Jan 052015

Indoor League

The first match of the Indoor League took place on December 14th. Over the holiday period the results came out. Central AC dominated the league! The list of results below shows how strong we are this year. However, they also show areas – particularly in field events – where we may find future years become tough for the club.

U11 boys – we were the only club entering 2 teams. A team 1st, B team 4th.

U11 Girls – A team 2nd and we had the top B team.

U13 Boys – A team 3rd, B team 5th

U13 G – A team 2nd This is one of the tightest age groups and we will have to fight hard to qualify for the final as two strong rivals suffered a combination of team admin errors and costly absences.

U15 B – A team 4th B team 5th. The A team are in a good position to reach the final. Tom Chandler must stand out as he won all three of his events and achieved pbs in two.

U15 G – A team 1st B team 2nd .  In an age groups where there are 24 teams competing the A team won no fewer than 5 of the 8 events.

U17 M – A team 1st, B team 6th

U17 W – A team in 4th, but missing team members. The girls face a difficult challenge to make the final despite some excellent performances and some stalwart efforts from the team overall.

U20 M – A team 1st  B team 4th

U20 W – 1st . A huge effort to fill events resulted in the strongest team for turn out in the age group. Very strong performances meant they were way ahead of their nearest rivals.

Several new team managers have got involved this year. The Indoor League is a confusing and very busy league with a huge amount of competition packed into a very short time. I am very grateful to them for their patience, enthusiasm and positive attitude as they took the reins of their teams. The fantastic results above are testament to the work all the managers have put in! Thanks also to the coaches across the clubs for preparing such a huge group of athletes to a very high collective standard! All those involved are volunteers and deserve our appreciation.

Age groups – we have been asked a good number of times to move youngsters to different age groups this winter. While it is understandable that parents worry about children at the very young end of the age groups, these groups are decided by Scottish Athletics and are absolutely immovable. Children competing in the wrong age group are subject to disqualification. Two clubs this year have already been heavily affected in the u11 age groups. Worth remembering two things: firstly, the age groups are based on next summer season. So all those competing will be ‘young’ for their age group; secondly, each age group covers two years. The first year can be seen as development and the second as performance.

Elaine Walls

Indoor League Co-ordinator.

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