Apr 092022

Following a successful series of trials in 2021 and to aid competition in 2022 the clubs in the Scottish Men’s League, Scottish Women’s League (Under-17, Under-20 and Senior) and Upper YDL (Under-17 and Under-20) are again coming together to provide competition during the Summer of 2022. There will be no element of League/Team competition, but the opportunity to compete in a series of graded events.  There will be no other Scottish League competition in 2022 for these age groups.

The agreed dates and venues are as follows:-
24 April – Grangemouth
29 May – Grangemouth
19 June – Aberdeen
17 July – Scotstoun
21 August – Grangemouth

The competitions will be subject to the Covid restrictions in place at the time of competition – these are likely to be much less onerous than in 2021.

The intended timetable for the first competition on 24 April is downloadable below and allows for Track competition for 100m, 800m, 3,000m, Sprint Hurdles and Steeplechase and Field competition for Long Jump, High Jump, Shot and Discus. There will be sufficient qualified officials and automatic timing at each venue such that performances will be shown on Power of 10 and can be used for international selection.

Most of last year’s restrictions on numbers attending have been lifted, and therefore it is anticipated that spectators and coaches will be able to attend as normal. Clubs will require to provide helpers – three per day – and that these personnel could change between morning and afternoon.

Current thinking is that each of the Men’s, Women’s and Upper YDL Clubs will be guaranteed two slots for each event and Composite Clubs will also have two slots. The names of athletes along with 2020 (or later) personal bests and Scottish Athletics membership numbers must be submitted by the Monday prior to the event. If there is demand it will be possible to submit more names but these may not be accepted, subject to the overall maximum numbers. In 2021 all athletes were accepted.

Scottish Athletics membership numbers must be up to date and will be subject to scrutiny.

Timetables for the remaining four competitions have not yet been made available but all events should be covered throughout the season.

There is no fee for competing as clubs and the three leagues will cover costs.

Should you be interested in being considered for competition on 24 April, please contact John McDonald by Tuesday 12 April at the latest (), with details of preferred event and with any offers of assistance.  Apologies for the short notice.

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