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The final race of Central Athletic Club’s 2021-22 cross-country series was held on Saturday 19 March over a 1 mile course devised by Derek Easton in Kings Park, Stirling. The race was held in bright sunshine much to the relief of the 26 runners who had endured rain, wind and snow in previous races.

Presentations after the Kings Park race

Scott Hill has been well to the fore throughout the season and here again led home the Under-15 Boys to complete the course in a tasty 5 minutes 30 seconds. Conall Paterson (5:51) continues to improve and here again finished in second place in this category just heading off another determined run from Alex Dunlop (5:52). Under-17 Man Ross Lawrie (5:38) looked as though he had enjoyed his outing as he finished in some style. Joel Gillan (5:43) is another who continues to impress as he won the Under-13 Boys age group and here Matthew Inman (8:09), in his first race in the series, came through well. It was Finlay McAdam (6:41) who led in the Under-11 Boys ahead of further endeavour from Thomas Arnott (7:06), Zachary Walker (7:21) and Austin Evans (7:48). This was a first outing for Under-9 Hugh Thomas (6:56) and on this form could be one to watch for the future.

There were further top class performances from the girls and here Under-15 Girl Niamh McKinley (5:44) continued to grow her reputation with another win. Loren Stewart (5:53) also underlined her endurance credentials in this age group ahead of strong runs from Leah Brown and Tabatha MacKenzie (both 5:57), who crossed the line together, and Robyn McKerracher (6:28). Under-17 Woman Scarlett Roy (5:52) also continues to impress and here produced another well-judged performance. Fia Watkin (5:56) once again proved the strongest of the Under-13 Girls holding off a strong challenge from Emily Stanford (5:58) and more good efforts from Dara Clark (6:45) and Orla Pieroway (6:50). It was Zoe Beaton (6:59) who again proved the strongest of the Under-11 Girls with Jessica Walker (7:17) and Emily Watkin (7:47) taking the minor places in this age group while Iona Clark continues to persevere and again finished with a strong sprint and the biggest smile of the day. Hannah Inman was again the only Under-9 Girl but her 6:37 effort placed her well up the field.

Series presentations were performed by GB Under-20 5,000 Metre internationalist Alastair Marshall with series trophies for the various categories:

  • Under-11 Girls: First – Zoe Beaton, Second – Emily Watkin, Third – Jessica Walker
  • Under-11 Boys: First – Luca Shepherd, Second – Alfie Laing, Third – Zachary Walker
  • Under-13 Girls: First – Fia Watkin, Second – Orla Pieroway
  • Under-13 Boys: First – Joel Gillan, Second – Fraser Kingsley
  • Under-15 Girls: First – Niamh McKinlay, Second – Leah Brown, Third – Loren Stewart
  • Under-15 Boys: First – Scott Hill, Second – Alex Dunlop, Third – Conall Paterson
  • Under-17 Women: First – Scarlett Roy

All of the foregoing won participation medals for competing at least four of the races and these were also awarded to Austin Evans, Tabatha MacKenzie and Iona Clark.

Thanks are again due to the volunteers who helped with setting the course, warm-up, recording and marshalling to make this another successful event with a special mention to Derek Easton.

Full results below:

  1. Scott Hill U15B 5.30
  2. Ross Lawrie U17M 5.38
  3. Joel Gillan U13B 5.43
  4. Niamh McKinlay U15G 5.44
  5. Conall Paterson U15B 5.51
  6. Scarlett Roy U17W 5.52
  7. Alex Dunlop U15B 5.52
  8. Loren Stewart U15G 5.53
  9. Fia Watkin U13G 5.56
  10. Leah Brown U15G 5.57
  11. Tabatha MacKenzie U15G 5.57
  12. Emily Stanford U13G 5.58
  13. Robyn McKerracher U15G 6.28
  14. Hannah Inman U9G 6.37
  15. Finlay McAdam U11B 6.41
  16. Dara Clark U13G 6.45
  17. Orla Pieroway  U13G 6.50
  18. Hugh Thomas U9B 6.56
  19. Zoe Beaton U11G 6.59
  20. Thomas Arnott U11B 7.06
  21. Jessica Walker U11G 7.17
  22. Zachary Walker U11B 7.21
  23. Emily Watkin  U11G 7.47
  24. Austin Evans  U11B 7.48
  25. Matthew Inman U13B 8.09
  26. Iona Clark U11G 10.14
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