Feb 122018

Central Athletic Club’s Andrew Butchart has been forced to withdraw from Team Scotland’s track and field team for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Endurance runner Butchart has reluctantly conceded defeat in his efforts to be with Team Scotland in Australia and his withdrawal has now been confirmed.

Andy Butchart with foot in a protective boot

Andy Butchart posted this picture of his foot in boot on Instagram

Butchart raced over 3,000 metres at the Millrose Games in New York on 3 February but during that race he suffered a fractured navicular bone in his right foot and an MRI scan in Boston revealed the extent of the problem.

Butchart posted a message on Instagram: “With 500m to go during my 3,000m race at the Millrose Games last weekend I felt a sharp pain in my right foot.

“I knew what it was straight away and after an MRI in Boston it was confirmed – fractured navicular in the right foot. I am heartbroken to miss Gold Coast 2018! It definitely sucks and I won’t be racing for a while… but I’m going to come back faster, fitter and stronger than ever!

“Good luck to all with Team Scotland in Australia.”

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