Jul 282016

Central AC Press Report – Saturday 23 July

Andrew Butchart continued his Olympic preparations with a superb 5000 metre run at the London Anniversary Games, in the Olympic Stadium, on Saturday.  Andrew did more than prove his fitness in finishing second to Mo Farah in a time close to his Scottish record, finishing in 13min 14.85secs.  Andrew ran a sensibly paced race throughout then released an excellent last lap effort of 56.6secs, faster than Mo, and leaving a string of international athletes in his wake.

“I have been at altitude, so it felt like I had a little more left in the tank, I broke away and managed to have enough energy to last me until the end,” said Butchart.

“I have never experienced a crowd like this in my life, if I can experience that again in my lifetime I’ll be delighted.  I have been at altitude for the last four weeks and know I am in shape, it gives you something of a boost and feel like you can breathe easier.  I want to make the final (in Rio), I think the race could be something similar to that.”

Elsewhere, two of Andrew’s training group travelled to the British Miler’s Club Meeting in Oxford with Dale Colley again improving on his 800 metres personal best to record 1min 51.86secs with another classy run.  Alastair Hay made an all too rare track appearance to clock a fine 5000 metres time of 14min 39.16secs at the same meeting.

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