Nov 022015

SA J Mcd awardWe all know that the foundation of our sport in this country is the countless volunteers who dedicate their spare time to help run our clubs and events throughout the country. Be they coaches, officials or administrators they all play a vital role. Most of these brave soles and their families make immeasurable sacrifices over the years and in return benefit in various ways as their passion towards their pastime compliments their professional working lives.

Very occasionally you find someone who in addition to making this commitment to their club is also involved professionally and hence really does get involved 24/7.

Scottish Athletics have been very fortunate to have benefited from a few people who fall into this category over the years.

I am sure that when he first started playing rugby almost 60 years ago he would never have imagined that our sport was going to be such a large part of his life so many years later. After a spell as a sprinter then endurance athlete he decided to give triathlon a go. Fortunately it wasn’t too long before he saw the light!

John McDonald is one of those rare individuals who to those who have had the pleasure of working with, in either a professional or voluntary capacity, can cope with most scenarios! Although he sometimes likes to portray a “do not feed the lions” demeanour he has helped countless people over the years and is always willing to give his guidance to those who seek it. For over fourteen years until his retirement from Scottish Athletics last year he was a key member of their administration team and someone who could always be relied upon to get the job done in a quiet and efficient manner.

His recreational involvement in the sport came about like many others. Having been an athlete himself he wanted his children to get involved so when his two sons were of age he like many others searched out the local club Central AC.

Almost 25 years later and having held almost every post in the committee he is still totally committed to driving the club forward. His dedication and commitment to both the club and the sport in our local area, through the Forth Valley Athletics Partnership and the local authority has been immense. He has been instrumental in overseeing the development of the club into one of Scotland’s largest and most successful.

“Congratulations from everyone at Central AC to John and his family for this thoroughly deserved honour”

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