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The Stirling group is our largest group and during the summer season, from early April to the end of September, meets at Stirling University track. In the winter months, from October until March, Tuesday night training sessions are based at Fairview School and Thursday night sessions remain at the track at Stirling University.

There are a number of training groups at Stirling.

The Reception Group is led by Will Hogg and his team and gives the younger athletes a firm grounding in all aspects of athletics basics.

The Development Group, led by Gareth Marchant continues to emphasise the basic elements of athletics allied to a harder work ethic and caters for athletes that have progressed from the Reception Group across all combined events.

Stirling is also where all our Event Group level training takes place when athletes are at the appropriate stage of their athletic journey. The Junior Endurance Group is led by Rhona Scott  and works with the young members of the Club who have shown a desire to follow an endurance based path. Junior Sprints & Hurdles are led by Cameron Smith and in addition we have Junior Throws (Will Hogg).  All our Lead Coaches work with a fantastic team of enthusiastic Assistant Coaches and Parent Helpers.

A large endurance group is coached by Derek Easton, and caters for the Clubs senior endurance members of the Club.

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