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These records have been updated and maintained since 2008 by Kenny Pearson. Revisions are made on an ongoing basis.

To count as a club record, a performance must have been achieved by the club member whilst competing in club, league, national or international competition and whilst wearing club or team colours or by a first claim athlete representing their school or university.

April 2017

Here is a new athlete database with all performances up to and including the time trials on 27 April 2017. With so many events this will change rapidly at this time of year. Please let us know of any corrections for events prior to this date. Any events after 27 April will appear in the next database.

Top standards so far this season;

Gold: Briagha Cook, Coirilidh Cook, Shona McLay, Lewis Dow, Katie Sharkey, Matt Chandler, Cameron McCorgray, Andrew Butchart, Peter Muirhead.

Silver: Cara MacLean, Tom Campbell, Lewis Miller, Emma Mailer, Kathryn Gillespie.

Bronze: Elise Graham-Marr, Euan Campbell, Daniel Ferguson, Jack Haughton, Anna Cameron, Lucy Smith, Elizabeth Thompson, Keir Howlieson, Caitlin Edgar, Catriona Laing, Fanni Gyurko.

Special mentions since the last update, first ever top level standards for Elise Graham-Marr and Daniel Ferguson and first ever Gold standard for Shona McLay.


Certificates will be awarded to all standard winners at the end of the season and all gold, silver and bronze standard winners will receive their certificate at the club end of season awards night in the Autumn. So you have until the end of the season to go for a higher award.

Also, here are the final club records for the 2016-17 season.


Well done to all.

Kenny Pearson

(club statistician)

March 2017

Here is the latest athlete database of the new season with all performances up to the combined events and relays.  New top standards since the last update in February are:

Gold:  Briagha Cook, Coirilidh Cook

Silver: Tom Campbell, Shona McLay

Bronze: Euan Campbell, Catriona Laing.

And numerous new blue and merit standard.

Special mention for Tom Campbell achieving his first ever top level standard.



Well done all.

Kenny Pearson (club statistician)

February 2017 


Gold: Matt Chandler, Katie Sharkey, Cameron McCorgray

Silver: Cara MacLean, Lewis Miller, Briagha Cook

Bronze: Coirilidh Cook, Shona McLay, Anna Cameron, Emma Mailer, Lucy Smith.

And numerous new blue and merit standard.  All standard winners will receive a certificate at the end of the season in the Autumn and gold, silver and bronze winners will receive theirs at our big annual awards night.  Plenty of time left though to achieve these.

Special mentions for Cara McLean and Lewis Millar achieving their first ever top level standards.

Well done all.

Kenny Pearson (club statistician)

Club indoor records update

Here are the updated club indoor records and all time lists for the new season including Andrew Butchart’s Scottish 3000m record.  Well done all.




Here is the final athlete database of the year along with updates club records.



Winning gold certificates this season are:

Connor Bell, Melisa Turnbull, Katie Burr, Coirilidh Cook, Amy Kirkpatrick, Ben MacMillan, Briagha Cook, Emma Mailer, Katie Sharkey, Lucy Smith, Matthew Chandler, John MacLennan, Kate Gallagher, Catriona Laing, Tom Chandler, Cameron McCorgray, Andrew Butchart, Dale Colley, Alastair Hay, Peter Muirhead, Tom Watson.

Silver certificates:

Cameron Darnborough, Robb Ferguson, David Kirkpatrick, Harris Almass, Andrew McLay, Ben Salmon, James Isgrove, Elizabeth Thompson, Jack Houghton, Anna Cameron, Jessica Cleland, Sarah Pearson, Jamie Crowe, Scott Green, Alexander Hendry, Aidan Thompson, Kathryn Gillespie, Morag MacLarty.

Bronze Certificates:

Tom Campbell, Celie Duncan, Anna Hewitt, Sandy Buchanan, Euan Campbell, Jack Campbell, Ben Isgrove, Jamie McNaught, Finlay Muir, Molly Cornes, Mia Glen, Amy Johnston, Paige Stevens, Euan Bryce, Neil Casserley, Euan Smith, Ciorstaidh Ainsworth, Rosie Eckersley, Kyra Gibb, Shona Harrower, Skye Henderson, Shona McLay,  Keir Howlieson, Andrew Sweeney, Lauren McCulloch, Iain Davies, Jamie Paterson, Bradley Scott, Caitlin Edgar, Lydia Simpson, Cameron Milne, Michael Wright, Fiona Thompson.

Plus numerous blue and merit certificates.  Congratulations to all our award winners.

Blue and Merit certificates will be presented at training in the next few weeks.  Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates will be presented at the club awards night, details to follow.  If anyone wants to assist in organising the club awards night please get in touch as we could do with some additional help.

If there are any errors or omission please get in touch.  And certificates will have names printed exactly as they appear in the database.  If you want the name changed please let us know.

New club records 2016


Athlete Database – update 30 August 2016


Athlete Database update 5th August 2016


Here is the latest athlete database withal performances up to the YDL final and August open graded.

New gold, silver and bronze standards in the age groups in addition to those listed with the last update in June are:

Gold: John MacLennan.

Silver: Robb Ferguson, David Kirkpatrick, James Isgrove.

Bronze: Paige Stevens, Euan Campbell, Ben Isgrove, Finlay Muir, Neil Casserley, Lydia Simpson, Bradley Scott.

And the full current list of senior standard winners for the season so far are:

Gold: Andrew Butchart, Dale Colley, Peter Muirhead, Tom Watson.

Silver: Kathryn Gillespie, Morag MacLarty, Jamie Crowe, Scott Green, Alastair Hay, Alex Hendry, Aidan Thompson.

Bronze: Fiona Thompson, Cameron Milne, Michael Wright.

Standards required for each award are listed in the database.  Certificates will be handed out at the end of the season to all standard winners.  Gold, Silver and bronze standard certificates will be presented at the annual awards night.  Athletes have until the end of the season to earn or improve their grade.

June 2016

New athlete database including all performances up to the Scottish schools with rankings ad awards standards earned so far.

We are now half way through the summer season.  The following athletes have so far earned gold, silver and bronze standards.

Gold awards: Melissa Turnbull, Connor Bell, Katie Burr, Coirilidh Cook, Amy Kirkpatrick, Briagha Cook, Lucy Davison, Emma Mailer, Katie Sharkey, Lucy Smith, Kate Gallagher, Catriona Laing, Tom Chandler, Cameron McCorgray.

Silver awards: Cameron Darnborough, Harris Almass, Abigail Davison, Ben MacMillan, Anna Cameron, Jessica Cleland, Matt Chandler, John MacLennan, Sarah Pearson.

Bronze awards: Celie Duncan, Anna Hewitt, Robb Ferguson, David Kirkpatrick, Mia Glen, Amy Johnston, Ben Salmon, Ciorstaidh Ainsworth, Rosie Eckersley, Kyra Gibb, Shona Harrower, Skye Henderson, Shona McLay, James Isgrove, Euan Smith, Lauren McCulloch, Jack Houghton, Andrew Sweeney, Caitlin Edgar, Iain Davies, Jamie Paterson.

And numerous blue and merit standard winners.

All standard winners will receive a certificate at the end of the season.  Blue and merit certificates will be handed out at training.  Gold, silver and bronze winners earn the right to receive their certificate at the big club awards night in the autumn.  Athletes have until the end of the season in September to earn award standards and improve their grade.



The athlete database has been updated to 14 May 2016.  New top standards since the last update in March are:

Gold standards:  Conor Bell, Coirilidh Cook, Briagha Cook and Emma Mailer.

Silver Standard: Katie Burr.

Bronze standards: Robb Ferguson, David Kirkpatrick, Amy Johnston, Rosie Eckersley, Kyra Gibb, Shona Harrower, James Isgrove, Lauren McCulloch, Jack Houghton and Iain Davies.

And numerous more blue and merits.  Well done everyone.     athlete__database_14May2016


Central AC – Pre-Season Meeting – Saturday 26 March 2016 – RESULTS

Pre Season results March 2016

Update 31 March 2016

Here is the latest athlete database including all performances for the indoor season and the pre season meeting.
New standards achieved since the last update are bronze standards for Connor Bell, Melissa Turnbull, Coirstaidh Ainsworth and Shona McLay. There are now 24 athletes with gold, silver or bronze standards. Well done.

Relay splits2016




Update for 10th March 2016

Here is the latest athlete database. New top standard achieved since the last update are:
Gold standards for Amy Kirkpatrick (200m & 800m), Lucy Smith (Pentathlon) & Lucy Davison (Long Jump)
Silver Standards for Harris Almass (High Jump), Abby Davison (200m), Ben MacMillan (1500m) & Bevhan Trevis (Shot)
Bronze Standard for Caitlin Edgar (Long Jump). And numerous blue & merit standards.


Gold standards so far: Lucy Davison (Shot & Pentathlon), Katie Sharkey (60m Hurdles), Catriona Laing (300m), Cameron MacCorgray (High Jump), Tom Chandler (Heptathlon).

Silver standards: Amy Kirkpatrick (800m), Briagha Cook (Long Jump), Anna Cameron (Pentathlon), Jessica Cleland (60m), Kate Gallagher (1500m), Matt Chandler (Pentathlon), John MacLennan (60m).

Bronze Standards: Anna Hewitt (Shot), Cameron Darnborough (Standing Long Jump), Harris Almass (High Jump), Ben Salmon (High Jump), Abby Davison (200m), Skye Henderson (800m), Lucy Smith (High Jump), Andrew Sweeney (200m), Sarah Pearson (400m).

This database also includes the recent club quadrathlon. This will not feature on the power of 10 but as it is a club event will count towards club rankings and awards. Note that as unofficial hand timings were used in the 60m event a standard IAAF adjustment of 0.2s has been added to the times to allow a fair comparison with electronically timed 60m races.

Club Record Update 2016 including Central AC indoor all-time list

Here is the first club records update for the indoor season.


For the first time ever we have included a Central AC all time top 5 for each event. This covers the whole history of the club and has been compiled from archives on the website. Note that prior to the Kelvin Hall opening in 1990 and the indoor league starting in 1995 indoor athletics was rare so most performances are recent. An outdoor all time top 5 will follow before the summer season starts which will include performances from the whole history of the club back to 1975.






Update for 2015

Relay Splits 2015

The first athlete database for 2015 has now been published containing all performances in the indoor season so far including club rankings and achievement awards for the under 11 to under 17s.

Gold standards so far from: Ciorstaidh Ainsworth, Katie Sharkey, Caitlin Edgar (3), Kate Gallagher and Bevhan Trevis.

Silver standards so far: Anna Cameron, Lucy Davison, Rachael Methven, Georgia Smith, Matt Chandler, Jessica Cleland and Catriona Laing.

Bronze standards: Abby Davison, Jenny Walls and John MacLennan.

And numerous blue and merit awards.  Well done to all.  Certificates will be handed out at the club awards night in the autumn to everyone with an achievement award by the end of the outdoor season.  Hopefully many more athletes will have achieved awards or upgraded the awards they have.

The award standards for under 13s to under 17s are based on grades published by UK athletics and are due their 2 yearly revision before the start of the outdoor season.  Standards achieved indoors on the current standards will be guaranteed but performances from the start of the outdoor season will be based on the revised standards.  They are as likely to go down as they are to go up so indoor performances may even get upgraded.   This will not affect under 11s whose standards are based on internal club statistics and have already been revised for the 2015 season based on performances from 2012-14.


The club indoor records have been updated.  There are numerous new records on what has been a great indoor season for the club.

The website has now added an indoor page with a list of Scottish indoor all time lists for every age group for the first time ever.  The club records have now been updated to indicate all performances in the all time lists.  Where more than one Central performance is in the all time list it has been added as a notable performance.

Currently competing athletes featured in the age group all time lists are Tom Chandler, Kieran Halliday, Kathryn Gillespie, Kate Gallagher, Caitlin Edgar, Jessica Cleland, Katie Sharkey, Georgia Smith, Ciorstaidh Ainsworth and several 4x200m relay teams including this years under 17 girls, last years under 13 girls, under 15 girls and under 17 men.

In addition some old performances that were lost have now been added including ones from Andy Kerr, Terry Young, Karen Montador and Gemma Ryde.


Current Records

Here is the final athlete database for the indoor season. Two new top grades were achieved at pentathlon for Matt Chandler (Gold) and Lucy Smith (Silver) bringing the total at the end of the indoor season up to 6 athletes with gold standards, 7 silvers and 3 bronze standards in addition to the numerous blue and merit standards. Well done to all.

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