Apr 242017

The Club’s first track time trials of 2017 will take place at the Stirling University track on Thursday 27 April. This is a fantastic opportunity and very low key with all levels of participant from beginners to fully competitive.

The schedule of events is as follows:

  • 100 metre series from 7.15pm
  • 800 metre series from 7.50pm
  • 4 x 100 metre relays at around 8.15pm
  • 4 x 400 metre relays at 8.30pm.
  • Long Jump and Shot Put competitions from 7pm.

Registration for the 100 m and 800 m track events from 6.30pm.

A great opportunity to get some competitive experience or a new personal best.
No entry fee.

Please remember the club membership does expect all athletes to compete 4 times over the year, so this is a good opportunity to understand the environment and structure.

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