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Central AC Coaching Sub Group are delighted to publish the coaching structure and athlete pathway.

Central Athletic Club is committed to providing the best training for all of our athletes.

“Our philosophy, regardless of age and ability, is to encourage and support our members to achieve their goals in a competitive environment”

We aim to build upon their latent athletic capability and nurture them to become the very best athlete they can be.

In line with UK and Scottish Athletics best practice we take a long term view of our athletes, and our coaching structure is designed to support this.

The Long Term Athlete Development Pathway

We have produced a short document explaining our approach to Athlete Development.

There are specific documents on each pathway for each stage and group of an athlete’s development.

  • Multi-activity: From ClubStart (Run-Jump-Throw) aged 5-9 and Reception and Development in multi-activity until the age of around 14;
  • Event group: around the ages of 14-18;
  • Event specialisation: once the athlete is reaching full maturity.

The foundations of the athletics programme are built on the general principles of Long Term Athlete Development and late specialisation. 

The aim of the programme is to ensure that all athletes develop to their full potential and become Fitter, Faster and Stronger.

A Generic Programme is delivered to younger athletes, developing fundamental movement, conditioning and mobility skills.

An early Multi-event approach allows us to focus on late specialisation with athletes. Late-entry athletes are assessed and placed into coaching groups at the appropriate level which reflects their stage of development and ability.