Jun 082015

AB blackIf you have missed the fantastic year Andrew Butchart has been having you must have been asleep!  He has enjoyed phenomenal success, both in the UK and Internationally, in Central AC Vest and GB Vest alike.   The wider club members now have the opportunity to share in a little of Andrew’s success.  His sponsor has very kindly offered to support all our athletes!AB brand-ambassador 3

Thank you More Mile for your offer to support all the athletes in Central AC.  More Mile logo small

The 30% discount on all More Mile products is: CentralAthletic (enter at checkout) In addition to this the club will receive a 10% claw back of our members total spend in the form of products or vouchers.   Don’t wait to check out their website – moremile.co.uk

In additional there is a  10% discount code for www.StartFitness.co.uk is:  CentralAthleticSF10

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