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Central AC Press Report 22 10 2016

The Scottish National Cross Country Relays were again held on the traditional course in Cumbernauld in excellent conditions and it was Central’s Senior Men who made it five wins in a row while Central’s Senior Ladies matched their second place of last year in a dramatic race.


Senior Medallists

The Senior Mens race of over 100 teams unfolded with Central’s Jamie Crowe running with some of Scotland’s top endurance athletes, finishing in a close up fourth place on the first leg, covering the 4000metres course in 11min 50secs.  Michael Wright’s excellent (12.16) contribution continued Central’s challenge to hand over a healthy lead to former Scottish Cross Country Champion Alastair Hay.  Alastair (11.51) showed his class as he continued to pull away from the rest of the field to give Olympian, Andrew Butchart a comfortable lead for the final leg.  Andrew was never under pressure as he extended the Club’s lead to 84secs by the finish with the second fastest leg of the day (11.22).  Edinburgh University finished second and with Aberdeen AAC in third and a clean sweep for the East of Scotland teams.

For Central Senior Ladies, winning the Silver medal took determined running by the quartet, finished off by an exciting and impressive last leg by Morag Maclarty who took many plaudits with the fastest time of the day.

Women's Team - silver medallists

Women’s Team – silver medallists

With the Ladies now matching the men with four legs compared to three last year, Central required Lyndsay Morrison to return to competition earlier than she would have wanted after a prolonged layoff.  Lyndsay led off for Central with the task of keeping the team in contention and she fought hard to come to the changeover in 16th place covering the 4000metre course in 15mins 16secs but with a significant gap to the medal placings.  Fiona Thompson put in the fastest second leg time with her 14:14 taking the team forward to seventh.  Jennifer Wetton then pulled the team into a medal position with her 13:56 but with Edinburgh University and Victoria Park seemingly far distant with over a full minute’s gap to the next medal.  Morag set about closing the gaps taking the time back from both last leg leading pair and turning Bronze to Silver in the finishing straight, bringing the biggest cheer of the day.  Morag’s lap was 13:18, overall fastest lap of the day to return a time of 56.44 for the four with Edinburgh University taking Gold with 56.28 and Victoria Park Glasgow in third also recording 56.44.

Central’s second Ladies team were led off by Claire Houston whose 16:43 brought the team to changeover in 32nd place. Kim Timmins demonstrated prospects with a 16:13 to move the team to 23rd. Eleanor Hanson as a first year under 20 put in a great performance  to 21st place with 16:43 with Jodie Currie keeping the team moving forward with 20th place and 17:42 and overall time of 67:21.  Central’s Over 50 team also took a superb Silver medal through Patricia Milne (17:20), Jane Waterhouse (18:32) and Mary Kerr (19:34).

Central’s Mens ‘B’ team of Aidan Thompson (12.27), Conan McCaughey (12.19), Cameron Milne (12.35) and Alex Hendry (12.22) were competitive throughout finishing in a fine sixth place overall less than a minute from the medals.  On the day all of Central’s runners showed true competitive resolve perfectly reflected by the Over 50 team of Charles Graham-Marr (15.28), David Eckersley (14.26) and Hugh Kerr (16.30) finishing sixth in that category.  Central’s top Veterans team of Jans Subke (15.42), Ewan Jack (14.27), Colin Alexander (15.42) and Scott Brember (13.51) finished in a highly respectable ninth in that category.  The team of Tom Watson, Fraser Logan, Jamie Wastling and Euan Brownlee produced another fine showing but a mix-up with results doesn’t allow us to publish times for these runners.  Simon Barlow ran 16.48 backed up by Kenny Hislop (18.04), Sandy MacLarty (21.45) and Mark Logie.  Cameron Campbell (18.36) led off yet another Over 50 team along with Allan Gall (18.42) and John Millar (20.47).  Liam McCabe (16.52), David Lindsay (14.31), Will Hensman (14.06) and Ian Dunsmore (16.02) stuck well to their task to finish 67th in the Senior Mens category.

It was impressive to see Central’s junior Girls field a strong contingent and some six teams following the normal format of Under 13 followed by Under 15 and Under 17, all running a 2500 course.  Central’s ‘A’ team should be happy with a seventh place through Jessica Turnbull (10:38, 11th), Rosie Eckersley (9:59, 13th) and Kate Gallagher (9:28, seventh) with a final time of 30.05.  Other teams were Anna McKinnon (11:19, 34th), Kyra Gibb ( 10:11, 23rd) and Lauren McCulloch (10:05, 19th) an overall time of 31.35; followed by Mia Glen ( 11:10, 28th), Elizabeth Thompson (10:38, 29th) and Lauryn Turnbull (10:06, 23rd and a final time of 31:54.  The team of Naomi Howlieson ( 11:25, 38th), Ciorstaidh Ainsworth (10:42, 37th) and Heather Scott (10:56, 35th) completed in 33:03, while Finnlaidh Stokoe (12:14, 73rd), Skye Henderson (11:18, 56th), Madeleine Woods (10:43, 46th) finished in 34:15 followed by Ellie Ross (13:38, 95th) Millie Stokoe (10:33, 70th) and Fiona Davies (11:13, 56th) in 35:25.   It was good to see Under 13’s Amy Cully (11.29) and Eilidh Fleming (11.52) competing well in incomplete teams.

Juniors on the start line

Juniors on the start line

Central’s Junior Boys teams also each ran 2500metre legs with the ‘A’ team of Finlay Muir (9.34), Ben MacMillan (8.39) and Keir Howlieson (8.30) all showing great form as they worked through the field to finish fourth overall, indeed Central were in close contention for a medal only losing out in a highly competitive final stretch.  The ‘B’ team of Cameron Kerr (9.28), Thomas Woods (8.25) and Tom Graham-Marr (8.59) produced another fine showing for the Club in 20th overall.  There was more resolve with Euan Campbell (10.06), Daniel Bruce (9.46) and Sandy Holl (8.59) in the ‘C’ team, finishing 28th and also Finlay Marchant (12.04), Cameron Fraser (10.58) and Ben Hughes (11.46), an Under 15 running as an Under 17, as all the Central athletes produced runs of which they can feel proud.   Under 13 Ryan McGuire had a solo run in an incomplete team but handled the tough course well to complete his run in 10.23.

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