Track etiquette

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When many people are using the track and field, we must all consider the needs of others. In pursuit of safety, which is of utmost importance, please ensure you display the following behaviour at all times during training and competition on the track:

  1. Always be observant and aware of other people in the track and field area.
  2. Warm up and cool down in the designated area.
  3. Never congregate on the track, especially at the start / finish line.
  4. Always look left and right before crossing the track to ensure you can cross safely.
  5. If you hear someone shouting “Track!” then you or someone else is in the path of an athlete running. This person should remove themselves from the track by the quickest and safest route possible.
  6. Do not stand unnecessarily in lane 1 since other athletes may be running fast in this lane.
  7. In competition, receiving advice or similar assistance during an event from someone located within the competition area risks disqualification.
  8. Always be polite to officials and shake their hand at the end of an event.
  9. Always shake the hands of peer athletes at the end of competition to show respect and recognise each other’s achievements.