Nov 302016

At Central AC’s recent AGM – new officer bearers were appointed – our thanks go to the outgoing committee and a warm welcome to some new faces!

The Club’s new President Liam McCabe, has been a member of the Central Athletic Club since 2004. After being a Club member for about a year Liam was asked by the previous incumbent (and subsequent Club President), Tony Quin to be Club Secretary. Liam fulfilled the Secretary function faithfully for a number of years before happily passing on the mantle to his successor who was similarly duped into taking on this critical role. While it can be demanding at certain times, being Secretary gave Liam a great understanding of the wider workings of the Club, the history and tradition of the Club and the undoubted privilege of working with some of the Club’s grandees who have been around since the start of time or John McDonald whichever came first.

Liam McCabe President

Liam McCabe

Liam’s ‘post secretary’ freedom was short-lived !  Liam stayed on the Committee and eventually became Vice President to Derek Easton during his two year stint as President. In a moment of weakness Liam agreed that his name go forward as nominee to be President and so at the 43nd AGM Liam indeed became Club President.  While all that exciting admin stuff was going Liam also continued with running (which was why he had joined the Club in the first place), a sport he had come to in his early forties having had a misspent youth playing football to no especially high standard. Under the expert tutelage of Scotland’s foremost endurance coach Derek Easton, Liam saw his 10k and half marathon times improve significantly. He has since completed a handful of marathons and indulged one year in the black art (his words) of ultra-marathon running. In addition, Liam has been a keen participant in cross countries, hill races and hill relays. In the past few years injury has never, it seems, been far off so Liam is forever on the comeback trail or injured.  For his day job Liam is the Director of Finance for the University of Stirling.   Liam considers it an honour and privilege to be President of this great Club.


Catherine Sharkey, Central AC’s new Vice President is a local Police Sargeant in Clackmannanshire.  She is also an ex-athlete herself, competing in 800, 1500 and cross country, she is a parent of a competing junior in Track and Field and extremely interested, and committed to, the development of coaching and the athlete centred pathway that Central AC has been building over the last 8 months or so.  Catherine has been actively involved in Team Management. 

Catherine Sharkey Vice President

Catherine Sharkey
Vice President

Many of you will know her from contact about competitions and she will be seen supporting ALL athletes trackside!  Catherine manages the Indoor League, (SAIL) and the Junior Youth Development League (YDL).  In addition she has been putting her skills to great use on the Coaching Sub Group of the main committee in recent months.  Catherine is very keen to see an increase in the number of youngsters competing across the Club!  Be warned!  There’s nowhere to hide!  Catherine is also involved in the ‘Central AC World Tour’.  Make sure you say hello!  Catherine is usually to be found trackside in Stirling.


Michael Wright is the current Club Secretary. Since 1998, when he was eleven years old, he has been a member of the Club. Aside from two years spent in London between 2013 and 2015, he has actively trained and competed for the Club during this time. He is an endurance athlete in Derek Easton’s training group, and competes on the track in the summer with a focus on the 3,000m steeplechase, and cross country in the winter. He has also raced the past two London marathons (with varying degrees of success). In 2015, during a momentary lapse of concentration, he found myself agreeing to take on the position of Club Secretary. Aside from the compulsory sherry drinking soirees, his role generally sees him arranging committee meetings and keeping minutes for them, addressing correspondence that comes into the Club from both Club members and external stakeholders, and also arranging bookings for all of the various training sessions. As the Club currently enjoys an unprecedented level of success (Club member Andrew Butchart competing at Rio 2016 Olympics, record membership levels, new training base in Callander,.etc)  

Michael Wright Club Secretary

Michael Wright
Club Secretary

Michael finds it highly rewarding to assist in a small way to the work of the Club as it continues to strive to offer high level training and competition opportunities for the people in our local communities.  When he is not pounding the streets of Stirling, he is a Chartered Building Surveyor working in Edinburgh and can invariably be found up a scaffold somewhere. He is always keen to hear from people about how they think the Club is doing, and what we can do better, so please do not hesitate to contact him at




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