Nov 182015

“In light of the recent allegations against the IAAF, please see attached letter
issued to Scottish Athletics by the Club committee, raising our concerns in
respect of this on behalf of the membership.”

reaction from Nigel Holl, Chief Executive of Scottish Athletics below


13 November 2015

Your Reference:

Our Reference: WADA-SA-UKA-001

Dear Nigel,

I am writing as the General Secretary of Central Athletic Club with regard to the

findings from the WADA’s independent commission that were made public on 9 November 2015.

With regard of the role of the IAAF during recent years in respect of doping allegations, the

WADA report states:

“This Report also identifies corruption and bribery practices at the highest levels of international

athletics, evidence of which has been transmitted to Interpol for appropriate investigation.”

My purpose in writing at this juncture is to record formally the concerns that Central Athletic Club

hold strongly in respect of the WADA findings.

As I am sure you will appreciate, these allegations are of significant concern to our committee and

our club members. Our efforts as a voluntary organisation to engage and involve our local

community in our sport, is undermined by any perceived public notion that our own world

governing body (to whose rules and regulations we adhere throughout our practice and

competition) is not itself adhering to the highest standards of governance and ethical behaviour.

We at Central AC consider it imperative that these allegations of corruption in our world

governing body be examined thoroughly at the highest level.

In addition, whilst the IAAF may, at times, seem remote from the Scottish Athletics community, if

the allegations which have been made are not addressed, and are not seen to be addressed

without fear or favour, there could be very real future implications for some of our performance

athletes who are trying their utmost to make it to the next level of competition.

Therefore, on behalf of Central Athletic Club, may I respectfully request that Scottish Athletics, as

our national governing body, raise our concerns directly to UK Athletics, for UKA to subsequently

raise through their formal channels to the IAAF?

Yours in sport,


Club Secretary

Central Athletic Club

Cc: Derek Easton, Central AC President

Liam McCabe, Central AC Vice President

Ainsley Normand, Central AC Treasurer

John McDonald, Central AC Development

Jamie McDonald, Scottish Athletics National Club Manager (East)


Dear Michael

Can I start by thanking you for taking the time to write on behalf of Central
AC expressing what are understandable concerns at world level.

I am delighted to confirm that I will forward your correspondence and concerns
to UK Athletics, with – as you request – an expectation that they can raise
these issues themselves. I will ask them to confirm that to me.

I do fear that there may yet be more revelations / allegations to become
public. Whilst I of course regret that, I do think that this is the time for
all such matters to be dealt with.

Finally, whilst I absolutely share your concerns about the impact on our sport
at all levels, and especially at club level, I also have faith that the
excellent work I know you do as a club will continue to inspire athletes of
all levels. I am confident the role models that you have at Central can
inspire people young and old for all the right reasons.

With thanks and best wishes.



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