Aug 292014

Time Trials at Lornshill Academy on Thursday 28 August were a great success.  There was a good turnout of athletes young and ‘old’ and the weather was kind.  The Club most certainly benefited from lots of volunteer support.  A huge thank you to all the volunteers at the event and a particular thank you to all the new volunteers who also did a great job – whilst managing their ‘on the job’ or baptism of fire training!  It’s very much appreciated all!

Juniors who are collecting times for their ‘Achievement Cards’ remember the Club Championships count towards the 4 meetings and those who complete their cards will receive a medal!

Results as follows – thank you as always to John McDonald for completing these so quickly.  Ocasionally we do make an error simply due to the nature of the event – if you spot something we can rectify it easily – just get in touch.

Time Trial Results 28 August 2014 for publication

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