (26th; 32:01) and Dale Colley (46th; 33:23), the Senior Men finished close-up third on the day. Andrew Orr should be pleased with his 66th placing in 34:31 as should Chris McHardy (79th; 35:18). There were further fine efforts from Donald Shaw (98th; 36:30), Iain Dunsmore (136th; 38:50), Ben Noad (140th; 39:00), Hugh Buchanan (167th; 40:57) and a close tussle between Allan Gall and Cameron Campbell finishing in 203rd and 204th spots with Allan recording 44:47 and Cameron 44:54.

Morag Millar leads Women's race

Morag Millar leads Women’s race

The Senior and Junior Women’s race was over two laps of the 3 kilometre course and Central took top honours for both individual and team. Morag Millar followed up her fastest lap at last week’s relays with a comfortable win in 21:43. A strong team effort then followed through Rebecca Craig in 12th (23:34), Lauren McCulloch in 15th (24:11), Abby Rowley making her senior debut with 19th place (24:34), Claire Houston (23rd; 25:13), Amy Hendry (31st; 25:55), Becky Hay (52nd; 27:15), Kirsten McStay (53rd; 27:19), Eleanor Hanson (63rd; 28:18) and coach Rhona Scott (101st; 32:29) showing a fine example. The Women, who won the league last year, started this new season by topping the league after this first match. Their points total set the pattern for the day and Central topped the rankings for the Overall Female trophy.

Women's team: Rowley, McCulloch, Craig, Hendry, Hay, McStay, Houston, Millar

Women’s team: Rowley, McCulloch, Craig, Hendry, Hay, McStay, Houston, Millar

The Under-11 races featured one lap of 1,650 metres with the Under-11 Boys led home by Ray Taylor with a fine fifth place in 6:08 and back-up from Lewis Henry (27th; 6:50) and Rory Mackay (54th; 7:31). For the Girls, Leah Gibb (8th; 6:45), Niamh McKinlay (17th: 6:58) and Isla Henry (37th; 7:41) did a great job of filling the essential three counting places with some good running.

A great turnout of Under-13 runners took on a single lap of 2,400 metres. In the Under-13 Boys race Aaron Middleton led home the Central team in 17th with 10:50 followed closely by Joshua Kennedy (18th; 10:52) and Tom Campbell (32nd; 11:14). There were more encouraging performances from Owen Eckersley (40th; 11:37), Ruairidh Burns (52nd; 11:56), Henry Crossley (56th; 12:12), Sam Gardner (57th; 12:13), Harris Whyte (68th; 12:33) and Angus Kennedy (85th; 15:10). For the Under-13 Girls, Melissa Turnbull (5th; 11:06) was impressive leading the way for the team, with strong support from Carys Gibb (14th; 11:42), Catriona Kane (15th; 11:42), Mary Kealey (30th; 12:25), Brogan McMillan (32nd; 12:29) and Zoisia Paddon (45th; 13:31).

Ben MacMillan in Under-17 Men's race

Ben MacMillan in Under-17 Men’s race

Central’s Under-15 Boys made an impact in their 3.3 kilometre challenge with Cameron MacMillan again showing great form to finish second with an inspiring 11:05 clocking, backed-up by an excellent 11th place by Cameron Kerr (11:35) and Euan Docherty (32nd; 12:53). Euan Campbell came home 43rd in 13:30 followed in by Ross Lawrie (55th; 16:09) and Adam McGregor (57th; 19:06) with the Under-15 Boys finishing second overall.

Ben MacMillan was always to the fore in the Under-17 Men’s race, over 6 kilometres and racing to a close-up second overall with 20 minutes 20 seconds. Cameron Fraser stuck in well to come home in 34th place and a time of 27:27.

The combined Under-15 Girls and Under-17 Women’s race had the same course as Under-15 Boys with another strong set of results for the home squad. Rosie Eckersley (Under-17; 8th; 12:30) was first home for Central with Kyra Gibb (Under-17; 15th; 12:52), Grace Tindall (Under-15; 22nd; 13:11), Summer Maclean (Under-15; 34th; 14:07), Naomi Howlieson (Under-15; 47th; 15:02), Heidi Eik-Maxwell (55th; 15:35) and Anna MacKinnon (62nd; 17:08). This team were fourth against strong opposition but played a key role in the overall female league position.

Oct 152018

Central AC’s cross country teams started the season in medal winning form, with Senior Men taking top spot and Senior Women bronze medals in the East District Cross Country Championships at a rain drenched course at Glamis Castle.

Matt Sutherland (10) and Murray MacLarty (9)

Matt Sutherland (10) and Murray MacLarty (9)

The Senior Men’s team was back on top of the podium with fine runs from Murray MacLarty, Lewis Millar, Michael Wright and Alastair Hay, over the same 4 kilometre loop used for both Men and Women. The first leg saw Murray bring the team through in fourth with a fine effort of 13 minutes 17 seconds. Lewis picked up the challenge and soon pulled the Central team into the lead with a speedy 13:12 leg and with storming efforts from Michael (13:08) and Alastair (12:50) the lead was never relinquished. Central’s win made it a superb set of twelve victories in this event in the last thirteen years. The winning time of 52:27 was followed in by a 53:02 effort by Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds and Hunter’s Bog Trotters recording 53:10 in third. Alastair Hay’s unchallenged run proved to be the fourth fastest of the day.

Morag Millar

Morag Millar

Women's bronze medallists

Women’s bronze medallists

For the Senior Women’s team, a set of bronze medals were just reward for a fine set of runs. Kate Gallagher set off hard on the competitive first leg and was in 12th place at changeover in 16:21, handing on to Lauren McCulloch whose speedy 15:45 brought the team up to 8th place. It was left to Morag Millar to step in with much the fastest leg of the day to bring the team up through field to bronze medal position with a fine time of 14:02.

Central Men’s ‘B’ team came home in an excellent sixth place overall with Matthew Sutherland’s first leg of 12:55 leading the race after the first leg and recording the fifth fastest leg of the day. Under-20 runner Telfer Gray completed the second leg in 14:29 with the team in eighth overall and with Sandy Holl, another Under-20, picking up the challenge with a 13:51 leg the team moved up to sixth. Jack Kerr’s effort of 13:27 on the final leg ensured the team stayed in sixth with an overall time of 54:42. Central’s Masters’ team of David Eckersley (15:18), Donald Shaw (15:50), Charles Graham-Marr (16:47) and Scott Brember (13:38) proved to be the sixth fastest Masters’ team on the day, finishing 28th overall with Scott recording the fastest time for an Over-40 runner.

Under-20 Tom Graham-Marr led off Central’s ‘C’ team’s effort recording an excellent 13:53, and with David Lindsay (15:41), Ben Noad (17:51) and Kenneth Hislop (21:33) the team finished 46th overall. A further Masters’ team of Hugh Buchanan (17:04), Iain Dunsmore (16:31), Colin Alexander (17:20) and Allan Gall (19:56) finished 49th overall and 13th fastest of the Masters’ teams. An incomplete team of Cameron Campbell (19:10) and John Millar (21:55) rounded off the men’s efforts on the day.

Two further Central Women’s teams also featured with a fine 13th place for the ‘B’ team led off by Claire Houston with a first leg run in 16:58. The team was completed by two members in their first race for the club, Julia McAfee in 18:19 and Rebecca Craig bringing the team home with a fine 15:39 leg. Central ‘C‘ Women’s team finished in 22nd place through good runs by Becky Hay (18:37), Amy Hendry (17:38) and Heather Scott (18:49).

Boys' race start

Boys’ race start

There was an encouraging turnout of Central’s young athletes determined to make the most of the first cross country outing of the season over a 2.5 kilometre loop. Central’s ‘A’ Boys’ team comprised Under-13 Joshua Kennedy (10:05), Under-15 Finlay Muir (9:44) and Under-17 Ben MacMillan (8:46) with the team finishing in a fine fourth place with Ben recording the second fastest lap of the day. The ‘B’ team of Owen Eckersley (10:37), Cameron MacMillan (9:18) and Kyle Howie (9:54) finished in a creditable 12th overall with Cameron recording the fifth fastest Under-15 time on the day. Central’s ‘C’ team of Tom Campbell (10:42), Jack Campbell (10:59) and Sam Burton (9:36) proved gritty competitors with a 24th overall placing while the ‘D’ team of Henry Crossley (11:43), Euan Campbell (10:20) and Oliver Holden (10:49) should be proud of their efforts and their 31st placing overall. Central’s ‘E’ team saw Angus Kennedy (13:52), Ross Lawrie (12:00) and Daniel Bruce (10:15) in 39th placing overall, again all the boys showing the right resolve to stand them in good stead for the forthcoming season.

Girls' race start

Girls’ race start

In the Girls’ races, a good set of team results underlined the strong showing from across the club. The first Central team home was in a great 8th place, with Under-13 Mirren Henry (11.00), Under-15 Naomi Howlieson (11:40) and Carrie Banks (10:21). Closely following came the next Central trio in 12th place with Brogan McMillan (11:41), Anna MacKinnon (11:13) and Rosie Eckersley (10:32). In 19th place was the team led off by Mary Kealey (11:43), with Allie Buchanan, an Under-13 running in the Under-15 leg in 11:50, and Kyra Gibb completing with 10:37.

Oct 082018

Great Scottish Half Marathon

Once again there were fine performances by Central Athletic Club runners in the Great Scottish Half Marathon held on Sunday 30 September in Glasgow with the race doubling up as the Scottish Athletics Half Marathon Championships. While the consistent Michael Wright was the first Central Athletic Club athlete home, clocking an impressive 70 minutes 34 seconds in 12th, it was Scott Brember who made his own headlines in 20th overall with 71:41 as he won the Masters (Over 40) Scottish title. Lewis Millar also continues to impress and here finished in 28th with a fine 72:26 timing.

English Six Stage Road Relays

The Invitational English 6 Stage Road Relay Championships was held on the traditional Sutton Park course in Birmingham on Saturday 6 October. Central Athletic Club’s team was almost all change from 2017 with Michael Wright, Scott Brember and Lewis Millar back in racing action after their Glasgow Half Marathon exploits. Matthew Sutherland shouldered first stage responsibility, covering the 6 kilometre course in 19 minutes exactly bringing the Central team through in 56th place.

Scott Brember recorded 19:23 on the second leg with the team now in 52nd place of the 76 contenders. Scott Green picked up the third leg challenge and showed his recent training was paying off with an 18:17 clocking pulling the Central team up to 44th placing. Lewis Millar made more inroads to the opposition with his 18:50 leg bringing Central through to 38th overall. The penultimate leg saw Conan McCaughey make further progress with his 18:24 effort and Central now in 30th overall.

Michael Wright was left to complete Central’s effort coming home in 19:03 bringing the Central team home in 29th place and a club time of 1 hour 52 minutes 57 seconds.

Overall, there was a first ever win for Stockport Harriers (1:45:07) who came through from tenth on the first leg and their top athlete, Ross Millington, proving to be the fastest runner on the day with an excellent 16:54 effort.

Sep 092018

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Stirling 10k and 2k today. The results are now available on the Sport Systems website.

Stirling 10k

Stirling 2k

The 10k was the Scottish Championships for 2018, and there’s a race report on the Scottish Athletics website. There are also photos of participants in both races on Bobby Gavin’s That One Moment website.

More details about the event are on the dedicated page on this website.


Sep 062018

England Athletics Under-15 Championships – Bedford, 26 August 2018

Coirilidh Cook cemented her position as one of the UK’s top young hurdlers after she took a superb silver medal at the England Athletics Under-15 Championships at Bedford.

75 Metre Hurdles

75 Metre Hurdles

The 14-year-old from Balfron has been unbeaten in Scotland all season having won every possible Scottish title, as well as the Celtic Games international, but this time was testing herself against the top hurdlers in the UK.

She went into the Girls 75 Metre Hurdles event ranked 10th in the UK, meaning that getting to the final would be a challenge. In her heat, Cook found herself in a close battle for the two automatic qualification spots. She finished a close third, and her time of 11.77 seconds allowed her to progress as one of the two fastest losers over the three heats.

By the time of the final the rain was falling heavily and there was a headwind ruling out fast times. English schools champion Mia McIntosh built a clear lead, while behind her there was a close battle for the other medals with Cook in the thick of it in fourth place at the midpoint of the race. She dug in over the last few hurdles making light of the wet conditions and a great run off the last hurdle and a perfectly timed dip saw her take a superb silver medal in a time of 11.50 seconds. With this result, Cook beat several athletes ranked ahead of her – a great experience for her.

UK School Games, Loughborough, 31 August – 1 September 2018

There was a medal double for both Central AC athletes at the UK School Games in Loughborough as Elizabeth Thompson and Emma Mailer returned with 2 medals each.

Mailer was first in the 300 Metre Hurdles event. The 16-year-old Dollar Academy pupil has been a regular competitor in international events and this time found herself up against European youth finalist, Jasmine Jolly, representing North of England. It was a fast race and Mailer entered the home straight in fourth place. She overtook the Midlands athlete and narrowly failed to catch the South of England athlete. This gave Mailer third place and an excellent bronze medal in 45.50 seconds.

Thompson was in action in the Mixed Relay event. The 16-year-old Balfron High pupil has been a regular in Scotland relay teams this year and this time was given the anchor leg over 100m. She was handed the baton in the lead and made sure of victory as she stretched away from the opposition down the home straight.

The following day Thompson and Mailer teamed up to make up half of the Scottish 4×300 Metre Relay team. Thompson got the baton in a good position but found herself up against two Great Britain internationals, producing a strong run of 40.6 seconds to hand over in third place. Mailer was on the final leg and with a powerful run of 40.5 seconds brought the Scottish team home in bronze medal position in 2:43.51. Thompson and Mailer’s split times were the fastest in the team.

With a gold and bronze for Thompson and 2 bronzes for Mailer it was a successful two days and a great experience to travel away as part of a Scottish team to a multi-sport event.

Sep 052018

The final Thursday time trials of this summer took place on Thursday 30 August at the Stirling University track. Full results are below, and can be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

100 Metres Series
Number Time Heat Forename Surname Gender Age Group
35 15.2 1 Loren Stewart F U11
86 16.2 1 Leya Gibb F U11
81 16.6 1 Laura Matthews F U11
14 18.0 1 Cara McKinlay F U11
36 19.7 1 Kayla Crawford F U11
12 15.9 2 Niamh McKinlay F U11
18 16.2 2 Connie Bateman F U11
32 16.6 2 Tabitha Mackenzie F U11
29 16.7 2 Emma Anderson F U11
30 15.6 3 Rory Mackay M U11
7 15.7 3 Jack Sutton M U11
13 15.9 3 Henry Crossley M U13
53 16.0 3 Logan Bell M U11
19 17.3 3 Sandy Bateman M U11
23 14.4 4 Lewis Miller M U11
38 15.4 4 Ray Taylor M U11
25 15.7 4 Tyler Gibson M U11
76 14.5 5 Ethan Sorley M U13
48 14.7 5 Tyler Hunter M U13
75 15.1 5 Dylan McCulloch M U13
54 15.7 5 Joshua Kennedy M U13
70 16.3 5 Alexander Escala M U13
27 17.4 5 Angus Kennedy M U13
62 13.9 6 Robb Ferguson M U13
9 14.8 6 Sam Vannett M U13
45 15.3 6 Jamie Oldham M U13
33 16.6 6 Alex Dunlop M U13
66 14.8 7 Erin Forgie F U13
17 15.0 7 Danielle Abel F U13
69 15.4 7 Olivia Freed F U13
97 15.7 7 Beth  Ronald F U13
71 17.5 7 Eleanor Jones F U13
31 15.3 8 Kate Gilvear F U13
28 15.6 8 Erin Partridge F U13
26 15.6 8 Allie Buchanan F U13
21 14.4 9 Hannah Tams F U13
43 14.6 9 Emily Guest F U13
22 15.4 9 Brogan McMillan F U13
59 15.4 9 Orly Mitchell Murray F U13
88 13.4 10 Duncan Glen M U15
90 13.9 10 Scott Hopper M U15
8 14.7 10 Struan Craig M U15
78 15.3 10 Enrique Mendez M U15
44 16.6 10 Ross Lawrie M U15
79 17.9 10 Douglas Fleming M U13
20 13.5 11 Bradly Allan M U15
83 13.8 11 Ethan Thomson M U15
77 14.2 11 Euan Docherty M U15
58 14.5 11 Euan Campbell M U15
1 12.6 12 Jamie McNaught M U15
11 13.4 12 Adam McGregor M U15
2 14.1 12 Finlay Marchant M U15
67 14.3 13 Teagan McIntosh-Blacklock F U15
92 14.6 13 Amaris Cuthbert F U15
5 14.9 13 Ellen Montgomery F U15
80 15.5 13 Finnlaidh Stokoe F U15
56 15.8 13 Anna Reid F U15
10 14.5 14 Amy Cully F U15
41 14.5 14 Erin Miller F U15
72 15.0 14 Mavia Duncan F U15
50 15.0 14 Ellie Ross F U15
51 16.1 14 Kyla Govan F U15
39 13.5 15 Katherine Fowler F U15
68 14.0 15 Ciara Forgie F U15
87 14.6 15 Cameryn Dick F U17
52 14.9 15 Ella Wilson F U15
46 14.9 15 Louise Carroll F U15
34 15.2 15 Megan Dunlop F U15
15 11.6 16 Jack Haughton M U17
74 11.9 16 Daniel Ferguson M U17
61 12.1 16 Erik Escala M U17
3 12.4 16 John Wilkie M U17
4 13.0 16 Rian Harvey M U17
6 13.3 16 Duncan Scott M U17
800 Metres Series
Number Time Heat Forename Surname Gender Age Group
86 2.48.9 1 Leya Gibb F U11
12 2.49.5 1 Niamh McKinlay F U11
35 2.58.4 1 Loren Stewart F U11
32 3.09.0 1 Tabitha Mackenzie F U11
18 3.23.4 1 Connie Bateman F U11
81 3.23.9 1 Laura Matthews F U11
36 3.51.3 1 Kayla Crawford F U11
38 2.46.6 2 Ray Taylor M U11
24 2.51.2 2 Ossian de Arkotxa M U11
7 2.53.5 2 Jack Sutton M U11
30 2.53.5 2 Rory Mackay M U11
53 3.08.8 2 Logan Bell M U11
19 3.18.5 2 Sandy Bateman M U11
85 2.44.9 3 Carys Gibb F U13
22 2.45.9 3 Brogan McMillan F U13
69 2.46.7 3 Olivia Freed F U13
43 2.54.6 3 Emily Guest F U13
42 2.54.9 3 Mary Kealey F U13
97 3.09.7 3 Beth Ronald F U13
49 3.15.6 3 Alice Cameron F U13
55 2.27.0 4 Ruairidh Burns M U13
9 2.29.8 4 Sam Vannett M U13
45 2.32.0 4 Jamie Oldham M U13
73 2.56.2 4 Finlay McAndrew m u13
33 3.00.0 4 Alex Dunlop M U13
13 3.02.3 4 Henry Crossley M U13
99 3.08.5 4 Andrew Twigg M U13
27 3.24.8 4 Angus Kennedy M U13
10 2.31.7 5 Amy Cully F U15
60 2.46.6 5 Summer Maclean F U15
41 2.52.6 5 Erin Miller F U15
5 2.53.4 5 Ellen Montgomery F U15
46 2.57.3 5 Louise Carroll F U15
80 2.57.6 5 Finnlaidh Stokoe F U15
40 2.58.5 5 Anna Buchanan F U15
34 3.06.3 5 Megan Dunlop F U15
56 3.08.5 5 Anna Reid F U15
51 3.15.5 5 Kyla Govan F U15
98 2.24.7 6 Oliver Holden M U17
83 2.25.6 6 Ethan Thomson M U15
37 2.31.3 6 David Cairns M U15
91 2.40.4 6 Ryan McGuire M U15
16 2.47.1 6 Eilidh Mackenzie F U17
78 2.49.0 6 Enrique Mendez M U15
11 2.51.6 6 Adam McGregor M U15
3,000 Metres
Number Time Heat Forename Surname Gender Age Group
100 9.14.9   Keir Howlieson M U20
94 9.27.1   Lewis Dow M U17
95 9.30.5   Sandy Holl M U20
111 10.25.0   Cameron Kerr M U15
65 10.37.4   Finlay Muir M U15
84 10.56.2   David Eckersley M SEN
77 11.13.3   Euan Docherty M U15
58 11.25.8   Euan Campbell M U15
110 11.48.6   Grace Tindall F U15
106 12.05.1   Lizzie Stansfield F U17
108 12.14.6   Benjamin Noad M SEN
89 12.15.6   Anna MacKinnon F U15
93 12.24.7   Bethany Burch F U20
96 12.43.8   Jens Subke M SEN
64 13.04.3   Heidi Eik Maxwells F U15
44 13.17.4   Ross Lawrie M U15
109 13.27.6   Colin Sinclair M SEN
107 13.42.6   Allan Gall M SEN
Long Jump
Number Distance Forename Surname Gender Age Group
30 3.45   Rory Mackay M U11
38 3.33   Ray Taylor M U11
24 3.29   Ossian de Arkotxa M U11
53 2.96   Logan Bell M U11
7 2.89   Jack Sutton M U11
57 2.64   Noah Kennedy M U11
19 2.58   Sandy Bateman M U11
23 3.64   Lewis Miller M U11
62 3.98   Robb Ferguson M U13
75 3.76   Dylan McCulloch M U13
45 3.60   Jamie Oldham M U13
54 3.26   Joshua Kennedy M U13
79 2.86   Douglas Fleming M U13
13 2.67   Henry Crossley M U13
99 2.51   Andrew Twigg M U13
27 2.20   Angus Kennedy M U13
88 4.69   Duncan Glen M U15
37 3.64   David Cairns M U15
44 3.37   Ross Lawrie M U15
98 4.14   Oliver Holden M U17
Shot Put
Number Distance Weight Forename Surname Gender Age Group
18 3.88 SP2.72K Connie Bateman F U11
12 3.32 SP2.72K Niamh McKinlay F U11
35 3.30 SP2.72K Loren Stewart F U11
36 2.79 SP2.72K Kayla Crawford F U11
14 2.59 SP2.72K Cara McKinlay F U11
43 5.68 SP2.72K Emily Guest F U13
17 5.44 SP2.72K Danielle Abel F U13
47 3.71 SP2.72K Megan Hogg F U13
49 3.49 SP2.72K Alice Cameron F U13
69 3.39 SP2.72K Olivia Freed F U13
5 6.24 SP3K Ellen Montgomery F U15
52 6.24 SP3K Ella Wilson F U15
63 6.07 SP3K Matilda Ross F U15
10 6.00 SP3K Amy Cully F U15
46 5.72 SP3K Louise Carroll F U15
82 5.31 SP3K Holly  Fordyce F u15
113 4.97 SP3K Amy Faunce Smith F U15
41 4.24 SP3K Erin Miller F U15
115 5.41 SP3K Jenny Clark F U17
7 4.79 SP2.72K Jack Sutton M U11
57 4.41 SP2.72K Noah Kennedy M U11
53 3.39 SP2.72K Logan Bell M U11
30 3.28 SP2.72K Rory Mackay M U11
19 3.04 SP2.72K Sandy Bateman M U11
62 6.33 SP3K Robb Ferguson M U13
79 5.51 SP3K Douglas Fleming M U13
75 4.66 SP3K Dylan McCulloch M U13
99 4.36 SP3K Andrew Twigg M U13
13 3.46 SP3K Henry Crossley M U13
90 10.26 SP4K Scott Hopper M U15
1 8.80 SP4k Jamie McNaught M U15
88 7.73 SP4K Duncan Glen M U15
44 5.46 SP4k Ross Lawrie M U15
2 4.28 SP4K Finlay Marchant M U15
61 10.66 SP5k Erik Escala M U17


Aug 282018

Central Athletic Club’s Men’s Team were in Kilmarnock on Sunday for the final meeting of this season’s Scottish Division One Track and Field series, held mainly in testing wet conditions. A number of Central’s Under-17 athletes made their debut in the league with all showing great form and maturity beyond their years. The opposition again included many of Scotland’s top athletes in opposition clubs and Central finished seventh on the day, slipping to sixth place overall in the league.

Michael Wright (3) in the Steeplechase

Michael Wright (3) in the Steeplechase

The first track event, the 400 Metres Hurdles, saw David Lindsay in ‘A’ string action finishing fourth with 68.37 seconds, tackling some of the worst of the weather. There was a high standard set in the two Division One 800 Metres races with Jack Kerr setting a good pace in the ‘A’ event and again ducking under 2 minutes with a 1 minute 59.16 seconds timing in sixth place. The ‘B’ event saw Under-17 Lewis Dow shouldering responsibility and running a well-judged race to finish fourth with a classy 2:04.52. Sprinting duties were passed to the talented group of Under-17 sprinters with Euan Smith taking fifth ‘A’ place in 11.97 seconds and Jack Haughton equalling his personal best with 11.94 seconds in fifth ‘B’ placing. Distance running stalwart Michael Wright was always well placed in the 3,000 Metre Steeplechase clocking 9 minutes 44.15 seconds in third ‘A’ place while the ever reliable David Lindsay finished in third ‘B’ with 11:18.28. The 1,500 Metres saw yet further improvement from Jack Kerr as he ran a tactically sound race to finish third with 4:02.72. The 200 Metres ‘A’ race saw Under-17 Daniel Ferguson reduce his personal best to 24.16 seconds in seventh place. Michael Wright was soon back on the track to tackle the 10,000 Metres finishing in a fine fourth ‘A’ place, clocking 32:2.16 with a well-paced effort.

Jack Haughton and Euan Smith in the 200 Metres

Jack Haughton and Euan Smith in the 200 Metres

In the field the throwing duties were covered by Graham Porterfield throwing a best of 11.07 metres in the Shot Put for third ‘A’ points; followed by 34.72 metres in the Hammer and a best of 30.9 metres in the Discus, gaining excellent fourth places in these events. Under-17 athletes Euan Smith and Jack Haughton were experiencing their first taste of Men’s League action in the Long Jump with Euan jumping to a best of 5.56 metres and Jack producing a best of 5.18 metres to pick up more much needed points for the team. Daniel Ferguson tackled the Triple Jump, finishing in fourth ‘A’ and improving his personal best to 11.39 metres.

The Club’s Under-17s made up the 4 x 100 Metre Relay quartet of Rian Harvey, Daniel Ferguson, Jack Haughton and Euan Smith, bringing the baton home in fourth in a useful 46.91 seconds. The Guest 100 Metres races saw personal best runs from Under-17 athletes Aidan Grevemberg (11.82s) and Daniel Ferguson (11.87s) and a debut run of 12.83s from Rian Harvey.

As always there was great back-up from the Club’s Officials through Stuart MacFarlane as Field Judge, John Dickson as Track Judge plus Tom McMenemy on Timekeeping duty.

Aug 262018

Scottish Under-20 Championships

Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler was on medal winning form yet again as he took two medals at the Scottish age group championships in Aberdeen at the weekend. The 17-year-old decathlete from Balfron was competing in the Under-20 age group and took on the vertical jumps starting with the high jump event on the Saturday. He looked in good form as he cleared every height up to 1.87 metres to guarantee a medal. He was then facing a new personal best at 1.92m which he soared over at the second attempt to move himself into 2nd place. While he was unable to go higher, he was still pleased with his personal best height and silver medal.

He returned the following day to take on the pole vault event where there was a high class field with every athlete having a personal best of 4.20m or higher. Matt had successively improved the club junior record this year several times taking it to 4.31m. He successfully cleared up to 4.17m then was attempting another club record height of 4.32m. After 2 failures Matt dug in at the third and final attempt to produce a superb clearance to improve his club record yet again. Matt was unable to clear 4.47m and such was the standard of the event he had to settle for 4th place on countback. But with a bronze medal and club record Matt was happy with his weekend.

Anna Cameron was Central AC’s other competitor in the Under-20 age group. Anna, also from Balfron, was looking to add the Scottish national title to the Scottish schools title she won earlier this season however was unable to match the 5.55m she jumped back in June at the Scottish schools and had to settle for 7th with 4.97m.

Scottish Under-13 Championships

U13 Boys – 75m Hurdles

Robb Ferguson was on top form as he took a brace of bronze medals at the Scottish Under-13 championships. He started with the 75 Metre Hurdles where he has been competing well this season and produced a strong run to finish in 3rd place with 13.41 seconds. He then took on the Javelin event where he has also shown great progress this season. An excellent second round throw of 29.09 metres was enough to add another bronze medal for Robb making it a great weekend for him. These were Robb’s first ever medals at a national level event.

Several other of Central’s athletes made the long trip to Aberdeen to test themselves against the best in Scotland and were rewarded with personal bests. Connor Bell took on the 1,500 Metres race and ran an excellent Personal Best of 4:35.68 to finish just outside the medals in 4th place in a fast race.

Hannah Tams has made excellent progress recently and was competing in her first ever championships. She was undaunted by the occasion in the 100 Metres as she qualified through the heats in 14.25 seconds, and semi-finals in 14.17s, to reach the final. There, she went even faster running a Personal Best 14.02s for 7th place. She followed this up in the Long Jump where she jumped 3.80m for 9th place, just missing the cut for 3 more jumps. Overall these were excellent performances for a championship debut.

Brogan McMillan was also on great form in the High Jump as she smashed her personal best by 8cm clearing 1.32m to place 9th and earn herself a bronze standard on the club awards scheme. She then placed 6th in her 1,500 Metres heat with 5 minutes 49.68 seconds.

Jamie Oldham set a Personal Best of 2:29.46 minutes in the 800 Metres for 2nd place in his heat and then ran 31.76 seconds in the 200 Metres. Emily Guest was unfortunate not to progress in the 100 Metres where she ran 14.55s in her heat to miss a semi-final spot by just one place. She also ran a fine 30.72s in the 200 Metres.

Scottish Under-15 Championships

U15 Girls - 75m Hurdles

U15 Girls – 75m Hurdles

Central’s Under-15 athletes produced some excellent performances in spite of wet conditions at Aberdeen. Celtic Games champion Coirilidh Cook was never challenged as she ran away with the 75 Metre Hurdles in 11.45 seconds to take the gold medal. This completes the set of Scottish titles for the 14-year-old from Balfron as this season she has won the Scottish national and Scottish schools titles both indoors and out.

Scott Hopper was taking on the Under-15 Javelin having won the Under-13 Scottish title last year and the Under-14 Scottish schools title earlier in the summer. The 13-year-old from Callander looked at one point like he might win after a superb Personal Best opening throw of 41.47 metres. In the end he was just pipped for the title with 2 other athletes beating his mark, the eventual winner out-throwing Scott by a slender margin of 21cms. However Scott was still proud of a bronze medal against older athletes. Earlier he had taken a respectable 5th place in the High Jump with 1.59m.

Euan Wilbert came close to the medals in the 80 Metre Hurdles. A time of 12.83s earned the 13-year-old from Strathyre 4th place; a decent run in wet conditions. He then followed this up with 4.88m for 7th place in the Long Jump.

Molly Cornes from Balfron was also competing well in the jumps events. 1.49m was good enough for 5th in a High Jump event where the top 2 athletes set a championship record. She then set a Personal Best in the Long Jump, leaping to 4.84m for 7th. Matilda Ross was rewarded for making the trip with 7th place for 6.06m in the Shot Put. This was in spite of picking up an injury in the warm up.

Ethan Thomson placed 4th in his 100 Metres with 13.87s and set a Personal Best in the 800 Metres, running 2 minutes 26.76 seconds. Cameron Kerr narrowly missed out on reaching the 1,500 Metres final after a fine run of 4:58.42 in his heat.

Aug 182018

Senior Championships

Ali Hay finishing

Ali Hay – Photo credit Bobby Gavin

Central AC’s Ali Hay was on top form as he took the 5,000 metre title at the Scottish national championships at Grangemouth at the weekend, as Central won 3 medals in total.

The 32 year old from Gargunnock has won several previous Scottish titles on and off the track but this was his first Scottish track title since winning the 1,500 metres in 2010, which qualified him for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi that year, where he reached the final.

Hay has shifted his focus up a distance to 5,000 metres and set a personal best 14:10 minutes earlier this season.  He used all his experience in a tactical race run in wet blustery conditions as he sat back initially and let others do the running but always kept a close eye on the leaders.  Gradually the lead group was whittled down to 6. With 600 metres to go, James Hood of Aberdeen wound up the pace to reduce the group to just 3.  When they hit the back straight on the final lap, Sean Fontana of Glasgow burst clear but Hay then decided it was time to make his move and hit top gear to surge ahead.  Hay then had the strength to keep going and was never challenged over the last 200 metres as he crossed the line to take the Scottish title.  The tactical nature of the race meant the winning time of 14:37.91 minutes was well below Hay’s personal best but what was more telling was his 57 second final 400 metres which nobody else could follow.

Afterwards Hay commented “I am delighted to win it because before today I only have one Senior Scottish track title to my name – that was a 1,500 metres in 2010 held at Pitreavie when they were doing it as selection for the Commonwealths.  Today was a good race. Lachlan Oates took it on a few times but nobody else really wanted to so the group stayed together for quite a while.  Sean Fontana kicked with 300 metres to go and I responded – I was just glad he didn’t keep it going and I was able to get a bit of lead.  I am 32 now and my wee boy was watching. He’s only two at the moment so he won’t remember it I don’t suppose but I can always tell him about it!

“You watch the events in Berlin and it just makes you want to get out there and run again and compete. Obviously we are not at that level, but I enjoyed watching it and it definitely inspired me for Sunday.  I don’t race as much now, I guess you have commitments and priorities as you get older, and my wife is training for the Berlin Marathon, so we sometimes have to take it in turns going out for a run.

“But I will look to do the cross country season again. At Central AC, we’re very keen to try and keep winning team titles but we’ve maybe not quite got the depth we had three or four years ago. We will keep working on that to get some athletes back out there.”  Hay should have a few more years at the top level.

Michael Wright (left) in action

Michael Wright (left) in action

Also on the podium was Central’s Stirling and Scottish marathon champion, Michael Wright, who finished off his season in style.  The Stirling based training partner of Ali Hay was competing in the 3,000 Metre Steeplechase.  It was another tactical race and Michael waited for his opportunity.  When the break came Michael Deeson of Shettleston pulled away but Wright settled into second place and kept his rhythm over the barriers all the way to the line to take the silver medal in a seasons best 9:28.20 minutes, only just missing his personal best.

High Jumper, Amy Gullen, was Central’s other medallist.  In her final competition as a teenager before celebrating her 20th birthday a few days later, Gullen was looking to finally improve her club record of 1.68m which she set back in 2013.  She has been in good form all season having jumped 1.66m earlier this year and winning the East District title and a bronze at the Scottish indoor championships.  Gullen had first time clearances at every height up to 1.62m which guaranteed a medal as only 3 athletes were left in the competition.  However she was looking for more and needed every bit of her resolve to clear 1.67m at the 3rd and final attempt.  The bar was then raised to 1.70m and Gullen had good attempts but was not quite able to get the clearance she was after.  However she had still done enough to win the silver medal on countback and finish top Scottish competitor behind an athlete from Herts Phoenix AC.

Afterwards Gullen said “I was pleased with the medal but was disappointed not to clear 1.70m as I know I have it in me.  I have been training hard and was trying a new run up.  I’ll be having another go at the women’s league later this month and the club championships in September so hopefully I can get the club record before the end of the season.”  We will all wish her best of luck with that.

There were several other Central competitors in the senior event.  Masters’ athlete, Graham Porterfield is still improving and earlier this season broke the club hammer record which had stood since 1980.  He couldn’t quite match that distance at the Scottish championships but still threw an excellent 37.74m for 7th place.  He also placed 5th in the shot with 11.03m.  Jack Kerr was making a return to competition and smashed his 800 Metre personal best with 1:56.66 to progress to the semi-finals where he missed out on the final by just one place.  Fraser Logan took on the 1,500 Metres running 4:24.17 minutes, and 2 of our juniors stepped up to test themselves against the top seniors: Kieran Halliday ran a near personal best of 11.74s in the 100 Metres and 24.46s in the 200 Metres.  Telfer Gray took on the 5,000 Metres for the first time ever running a respectable 17:18.

Under-17 Championships

Central AC’s hurdlers were on top form as they landed 3 medals at the Scottish Under-17 championships at Grangemouth at the weekend.

Daniel Ferguson - sprint hurdler

Daniel Ferguson – sprint hurdler

Daniel Ferguson was returning after winning a silver medal for Scotland in the Under-16 100 Metre Hurdles at the Celtic Games international the week before at the same venue.  This time Daniel was competing in the older Under-17 age group which meant he not only had the challenge of adjusting to the higher height of hurdles at Under-17 but also had to contend with a strong headwind and a wet track.  His concentration was then tested as the athlete in the lane next to him was disqualified for a false start.  However they were cleanly away at the second time of asking and Daniel got into his rhythm and held onto 3rd place from start to finish to claim the bronze medal.  His time of 14.55s was impressive given the difficult conditions.

Shortly earlier, Katie Sharkey lined up in the Under-17 girls 80 Metre Hurdles.  She started well and challenged all the way to the line to take silver in 12.16s.

Emma Mailer

Emma Mailer

Emma Mailer was also returning a week after winning a silver medal at the Celtic Games international at 400 Metre Hurdles, this time in the shorter 300 Metre Hurdles where she was defending the title she won last year.  Emma set out strongly building up a 5 metre lead however faded towards the end and was unfortunately just pipped on the line by 0.01s to win the silver medal in 45.87s but desperately wanting gold.

There were some further good performances as other Central athletes were close to the medals.  In the 1,500 Metres, Lewis Dow stayed in contention up until the final lap, however when European youth champion, Kane Elliot kicked at the bell, Dow was unable to keep up and had to settle for 4th.  He can still be pleased with a season’s best 4:12.08 minutes.  Shona McLay was just run out of the medals in the 200 Metres running 26.36s for 4th just 0.06s from bronze.  Elizabeth Thompson, who had also competed at the Celtic Games a week earlier in the 4 x 400 Metre Relay, took on the shorter 300m and placed 5th in a fast race with 41.88s.  Lucy More was testing herself out in the 100 Metres running a respectable 13.54s for 6th in her heat.

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