May 022017

A new athlete database with all performances up to the time trials on 27 April 2017 is on the Club Statistics page. Please let us know of any corrections for events prior to this date. 

Top standards so far this season;

Gold: Briagha Cook, Coirilidh Cook, Shona McLay, Lewis Dow, Katie Sharkey, Matt Chandler, Cameron McCorgray, Andrew Butchart, Peter Muirhead.

Silver: Cara MacLean, Tom Campbell, Lewis Miller, Emma Mailer, Kathryn Gillespie.

Bronze: Elise Graham-Marr, Euan Campbell, Daniel Ferguson, Jack Haughton, Anna Cameron, Lucy Smith, Elizabeth Thompson, Keir Howlieson, Caitlin Edgar, Catriona Laing, Fanni Gyurko.

Special mentions since the last update, first ever top level standards for Elise Graham-Marr and Daniel Ferguson and first ever Gold standard for Shona McLay.

Certificates will be awarded to all standard winners at the end of the season and all gold, silver and bronze standard winners will receive their certificate at the club end of season awards night in the Autumn. So you have until the end of the season to go for a higher award.

Well done to all.

Kenny Pearson

(club statistician)

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