Club cross country championships 2024

Feb 17, 2024

The annual Central AC cross country championships took place at Queen Victoria School in Dunblane on Saturday 17 February. Timed, as is traditional, for the week before the Scottish National cross country championships, the event allows athletes to produce their peak performance while still fresh, or to have a competitive run out before seeking even greater glory on the national stage.

The day dawned dreich and threatening, but by the time the athletes assembled in the late morning the skies were simply grey. Nearly 50 runners took part with the incentive for all of finishing before the home baking was consumed and being left with the lesser delights of Mr Kipling knock-offs from Lidl. Scott Brember provided an additional lure by offering a substantial collection of his library of running books free to a good home. What better way to celebrate a morning’s effort than an inspiring read about luminaries such as Emil Zatopek or Arthur Lydiard (look them up on Wikipedia if you don’t know), or more contemporary role models like Killian Jornet, Mo Farah or even Steve Birkinshaw.

Our host Don Shaw offered up challenging courses which included the traditional double crossing of the Ryland Burn in its steep embankments, with Colin Alexander and Liam McCabe providing vulture-like supervision as athletes plunged through the water. The weather meant the going was soft to very soft, but that didn’t prevent speedy performances across the age groups.

Full updated results in this spreadsheet:

Thanks to John McDonald for his supervising coordination, and to all those who officiated, registered, catered and cheered.