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The winter season is now well under way. We have had some queries about the Scottish Athletics Indoor League recently. Traditionally this formed a significant part of the competition schedule for the winter season. However, the format for the Indoor League changed this year. Unfortunately there are too many clubs involved now so the Indoor League has restricted the number of teams to two per category.

As a result the number of athletes who can be involved per club has been greatly reduced. This means that we have no choice but to select based on performance. Selections for the teams are based entirely on the database which is periodically published on the website. It is a compilation of the latest pbs and results from the past 12 months.

As a result, unless an athlete is in the top 2 or 3 in an event they are unlikely to be selected. Please also bear in mind that for sprint events there can be 30 or 40 athletes to look at, so only a tiny minority will ever be selected. Anyone wanting the competition experience would be well advised to also look at field events where we are often scraping around to find a willing competitor!!

On the bright side, there is much more going on that simply the Indoor League. The most obvious paths to activity are to make use of club events and the Grangemouth Open Graded events.

Club cross country runs approximately once a month and is great for stamina as well as keeping the competitive juices flowing. If you can push beyond your comfort zone on a cold muddy hill, you will be well set up mentally for pulling past your rival on the track! Check the Club website and Facebook page for details.

Grangemouth Open Graded events are held on the first Wednesday of each month – but check with Grangemouth Stadium. The events are indoor – 60m, 60m hurdles, shot, long jump and high jump usually. ‘Outdoor’ starts in April.

The Open Graded events are useful for getting new pbs. They are added to the data base. So if an athlete gets a pb that puts them at the top of their event in the club, they should be selected for the next event. These pbs count towards selection for next season’s outdoor events too.

Checking the Scottish Athletics website will throw up a wide range of events. Here is a selection:

2nd Jan – fun run in Lenzie

7th Jan – Grangemouth Open Graded

10th Jan – Great Winter Run, Edinburgh (Possibly a Bupa event if entries still available)

11th Jan – Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility Indoor Open Graded

17th Jan – East District x-country in Broxburn (u13 and above)

17th Jan – Scottish National Open Graded (Emirates Stadium) worth doing!!

24th Jan – Indoor Relay champs. Club looking for a manager for this.

25th Jan – Superteams. Club will select people. u12 only.

4th Feb – Grangemouth Open Graded

4th Feb – Scottish Schools Indoor Champs (Secondary schools only – up to 16 and over 16 age groups. Schools will select athletes if they are part of Scottish Schools set up.)

As you can see there are loads of things on!

In general, I would advise that athletes and parents get familiar with the events section of the Scottish Athletics website.

Elaine Walls, Team Manager

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