May 212015

Athletes / Parents / Guardians

The club has created a new
Performance Database which combines existing membership data
with competition results from Power of 10.  This
information will be used in the following ways…..

– to inform coaches of athlete
– to facilitate team selection
for future competitions
– to identify event
gaps within the club
– to highlight when an
athlete reaches a performance standard – this will be
e-mailed to the athlete – e-mails will come from
– athlete performance standards will also be posted on the
clubs social media and website.

Primarily this information will be used to
develop the club and assist the development of young
athletes.  The information will also be collated for adult
members but if you wish to opt out of this facility please
let me know.

Going forward
it is important to ensure that your Power of 10 data is is
up-to-date and all performances are included.

If you have any questions or
concerns on this please contact

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