Jul 292021

Kenny Pearson, our club statistician, has produced the first athlete database for 2021 and the final athlete database for 2020, both of which are now available on the Club Statistics page of the website. Kenny writes:

Well done on everyone who has competed so far in 2021.  Hopefully we will get a few more performances before the end of the season. Congratulations to all our 2020 award winners. 

The 2020 database covers the period October 2019 to September 2020.  After such a difficult season we are aware that competition opportunities were much fewer than normal.  As a result we have made some changes to the criteria for the awards:

  • Some of the conditions for the performance awards have been relaxed. See the notes in the database for details.
  • We allowed coaches to nominate athletes for awards who have shown commitment and dedication to the sport in the season.

As a result the following athletes will receive certificates for the 2020 season. I will arrange for 2020 certificates to be distributed in the next few weeks.

Gold certificates:

Lewis Miller, Connor Bell, Scott Hopper, Dorottya Csuta, Paige Stevens, Ben MacMillan, Jamie Crowe, Aidan Thompson

Silver certificates:

Loren Stewart, Ruairidh Burns, Robb Ferguson, Tyler Hunter, Danielle Abel, Coirilidh Cook, Katherine Fowler, Erik Escala, Hamish Hickey

Bronze Certificates:

Niamh McKinlay, Lois Burch, Molly Cornes, Aidan Shea, Briagha Cook

Blue Certificates:

Jamie Connor, Cameron Moore, Amelia Campbell, Leya Gibb, Kate Gilvear, Catriona Kane, Cameron Kerr, Cameron MacMillan, Louise Carroll, Amy Cully, Summer MacLean, Grace Tindall, Aidan Grevemberg, Euan Smith, Kyra Gibb, Lucy More, Elizabeth Thompson

Merit Certificates:

Ossian Arkotxa Dougall, Alexander MacMillan, Emma Anderson, Connie Bateman, Dara Clark, Laura Matthews, Cara McKinlay, Sophia Waring, Fia Watkin, Alex Dunlop, Douglas Fleming, Dylan McCulloch, Carys Gibb, Jessica Hanson, Mirren Henry, Brogan McMillan, Aliya Sophia Najib, Zosia Paddon, Hannah Tams, Jack Campbell, Sam Grivell, Lyle Hunter, Jamie McNaught, Euan Wilbert, Mavia Duncan, Amy Gibson, Ellen Montgomery, Ella Wilson, Daniel Bruce, Daniel Ferguson, Sandy Holl, Keir Howlieson, Shona McLay

Certificates for commitment and dedication in 2020:

Hamzah Ahmed, Emma Anderson, Ossian Arkotxa Dougall, Daniel Armstrong, Olivia Ashworth, Connie Bateman, Sandy Bateman, Logan Bell, Holly Brown, Leah Brown, Daniel Bruce, Oliver Brunner, Eilidh Burnett, Kate Bustillo, Rebecca Bustillo, Niamh Caldwell, Tom Campbell, Dara Clark, Connie Curtis, Olivia Darwin, Megan Davies, Darcey-Rose Deakin, Alistair Denny, Jake Drummond, Thomas Duncan, Alex Dunlop, Megan Dunlop, Owen Eckersley, Rosie Eckersley, Douglas Fleming, Hannah Gallon, Joel Gillan, Mia Glen, Shannon Glen, Jack Haughton, Scott Hill, Oliver Holden, Katie Honeyman, Grace Johnstone, Mary Kealey, Benjamin Kennedy, Joshua Kennedy, Noah Kennedy, Molly MacFarlane, Tabitha Mackenzie, Cara MacLean, Alexander MacMillan, Carys MacMillan, Finlay Marchant, Laura Matthews, Teagan McIntosh-Blacklock, John McIntyre, Robyn McKerracher, Cara McKinlay, Niamh McKinlay, Erin Miller, Lewis Miller, Ellen Montgomery, Sophie Morgan, Emily O’Brien, Millie O’Neill, Zosia Paddon, Beth Ronald, Lucy Ronald, Emily Stanford, Amie Stewart, Douglas Stewart, Loren Stewart, Holly Sutton, Jack Sutton, Grace Tindall, Andrew Twigg, Oscar Underwood, Jessica Walker, Rachael Warden, Fia Watkin, Chloe Watt, Jonah Whitby, Robyn Youens, Fergus Young

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