Jan 252016


Central AC’s first Team Quadrathlon – Indoor Track and Field event took place yesterday at Grangemouth Stadium – 90 athletes took part with record numbers of volunteers supporting the competition – a great day was had by all – watch out for a full run down of results tomorrow!  83 new PB’s across shot, Long Jump and 60M – plus almost 40 new athletes taking part!  Well done all!

 quadrathlon  group image quadrathlon sprints 2 quadrathlon sprints 1 quadrathlon relay
 Team Photo! Exciting Relays Close call Daniel Bruce
 quadrathlon lj2  Katie Burr  quadrathlon lj 1  Amy Kirpatrick

Thanks to Bruce Cook for photography





Team Photo!                     Amy Kirkpatrick                 Katie Burr                        Daniel Bruce

quadrathlon sprints 1quadrathlon sprints 2Thank you to Bruce Cook for the photography!




Exciting Relays finish!




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