Jul 282015

Central AC Press Report

There were a number of personal bests for Central Athletic Club’s athletes at the British Milers Club’s Regional event at Hutcheson’s Grammar School track on Friday 24th July. Fanni Gyurko was first in line as she won Gold in the East District 5000metres clocking an impressive 16min 57.23secs on the way. The 1500metre series saw Alastair Hay win the ‘A’ race in a season’s best of 3min 49.71secs. Jamie Crowe reduced his personal best to 3-54.44 in the same race with Tom Watson also achieving a new best of 3-56.31. Iain Davies was close to his best as he clocked 4min 10.28secs and Conain McCaughy was another to lead home his race with yet another new best (4-08.13) while Kenny Hislop completed his race in 5-33.59..

European Under 20 finalist Kathryn Gillespie came up with a PB at 4-16.62 only five days after her fifth place in the 1500m in Sweden. For Gillespie, the mixed race format and paced opportunity were perfect for a PB after a lot of focus on championship racing for the Europeans. It may be a while before she races again in Scotland with an impending education move to Harvard. ‘I am headed to the States quite soon to study at Harvard and while it is mainly an academic move I am sure it is going to work well for my athletics,’ said the 18-year-old, who is with the scottishathletics National Academy. ‘The facilities, level of competition and the coaching and training groups in Boston mean it is a great opportunity. I will see how the schedule works out – I am not contracted to a team – and coming back for something like the Euro Cross trials in Liverpool would be ideal. I was very close to making the Under 20 team last December but making it on the track was a good feeling. ‘I like the Miler Meet format and I am delighted with a PB by around two seconds. I like racing against the boys and it is always a well-run event by the GAA. ‘It has been quite a week with the European final last Sunday but I always wanted to run this meeting, as well. Fifth in Eskilstuna pleased me and I felt I handled everything well about representing GB. It was something I’d aimed at for quite a while and you have to have a plan.’

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