Apr 252016

Central AC at Forth Valley League Match 1

Central AC’s junior team got the outdoor season underway in the first match of the Forth Valley League at Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh. In a busy meeting with three divisions and 31 teams on show, Central had two teams, one each in Division 1 and 2.

Euan Smith makes a strong start in the 100m

Euan Smith






Central’s Division 1 team put in a solid performance finishing the day in sixth place. In the under 11 Girls the youngsters showed the way through Sameeha Almass (100m, 17.99, LJ, 2.61m), Hana Littlejohn (100m, 17.09), Melissa Turnball (800m, 2:50.98), Ellie Watson (800m, 3:29.50), and Leah Stenhouse (LJ, 2.43m). In the under 11 boys events Connor Bell took 2nd place in the 800m and got a new personal best of 2.39 moving him up to the club’s gold standard. Robb Ferguson (15.43) and Logan Gray (16.31) took on the 100m with David Kirkpatrick (800m, 2:45.80), and Connor Bell (LJ, 3.5m). For the under 13 Girls Bryony Smith (100m, 15.96) and Amy Johnston (100m, 15.0) , Naomi Howlieson (800m, 3:03.18) with Becky Cumming  (1.15m) and Naomi Howleson (1.15m) both putting in fine performances in the High Jump. For the under 13 Boys, Cameron Dowie (100m, 15.62), Harris Almass (100m, 15.1 and HJ, 1.3m), Euan Campbell (800m, 2:43.30 and HJ, 1.15m), Finlay Marchant (800m, 3:16.59). In the under 15 Girls Ciorstaidh Ainsworth took on the 100m with a time of14.57, with Ava Smith running smoothly in B100m, 14.83.  Rosie Eckersley (2:34.38), Rosie Eckersleyand Jessica McGinn (2:55.69) got excellent points in the 800m as did, Ciorstaidh Ainswoth (6.9m) and Ava Smith (6.12m) in the shot, with Jessica (9.16m) and Rosie Eckersley (13.85m) taking on the javelin. Euan Smith (13.03) and Daniel Ferguson (13.97) performed well in the 100m for the Under 15 boys with James Isgrove (800m, 2:21.99 and Javelin, 27.78m) and  Erik Escala (Javelin, 18.98m and Shot, 6.96m).


Central’s Division 2 team also faced strong opposition. The under 11 boys kicked off the afternoon with Tom Campbell (100m, 18.39 and LJ, 2.32m), Gregor Sanders (100m, 16.94), Owen Eskersley (800m, 3:05.03) and Andrew Twigg (800m, 3:22.23 and LJ, 2.49m). For the under 13 Girls Rachael Dinwoodie (15.96) and Cora Morgan (16.51) took on the 100m with Ellie Ross (3:18.45) and Anna MacKinnon (2:59.53) running well in the 800m. Both Heather Hale (1m) and Ellie Ross (0.9m) jumped well in the high jump. For the under 13 Boys Jack Campbell (100m, 15.0), Andrew McLay (100m, 16.22 and 800m, 3:05.45), Ryan McGuire (800m, 2.51.53), Struan Craig (HJ, 1.1m). In the under 15 girls Rebecca Hogg (15.72) and Carrie Davidson (14.51) performed strong in the 100m with Rebecca Hogg (6:08.23) also competing in the 1500m alongside Maisie Campbell ( 6:02.75). Some fantastic throws by Carrie Davidson (6.63m) and Rebecca Hogg (5.5m) in the shot putt whilst Maisie Campbell (9.74m) and Carrie Davidson (7.7m) competed in the Javelin. The under 15 Boys all performed well with David Cunnigham (100m, 14.15 and Javelin, 18.81m), Euan Bryce (100m, 14.84 and Javelin, 14.32m).  James Smith (1500m, 5:40.21 and Shot, 4.96m), Francis McGinn (1500m, 6:08.23 and Shot 4.13m).


Congratulations to all the athletes who came and represented their club in the Forth Valley League at Meadowbank stadium. A particularly thanks for all the helpers and Forth Valley League team who made the event run smoothly.  Full results can be found here:


If you are available to compete in the second match at Grangemouth Stadium on the 21st May please contact the relevant team manager or speak to your coach at training.


David Cumming

FVL Team Manager


Photographs – all courtesy Gary Leek


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